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Mexico Travel Tips and Information

Mexico Travel Tips and Information

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Official NameUnited Mexican States
Population127.5 million
CapitalMexico City
Country CodeMX
Country Code (international calls)52

The flight time to Mexico is approximately 2~3 hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Mexico below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Mexico.

Mexico is located south of the United States. Mexico is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Gulf of Mexico to the east.

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Visa and Immigration Procedures to Mexico

Mexico has two types of immigration permits. Mexico's Non-Immigrant permit is for visitors to Mexico who intend to visit Mexico for a certain purpose and then leave Mexico. The "Visitante" permit is intended for visitors to Mexico, usually for tourism or business, on a short-term visit of six months or less. For a trip to Mexico that will be longer than six months, a non-immigrant or immigrant visa should be acquired. A Visitor’s Permit is issued as you arrive in Mexico (by air ticket or by traveling inland by vehicle) by completing the Forma Migratoria Multiple. These forms will be issued by the airlines. The Visitor Permit is valid for 180 days. The cost of the visitor's permit to Mexico is added to the cost of your airline ticket or cruise ticket.

Things/Items Allowed into Mexico

Passengers are allowed to import 200 individual cigarettes, 50 cigars and 3 liters of wine or liquor. Firearms are only allowed in Mexico for hunting with a permission ticket from a consulate of Mexico.

Things/Items Forbidden out of Mexico

• Drugs • Firearms • Predator fish

Things/Items Forbidden into Mexico

• Drugs • Firearms • Predator fish

Voice of Travelers to Mexico

Our Spring Break Trip to Cancun, Mexico

We had been planning our spring break trip to Cancun, Mexico, for months. We bought our tickets with American Airlines far in advance so that we could get the lowest price and have more money to spend on partying. Our flight to Cancun, Mexico, on American Airlines was very quick and convenient. The service was quite good even though our tickets were only economy class. When we arrived in Cancun, Mexico, we bought shuttle tickets to take us right to our hotel on the beach, where we started to party right away. It was my first trip ever to Mexico, and I cannot believe how much fun it was. I am already saving for another ticket to Mexico for next year.

Visiting Mexico City's Historic Sites

I had traveled to Mexico before for the usual sun and fun ticket on the designated tourist beaches, but I had no idea that Mexico was full of historical sites. Mexico City itself was built on the site of an ancient Aztec city. My university arranged tickets for all the history students to fly in as a group on a Delta flight ticket on a Friday afternoon. We got to choose the best seats for our tickets, and we all got seats near each other with our tickets. The flight to Mexico was a lot of fun because we were all together as a group and the service was excellent because there were so few people on the plane. We saw a lot of historical sites in Mexico City and learned a lot about the history of Mexico and Central America.

Traveling to Mexico as a Senior

Mexico has put in a lot of effort to make itself an attractive place for seniors to buy airline tickets during the winter season when it is cold in North America and Europe. Many seniors are hesitant to visit Mexico because of the crime and party atmosphere, but many hotels and airlines have teamed up to provide safe and reliable tourist packages meant for seniors, including airline tickets, cruise tickets, shuttle tickets, and hotel accommodations. The seniors package that I used was excellent, including a business class ticket on a United Airlines flight with a high-quality meal and in-flight movie. I had an amazing time with my total-package ticket trip to Mexico, and I would recommend this-total package trip ticket to all my senior friends who want to visit Mexico by air ticket.

Mexico Travel FAQs

Q. What is there to do in Mexico?

A. Some of the most famous sites in Mexico include the Teotihuacan Palace Complex, the ancient city of Palanque, and the pyramids of Chichen Itza. Mexico City also offers many things to do. There are upscale shops, renowned museums and gourmet restaurants cater to modern life.

Q. What is the best season to visit Mexico?

A. The busiest season for tourism in Mexico is from December through late Summer. Although the climate varies by region, December through April are generally warm and dry, while June through October are hot and rainy, particularly in the south. We recommend visiting during December to April for the best weather conditions to enjoy your trip.

Mexico - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toMexico City International Airport•Los Angeles International Airport •San Diego International Airport •Frankfurt Airport •Haneda Airport etc.

Airports handling direct flights toCancún International Airport•Ministro Pisarini International Airport •Montreal-Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport •Charles de Gaulle Airport etc.

Airports handling direct flights toGuadalajara International Airport•Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport •Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport •Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport •Houston Airport etc.

Airports handling direct flights toMonterrey International Airport•Las Vegas •Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport •Los Angeles International Airport •Miami International Airport etc.

Airports handling direct flights toTijuana International Airport•El Alto International Airport •Narita International Airport •Shanghai Pudong International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Mexico

Air tickets to Mexico are offered by every major North American carrier, such as American Airlines, Continental, Delta, Air Canada and United Airlines. European airlines that offer tickets to Mexico City include British Airways, Air France, Iberia, KLM, Swiss Air, and Lufthansa. Both Cancun and Mexico City are well connected, offering flights to numerous destinations further south in Latin America. From Europe, Martinair and Iberia offer direct flights to Cancun and Mexico City.