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Chennai (Madras)

Chennai (Madras)

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City CodeMAA
Popular Airlines
  • Thai Airways International
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Lufthansa German Airlines
Flight Time16~20 hours

The flight time to Chennai (Madras) is approximately 16~20 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Chennai (Madras).

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Chennai (Madras)

Located on the Coromandel Coast, Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, one of the states of India. Based on a 2011 estimate, Chennai has a population of more than seven million making it the fifth largest city in India. Chennai is one of the largest centers for culture and economy in Southern India. Many foreign tourists book a plane ticket bound to Chennai, thus making the city the 43rd most visited city in the world for 2015. Additionally, Chennai is the health capital of India.

Voice of Travelers to Chennai (Madras)

Immersing with Chennai culture

My name is John from Frankfurt. During an international studies class, I was introduced with a city in Southern India, Chennai. Because of our discussions, I became interested in booking a ticket to fly to Chennai. After our semester was over, I booked a ticket via Lufthansa. Their services were great, I had a good time on board thanks to the crew on the plane. When I have arrived in Chennai, I quickly toured around the city. Their lifestyle was very interesting. I took notes and photographs as I travelled across Chennai. I even visited one of their tourist attractions – Fort St George. The structure is actually elegant. It is one of the most wonderful places to visit in Chennai. It tells a lot about the city’s history and colonization. I truly learned a lot during my trip to Chennai. I will book a ticket back, for sure.

A Visit to Chennai

I am Tina from Mumbai. Having wanted to travel for a long time to Southern India, I planned to book a ticket bound to Chennai to explore what is in store out there. I booked a plane ticket via IndiGo. As always, the airline’s service was incredible I had a good time in the plane. When I have reached Chennai, I toured around the city, marveling at several of the city’s attractions. It was actually my first time here so it’s like traveling to a new country to me. I particularly liked my trip to the Government Museum. I bought an admission ticket to be able to enter the museum. The place is must visit because contains lots of exhibits with regards to arts, culture, and history of Chennai. Their collections were nice, I recommend it to everyone visiting Chennai. I enjoyed my trip to the city. I am planning to book a ticket back with my sisters.

Chennai (Madras) Travel FAQs

Q. How do I book a ticket to Chennai?

A. Availing yourself of a ticket bound to Chennai may be accomplished in many ways. First, you may seek for an available plane ticket to Chennai from airlines found at airports near you. If a plane ticket may be unavailable, you may seek assistance from travel agencies on how to avail of a plane ticket for a connecting flight to Chennai. Searching online for the schedule of trips to Chennai is also recommended to be able to book a ticket to Chennai without any hassle.

Q. Do I need a visa to enter Chennai?

A. Obtaining yourself a visa is necessary if you are planning to book a ticket bound to Chennai. All foreign citizens are required to get a valid visa together with a plane ticket and a passport if they want to fly to Chennai. The visa, which comes in different categories, may be accomplished by complying with embassy requirements. Upon obtaining a visa, you may already avail of a plane ticket bound to Chennai.

Q. What are top destinations in Chennai?

A. Should you wish to book a plane ticket to Chennai, you need to plan an itinerary in order to visit several attractions in Chennai such as Kapaleeshwarar Temple, Sri Ramakrishna Mathand Fort St George. You may pay an amount for an entrance ticket to see attractions such Government Museum (which is regarded as the best attraction that Chennai has), and Vivekananda House. Kalakshetra Foundation, the arts center in Chennai, may also be placed as part of your itinerary.

Chennai (Madras) - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Chennai International Airport ・Singapore Changi Airport (Changi, Singapore) ・Hong Kong International Airport (Hong Kong) ・Heathrow Airport (London, United Kingdom) ・Suvarnabhumi Airport (Samut Prakan, Thailand) etc.

Flight Routes to Chennai (Madras)

If you want to get a ticket to Chennai, you should know different airlines that avail of a ticket to the city. International airline companies that allows you to get a ticket to Chennai include Air India, Cathay Pacific, and British Airways. For domestic flights, Air India and IndiGoare some of the airlines that lets you book a ticket to Chennai. For your guidance in booking a ticket to Chennai, you should proceed to the airline stationed at airports near you.