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Ho'olehua (Molokai)

Ho'olehua (Molokai)

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City CodeMKK
Popular Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways
Flight Time6~13 hours

The flight time to Ho'olehua (Molokai) is approximately 6~13 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Ho'olehua (Molokai).


Kaunakakai is a census-designated place in Maui County, Hawaii. This is according to United states census bureau. Kaunakakai has a population estimate of 4,000. Kaunakakai has the largest port in the island of Molokai. Kaunakakai experiences a tropical Savannah climate. Kaunakakai is the largest town in Molokai island.

Voice of Travelers to Kaunakakai

Attractions in Kaunakakai

I bought a ticket through the Corporate air for a trip to Kaunakakai. Kaunakakai has many and beautiful attractions. Molokai Day Tours is a great tourist attraction in Kaunakakai. Mersberg~Colipano Hale a fantastic zoo in Kaunakakai. Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove is a great tourist attraction in this great town Kaunakakai. Molokai Shores is a beautiful 3 star hotel in Kaunakakai. Kaunakakai Malama Cultural Park and Kaunakakai Duke Maliu Regional Park parks in Kaunakakai. Catholic Churches is special landmark and catholic church in Kaunakakai. Kaunakakai Baptist Church is a church in Kaunakakai. Recreation & Support Services Division and One Alii Park are parks in Kaunakakai. Pu'uka'oku Falls is a waterfall in Kaunakakai, Hawaii. It is the 8th largest waterfall in the world. Hālawa Beach Park is a beautiful park in Kaunakakai county. kahiwa falls is a great fall and a tourist attraction in Kaunakakai.

Fantastic services on board to Kaunakakai

I bought a ticket through Corporate airlines for a flight to Kaunakakai. I went to Kaunakakai for a vacation and want to have a view of Kaunakakai attractions. The flight was fantastic and enjoyed the great services from the cabin crew. They explained everything one need to know about the flight more so safety measures. They also served passengers with refreshments. The flight was nice till we landed Kaunakakai. Kaunakakai is more of a town than a city, this is where most of the modern comforts and needs are. Kaunakakai has many lodging establishments hence tourist find places to stay. I enjoyed my vacation at Kaunakakai and i recommend it a best place to be.

Kaunakakai Travel FAQs

Can I rent a hotel in Kaunakakai?

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When is a good time to visit Kaunakakai?

The weather in Kaunakakai is pleasant all year-round. All you need is an airline ticket. There are many important things that one need to know about air travel. Air travel is “commoditized.” There’s no difference between airlines if you’re flying in economy class. Most tickets come with lots of limitations. Most airline tickets are super restrictive. If you want to make a change, you’ll pay a fee plus any fare difference. If you miss your flight, the airline will offer to put you on the next flight if you buy a new ticket.

Kaunakakai - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Kaunakakai Molokai Airport • Daniel K. Inouye International Airport • Kahului Airport • Lanai Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Kaunakakai

There are many airlines where one can buy a ticket for a direct flight to Kaunakakai. Buy a ticket through the Corporate air for a direct flight from Honolulu. Through the Mokulele airlines you can buy a ticket for a direct flight from Kahului. Through the Corporate airlines you can also buy a ticket for a direct flight from Lanai.