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City CodeMKZ
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Flight Time---- hours

The flight time to Malacca is approximately ---- hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Malacca.


Malacca is the capital city of the state of Melaka which is one of the local states in Malaysia. Malacca has the population of about three hundred thousand inhabitants. Malacca is inscribed on the UNESCO list of the World Heritage because of its historical value.

Voice of Travelers to Malacca

A layover in Malacca with a ticket to Penang

I traveled on an onward ticket from Pekanbaru in Indonesia to Penang in Malaysia. My flight was with Malindo Air with a layover in Malacca for a full day. This kind of ticket was recommended to me by a ticket agent and it allowed me to see Malacca. An onward ticket with stop in Malacca was also much more affordable than a direct ticket from Pekandaru to Penang and I opted for this ticket because I had long wanted to visit Malacca. On my way back, I flew on a ticket which was booked for a direct flight from Penang to Pekanbaru, without another stop in Malacca. I really enjoyed my time in Malacca and my flight with Malindo Air was great, so I do not regret buying this ticket instead of a cheaper ticket straight to my destination.

Visiting Malacca for a convention

I visited Malacca last year for a an international convention. Since I was invited as a speaker, all my costs in Malacca were covered by a home institution residing in Malacca. I enjoed the first class service aboard the Korean Air from Seoul to Pedang and then I flew with Malindo Air to Malacca in the economy class as the return ticket was booked for me in this way. Judging by the quality of service, I would say that such a ticket was very likely expensive. Both Korean Air and Malindo Air delivered truly great service both onboard and on the ground. Once I landed in Malacca, I was accommodated in a very good hotel downtown Malacca. I ended up rebooking my return ticket from Malacca for two days later than the date of my original ticket was. I would like to visit Malacca again.

Malacca Travel FAQs

Q. What are the highlights of Malacca?

A. Malacca is a great city to visit. It used to be an important city of Malacca Sultanate and it still has a lot of monuments from Medieval Era. You can visit the St Paul's Church (no entrance ticket), the statue of St. Francix Xavier and Taming Sari Tower from which you will get to enjoy the full view of Malacca which is just stunning. It is definitely worth buying an entrance ticket.

Q. What kind of transportation is recommendable in Malacca and where can I buy a ticket for it?

A. Malacca has a great network of public transportation with a price of the ticket being very affordable. You can purchase a bus ticket in a ticket booth or right at the bus you are taking. The names of the routes are written in local language in Malacca, but the locals will be happy to help you out when purchasing your ticket for the right line.

Q. Is Malacca a safe city?

A. As any city in Asia, Malacca is safe, but you need to pay attention. Malacca is a major touristic hub for both the foreigners and the locals. Be careful if you visit Malacca in the tourist season as pickpockets are drawn to the crawds. Hold on tight to your passport, flight ticket and your other valuables. Even better, do not carry your passport and ticket when walking around and leave it in the safe of your hotel.

Malacca - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Melaka International Airport ・Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport ・Penang International Airport

Flight Routes to Malacca

The closest airport to Malacca is the Melaka International Airport which is located in Batu Berendam. There are flights to Malacca from two destinations: Pekanbaru in Indonesia and Penang in Malaysia. At the moment the airport in Malacca does not dispatch any other domestic or international flights.