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City CodeKCH
Popular Airlines
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • AirAsia X
Flight Time18~28 hours

The flight time to Kuching is approximately 18~28 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Kuching.

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Kuching is the both the capital and largest city in the East Malaysian state of Sarawak. It's also the largest city in the Borneo island. Kuching is famous for being one of the most multi-racial cities in Malaysia. As it shares Chinese, Japanese, and British influences. Kuching is a tropical city, so, it's mostly sunny throughout the year. Rains are occasional. Driest seasons in Kuching are from March to October.

Voice of Travelers to Kuching

Ticket to Kuching with AirAsia is worth it

Hello, I'm Anne from Manila. My family and I booked a ticket to Kuching for a Malaysian trip. We got our ticket from AirAsia. I want to commend AirAsia for such an excellent service. Check-in and boarding was okay, we had to wait a long time since the airport is too limited. But the cabin crew were very welcoming and accommodating. They made sure we were entertained the whole flight. We ordered food and found that it was worth it, it was fresh and delicious. Definitely, booking our ticket with AirAsia is a good decision. Since they had excellent flight service. I recommend booking your Southeast Asia tickets with them, it is worth it.

Emirates ticket to Kuching is worth every penny

Hello. My name is Jamal from Dubai. I booked a ticket to Kuching for a conference. I stayed over at the Kuching Tune Hotel. Anyway, I want to comment that I had a pleasant and comfortable flight with Emirates to Kuching. I must say that the price I paid for the air ticket is worth every penny spent. Check-in and boarding process was a breeze. The airplane crew were very welcoming to passengers. I had enough leg room to stretch in, and in-flight entertainment was updated. I enjoyed my flight, even the food I ordered. It was hot, fresh, and delicious. The crew were very quick in serving everyone onboard. I recommend booking your air ticket with Emirates.

Kuching is a haven for animals

Hi, I'm Jane from the Philippines. An animal lover. So, when I volunteered at an animal charity in Kuching, I made time to visit some of its tourist hotspots. Lucky me, Kuching has a lot of animal reserves. I visited the Semenggoh Nature Reserve. I love how the monkeys there are well taken cared of. They're very healthy and happy. I also did nature walks at the Bako National Park and Kubah National Park. I especially enjoyed the flora and fauna in Mt. Santubong. Kuching is a real haven for animals, I hope they keep it that way. I really recommend everyone to see and visit Kuching. It is very much worth paid a visit for.

Kuching Travel FAQs

When is the best time to book a ticket to Kuching?

Kuching is sunny throughout the year, with occasional monsoons and rains. You can book your air ticket to Kuching any time. But, if you're planning to avoid the monsoon months, book your air ticket March through October. Or, if you're avoiding large crowds, book your air ticket between November and February. A tip: you may be able to grab a better air ticket deal to Kuching, book your air ticket on a weekday and as early as possible.

Planning to book a ticket to Kuching, please recommend places to stay in.

Kuching can be crowded during tourist peak seasons. Make sure you secure accommodation before booking your air ticket to Kuching. Some of the places to stay in are Hotel Place 2 Stay, Abell Hotel, and Kuching Tune Hotel. or, splurge and stay over at the Pullman Kuching, The Meritin Hotel, and Grand Margherita Hotel.

I'll be booking a ticket to Kuching, please recommend some places for sightseeing.

There are lot of Kuching sights to visit. After booking your air ticket to Kuching, make sure you include these in your itinerary. Visit the Bako National Park and Mt. Santubong. Have fun with the animals at the Semenggoh Nature Reserve and Kubah National Park. See The Astana, Square Tower, and the Pek Kong Temple. A tip: for a better chance at grabbing a good ticket deal to Kuching, book your air ticket on a weekday and ASAP.

What airlines and cities have a direct ticket to Kuching?

Kuching 's connected to many Malaysian cities. This includes Kuala Lumpur, Mulu, Sibu, and Johor Bahru. Airlines that serve Kuching are AirAsia, Etihad Airways, Malaysia Airlines, and Emirates. A tip: for a better chance at grabbing a good ticket deal to Kuching, book your air ticket on a weekday and ASAP.

Kuching - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Kuching International Airport ・Narita International Airport ・Incheon International Airport ・Singapore Changi International Airport ・Brunei International Airport etc

Flight Routes to Kuching

The Kuching International Airport serves the entire southwest region of Sarawak, Malaysia. It's located 11km away from the Kuching city centre. It's connected with a direct ticket from other Malaysian cities. Such as Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Mulu, and Sibu. Airlines that serve Kuching are AirAsia, Emirates, Xpressair, and Etihad Airways. You can also book a ticket to Kuching with the country operator, Malaysia Airlines.