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Malaysia Travel Tips and Information

Malaysia Travel Tips and Information

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Official Name----
Population31.1 million
CapitalKuala Lumpur
Country CodeMY
Country Code (international calls)+60

The flight time to Malaysia is approximately 19~24 hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Malaysia below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Malaysia.

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural Southeast Asian country. The country is known for beaches, rainforests and being a melting pot of different cultures.

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Visa and Immigration Procedures to Malaysia

Citizens of most countries can travel to Malaysia without a visa. For example, citizens of the United States, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates do not require a visa to enter Malaysia. Neither do citizens of Russia, Thailand and Singapore. Certain countries such as India, Sri Lanka and Nigeria do require visas. If you overstay your visa in Malaysia, you will be fined USD 10 per day.

Things/Items Allowed into Malaysia

Visitors are allowed to carry 1 liter of alcohol, 200 individual cigarettes and gifts worth up to RM400 when entering Malaysia. Medical items should have a doctor's prescription.

Things/Items Forbidden out of Malaysia

・Counterfeit items ・Explosive Materials ・Live Birds

Things/Items Forbidden into Malaysia

・Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances ・Pornographic and Obscene Material ・Hazardous Materials ・Explosive Chemicals

Voice of Travelers to Malaysia

Amazing Experience at Petronas Towers!

Petronas Towers, Malaysia offer a truly stunning site. The evening fountain show does not require a ticket purchase, and are a must-see in Malaysia's capital city. To go up to the observation deck, the ticket process is easy with a small queue at the ticket office. From the top of the towers, you have a gorgeous view of the city, and it almost seems like you can see the whole of Malaysia! There's also an excellent souvenir shop to buy your momentos of Malaysia. Remember to keep your ticket safe when visiting as you may need to show ticket inspectors. Overall this was a highlight of my trip to Malaysia and I highly recommend it.

Impressive Trip to Batu Caves!

Our trip to the Batu caves in Malaysia was very enjoyable. We took the train from Kuala Lumpar central station; the process to buy the ticket was very easy, and the tickets are reasonably priced. The caves are only a half-hour journey away, and we were able to take in the view of the Malaysia countryside. Once you get there, the ticket for entry is cheap, and even better when you realise the ticket price includes a guide who explains the history of the caves. I've even kept the ticket as a memento! Overall it's a very interesting site to visit to include on your trip to Malaysia.

A wonderful Diving Experience!

We were so excited when we booked our ticket to Malaysia! We'd always wanted to go diving when we got there, and we had a fantastic time diving at Sipadan Island off the coast of Malaysia. Try to book your ticket to the region in the quiet season, as Malaysia's a really popular destination. We definitely recommend including Sipadan Island on your tour of Malaysia. Book your ticket soon, you won't regret visiting Malaysia!

Malaysia Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best time to visit Malaysia ?

A. Malaysia has temperate and warm climates throughout the year, but November to March are the best months to book your ticket. The Malaysian rainy season lasts from April to October for the west coast, and November and December for the east coast. While overall Malaysia has a tropical climate, Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, has a moderate temperature all year.

Q. What type of clothes are preferable for travel to Malaysia ?

A. Light cotton and airy fabric clothes are most preferable. Clothes such as light pants, tee shirts and shorts are suitable for your trip to Malaysia. Bear in mind that the culture of Malaysia is quite conservative, so avoid revealing clothes. However, Kuala Lumpur is a very cosmopolitan city and accepts many different fashion choices.

Q. What are some popular souvenirs from Malaysia ?

A. Malaysia is an excellent destination for all types of shopping! There are many great products which you can take as a souvenir from your time in Malaysia, including the traditional Malaysian garments, "kain songket", as well as brass and silver items crafted by local metalsmiths. Electronics items are cheaper in Malaysia than in the US and Europe. Malaysia batik fabric is highly recommended, and available at both markets and shopping malls.

Q. What are the various modes of transport available in Malaysia for travel within country?

A. There are multiple modes of transport available in Malaysia for tourists at low prices. Buses offer the cheapest tickets and also a convenient way to travel within Malaysia. A bicycle rickshaw is an enjoyable and unique way to travel in Malaysia. Most domestic transport in Malaysia is comfortable even with a reasonably priced ticket, although tickets for air travel can be expensive.

Malaysia - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toKuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia・Hong Kong International Airport ・London Heathrow etc.

Airports handling direct flights toKota Kinabalu International Airport, Malaysia・Incheon International Airport, South Korea ・Narita International Airport, Japan ・Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok etc.

Airports handling direct flights toPenang International Airport, Malaysia・Hong Kong International Airport ・Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok etc.

Flight Routes to Malaysia

Malaysia has 62 airports, and there are 8 international airports in Malaysia. Malaysia Airlines, national carrier of Malaysia, has a good network of worldwide coverage with flights to Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. Low cost carrier airlines like Air Asia and Air Asia X also connect Malaysia to different countries such as India, Hong Kong and China. Kuala Lumpur airport serves as Malaysia's main international airport. The popular airlines Etihad Airways and Tigerair have daily scheduled flights to Malaysia.