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City CodePDG
Popular Airlines
  • Garuda Indonesia
Flight Time20~31 hours

The flight time to Padang is approximately 20~31 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Padang.

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Padang is the capital city of Indonesia in the province of West Sumatra. Padang is the largest city in this region.The city of Padang used to be one of the major cities in Dutch East Indies before independence of Indonesia. Padang has an area of 695 square kilometers and has a population of around one million people according to census done in the year 2014. Padang is located at the antipodes on the Esmeraldas, Ecuador. The time zone in Padang is UTC+7.

Voice of Travelers to Padang

Free trip to Padang

My first time in Asia happened to be in Padang. I enrolled for updates on ticket discounts from a travel agency I bumped into in a mall. A couple of weeks later I received an email to fill a survey from the company. Shortly afterwards they responded by offering me a free trip to Padang. They sent us scanned copies of the ticket and the hotel booking details. Attached to the email was a list of rules for the area. Ladies in particular are supposed to dress in long decent attire. The trip was great we used Air Asia as per the ticket details. The people were friendly, the food was rather too delicious. I will be back again.

School Asia trip through Padang

Hello, my name is Lisa Monroe. I am a student in Chicago University in the US. Our school recently organised a trip for the students in the tourism club. The places we visited included Bali, Padang, Guangzhou and Mumbai. Our round ticket was by Air Asia. The trip took a total of three weeks going round these beautiful culture rich regions. The service in the plane to Padang was great I will get my ticket from them next time. We arrived at Padang on Friday morning. It was raining but this did not kill our sake for the visit. We went straight to the hotel and settled in. We went shopping and food tasting the next day. Padang is a beautiful city rich of culture.

Padang Travel FAQs

What are fun facts about Padang?

Padang is located in the fifth largest island in the world. Padang lies around an area called ring of fire which was called that as it is surrounded by volcanic mountains. Padang was labelled as the land with the most spicy food in the world.

What are the places to visit in Padang?

Padang is full of places to visit and sights to see. Some of the major sites in Padang include Adityawarman Museum, Old town river,Muhammadan Mosque and the most beautiful temple See Hien Kiong Temple. The city is conservative and women are required to be well dressed. Finally make sure you visit Air Manis Beach in Padang and read the culture behind the area.

What is the best time to go to Padang?

The average climate in Padang is tropical rainforest. The temperatures throughout the year in Padang are averagely 26 degrees celsius which is rather bearable. The best time to visit Padang is during May - August. The air ticket, hotel rates and entry fees and ticket to places in Padang will be cheaper than. This is because less tourists visit Padang during this period.

Padang - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Minangkabau International Airport ・ Jakarta (JKT) airport ・Hong Kong International (HKG) airport ・Bangkok (BKK) airports ・Hanoi (HAN) airport ・Kuala Lumpur (KUL) airport etc.

Flight Routes to Padang

The city of Padang has a total of three airports. The major airport is being Minangkabau International Airport. An air ticket can be acquired from an array of different airlines available. The major airlines where one can purchase a ticket from include Air Asia, Garuda Indonesia, British Airlines and Wings Air. From the airport one can access the rest of the town by taxi, through a bus ticket or train ticket. An air ticket can be acquired online or through the outlets of the airline ticket that provide transport services to Padang.