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City CodePBC
Popular Airlines
  • United Airlines
Flight Time5~7 hours
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The flight time to Puebla is approximately 5~7 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Puebla.


Puebla is a city located in the central Mexico south east of Mexico city. It is a colonial era planned city. Pueblo city is known for its colonial architecture, pottery and culinary history. Most of the cities in Puebla are adorned with the local tiles. Puebla is one of the most important Spanish colonial cities in Mexico. Puebla occupies an area of approximately 534,32 square kilometers. The population of Puebla is 2,499,519 people as of 2010. Puebla was founded in the year 1531.

Voice of Travelers to Puebla

Shopping in Puebla

Hi my name is Luan. Three months ago I decided to go for shopping for handicrafts and pottery for decorating my new ethnic restaurant in Mexico city. The next step was to acquire a ticket was to get a ticket for the region. I searched for airlines with the cheapest ticket rate from cheap air fare. After finally finding an affordable return ticket I continued with the planning. My ticket was from Delta airlines. When I arrived at Puebla I was amazed to find the city very beautiful. The decor and artefacts in Puebla are unique and breathtaking. I managed to get everything I had planned to shop for for my restaurant and set them to be delivered to my address the following weak by courier services.

Leisure trip to Puebla

After three years of working hard without a break or vacation I decided it was about time I travelled. Being a marine means long working hours and very little time with family. I decided to get a ticket for Puebla city just to experience a different atmosphere and feel. I gathered up part of my savings, bought an air ticket and set some aside for accommodation and activities. I travelled via Aeromexico for both the ticket to Puebla and the return ticket home. Puebla in my opinion is very colorful. The streets are neat and the buildings are well set up. I booked a hotel near Africam Safari. I visited Africam Safari, amparo museum,Puebla Cathedral amongst other tourist attractions. I really enjoyed my trip.

Puebla Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is a ticket cost?

A. The ticket cost will be determined by various factors. The distance from the departure airport, the season of purchasing the ticket, the timeframes from the date of purchase to the travelling date. The further the distance the more the ticket cost.Peak travelling seasons also have higher ticket costs than normal days. The longer the time before travelling from the purchase date the more the chances of paying less on your ticket.

Q. What are the tourist attractions in Puebla?

A. Some of the the tourist attractions in Puebla include Africam safari, Amparo museum, great pyramid of Cholula, Puebla cathedral which is centuries old.

Q. How does one save on ticket costs to Puebla?

A. One can save on ticket costs through several means. You can book your flight early to get the lowest rate. Compare rates from the other airlines to get the lowest ticket cost. Check for ticket discount coupons and codes that can be used on your ticket.

Puebla - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Puebla International Airport ・George Bush Intercontinental Airport ・Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport ・Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen

Flight Routes to Puebla

Puebla International airport is the main airport in Puebla. There are several airlines where one can purchase an air ticket for Puebla International airport. The airport deals with local and international air traffic. There are many airlines with flights to Puebla such as American airlines, Delta airlines, Aeromexico and British airways. You can obtain flight ticket for Puebla from either of the listed airlines..