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City CodeHAN
Popular Airlines
  • VietJet Air
  • Vietnam Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways
Flight Time17~20 hours

The flight time to Hanoi is approximately 17~20 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Hanoi.

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Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam. Hanoi is located in the North part of the country. Hanoi is the second biggest city in Vietnam, after Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi traces it's origins to 3000BC. Hanoi has been largely left in tact during the Vietnam War and therefore it is possible to admire ancient buildings there. Chinese and French influences are visible in Hanoi's architecture. Due to the French style prevalent in Hanoi, the city is sometimes referred to as "Paris of the East". Hanoi is currently growing and modernising at great speed.

Voice of Travelers to Hanoi

Patricia from Australia

Hi, I'm Patricia from Sidney. I flew to Hanoi because I have some friends there. We met at university and they have been persuading me to buy air tickets and visit them for ages. Finally I agreed, booked tickets and flew to Hanoi. I bought my return flight ticket with Vietnam Airlines. I enjoyed the meal served on board. I had a fantastic time in Hanoi. It was great to see my friends again and city is a bustling, interesting place. The tickets to Hanoi weren't too expensive either. Definitely worth their price as I had a wonderful time. Now my friends promised to buy air tickets and visit me in Australia. I can't wait until they get their tickets and I get to see them again.

Jirapat from Thailand.

Hello, my name is Jirapat and I'm from Bangkok. I just returned from a weekend trip to Hanoi. I flew to Hanoi with Nok Air. I like how their planes are decorated to look like parrots and other tropical birds. When I booked my ticket I also payed to have some food on the plane. I booked tickets with Nok Air before and I will again in the future. Their service is consistently good. I think Hanoi has a different atmosphere to Bangkok. I liked the street food stalls in Hanoi - the food was very tasty. I went to see a puppet show and went on a stroll to a small island in the middle of a huge lake in the centre of Hanoi. I enjoyed myself in Hanoi and I decided I will get a ticket to return to Hanoi for another visit.

Hanoi Travel FAQs

Q. What local foods should I try on my visit to Hanoi?

A,There are so many delicious foods you could try in Hanoi. Try Vietnamese classics such as spring rolls and pho, a beef broth with noodles. If you like seafood look out for Mien Xao Luon, crab rolls called Nem Chua Be or the sizzling white fish dish called Cha Ca while in Hanoi.

Q. I am considering getting a flight ticket to Hanoi on a flight with a layover. How much time do I need for a connecting flight?

A,For an international flight opt to buy a ticket which gives you between 1 and 3 hours layover. By buying a ticket with a shorter connection time you risk missing your connecting flight, or your luggage being delayed. A ticket with a layover over 3 hours is not really necessary. Consider getting a ticket with a long layover if your airline offers city-tours for passengers awaiting connecting flights.

Q. I want to fly to Hanoi with my baby. Will I need to buy a ticket for my baby?

A,Most airlines offer free tickets for infants under the age of 2, who do not require their own seat. If you would like a seat for your baby, you are likely going to need to buy an extra ticket. However, policies on tickets for babies vary between airlines so check with your ticket provider for the most accurate information.

Hanoi - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Noi Bai International Airport ・Singapore Changi Airport ・Tokyo International Airport ・Jomo Kenyatta International Airport ・ Istanbul Ataturk Airport ・Sheremetyevo International Airport etc

Flight Routes to Hanoi

Hanoi is very well connected to the rest of Vietnam by flight. Many airlines sell tickets on routes between Hanoi and destinations across Asia. It is also possible to purchase direct flight tickets between Hanoi and cities as distant as Moscow, Nairobi or Istanbul. Vietnam Airlines sell tickets for direct flights from Hanoi to European and Australian destinations.