Love Nature and Scenery? Here’s Why You Should Make the Faroe Islands Your Next Destination

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Love Nature and Scenery? Here’s Why You Should Make the Faroe Islands Your Next Destination

The Faroe Islands are Europe's best kept secret, flying well under the tourism radar for many years as a destination most people feel is unreachable or too costly. While that might have been the case many years ago, now there are a number of direct flights that regular fly to the islands. The incredible scenery of the Faroe Islands is often compared to Iceland, but without the crowds that flock there. The beautiful, unspoiled scenery and nature of the islands is unrivaled around the world and highly warrants a trip to this paradise of nature.

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Love Nature and Scenery? Here’s Why You Should Make the Faroe Islands Your Next Destination


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Lodged between dramatic slopes in the Northern Isles you'll find the town of Klaksvik. While the town itself doesn't harbor many attractions, like most places in Faroe it's the incredible scenery you'll want to visit here for. Klaksvik is a great base and place to stay for exploring the area in the north of the Faroe Islands with a number of hikes and peaks to climb in the surrounding region. Be sure to check out Fríða Kaffihús in the town, it's one of the best places you'll find to sample the local Faroese fare.

Sorvagsvatn Lake

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The lake above the ocean, Sorvagsvatn appears to be perched high up above the ocean due to the dramatic cliffs below it. In reality it's not actually that high up, but makes for an impressive view all the same. It's actually the largest lake in the Faroe Islands and is located right next to the airport, Although the above picture might look like an aerial photo, it's from one of the cliffs that juts out from the coast and is fairly easy to get to.


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Saksun is a beautiful little village set in the remote mountains known for its picturesque grass-roofed houses set against steep hills. The tiny village and its surrounding area looks like something out of a fairy-tale, dotted with stunning waterfalls, dramatic peaks and the beautiful fjord. There's a number of picturesque sites here but make sure to check out the quaint Saksun Church that was built in the 19th century.


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It doesn't get much more incredible than Drangarnir with the dramatic peak of Tindhólmur rising out of the sea in the background. Drangarnir refers to the arch-way like rock off the coast of Vágar Island and is one of the most well-known views in the islands. The trek to get out to the iconic cliff-side is not the easiest, but those who make it are well rewarded.


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There's just something about the sight of the Múlafossur Waterfall and the little village of Gásadalur in the background that evokes a strong sense of wanderlust. Even better, the view is just a short 15-minute ride away from the airport, the perfect introduction to the beautiful Faroe Islands. From the viewpoint you'll also get picturesque panoramas of the stunning coastline and the nearby Mykines Island, famous for its colony of puffins.


While the islands are seen as some of the most isolated in Europe, getting to the Faroe Islands is not as difficult as you might think. Flights run daily to Sorvagur from Copenhagen along with routes from Iceland, Norway and the UK. Flights are not too expensive too, usually under 200 euros return from the main hub of Copenhagen with SAS.




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