Doha: Must-see Attractions in the Capital of Qatar

Doha: Must-see Attractions in the Capital of Qatar

Doha is the capital of the State of Qatar with a population of over 1,450,000. It is also a coastal city located in the middle of the eastern coast of Qatar Peninsula on the Arabian Gulf coast. The city has government departments, ministries, financial and commercial institutions. It has a large commercial port and a modern airport linking it to different parts of the world. Doha is famous for its many mosques and modern buildings. It is also increasing in the libraries, most notably the Qatari Book House and the National Library. Doha has many tourist destinations that attract many tourists every year.

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Doha: Must-see Attractions in the Capital of Qatar

1. Pearl-Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar is a 4-million-square-meter island with a population of more than 12,000 people in Doha. The Pearl Island is the first Qatari land to be acquired by non-Qataris and is expected to reach approximately 45,000 by 2018. The island is 350 meters from the western Qatifiyah Bay area and one of the main pearl diving sites in Doha. The island's construction aims to represent Qatar's rich past in the pearl industry, which is similar in shape to the country's famous pearl chains. The island, which resembles Venice, has wide waterways, vast pedestrian areas and is one of the most important tourist destinations in Qatar.

2. Doha Corniche

Doha Corniche is a waterfront walkway that stretches for several kilometers along Doha Bay, the capital of the State of Qatar. The walkway runs parallel to Corniche Street, the main thoroughfare connecting the West Bay commercial district with the city's south and its international airport. The Corniche was a corridor free of monuments until the 21st century, where a development process was launched targeting the region to promote tourism in Qatar. Having been the only apparent edifice of the Sheraton Hotel in the region, it is now filled with several skyscrapers on the north. The Asian Games hosted in 2006 helped promote the development of the Doha Corniche as it currently stands. The Corniche has several spectacular attractions in Doha, such as the Museum of Islamic Art and Rumaila Park.

3. Souq Waqif

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Souq Waqif has been established for more than 100 years and is located near Doha's Musheireb Valley. The renovation of the new building was initiated in 2006 within the program of preserving the country's architectural and historical identity. It was reopened in 2008. The Souq Waqif is popular among locals and expatriates in Doha and is one of Qatar's most famous tourist destinations. Souq Waqif sells traditional clothing, spices, handicrafts, souvenirs, and dozens of restaurants serving traditional and international meals. The market has many narrow alleys that evoke a sense of old historical romances, as well as Al Rayyan Theater.

4. Museum of Islamic Art

The Museum of Islamic Art is located on an artificial island opposite Doha's Corniche, in a vast park with its name. The museum, surrounded by attractions in its park, is one of the most important tourist attractions in Qatar. The museum is also close to Qatar's traditional sailing boat, the first of its kind to display 14 centuries of Islamic history. The ancient Islamic architecture is evident in the building of the external museum, and its unique design includes distinctive geometric patterns of modern architecture. The museum occupies a total area of ​​45,000 square meters and begins to receive visitors at the end of 2008 and is connected to the park through two paved bridges.

5. Aspire Park

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Aspire Park occupies an area of ​88 hectares of the Aspire area in Doha, the city's family sanctuary and one of the most important tourist attractions in Qatar. The park is located near the Aspire Tower, which is 330 meters high and features its vast expanses and beautiful natural views. The park has a small hill, several different types of rare and local trees, some beautiful fountains, picnic areas and other picturesque features. Aspire Park also has fun playgrounds for children, places for jogging and jogging enthusiasts, and cafes offering different types of drinks and refreshments. One of the most important features of the park is its picturesque lagoon, the only lake in the State of Qatar, which hosts some species of marine life and birds.

6. National Museum of Qatar

The National Museum of Qatar is the second largest museum in Doha, opened in 1975 in a restored palace. The museum was built in 1912 by Sheikh Abdullah Bin Jassem Al Thani, who took the museum as a residence of the government for nearly 25 years. The museum won the Aga Khan Prize for the Restoration and Rehabilitation of Islamic Architecture. The structure of the museum consists of 5 halls: the Maritime Museum and the State Museum, called the Modern Palace, the Old Governor's Palace, the Lake and the Botanical Garden.

7. Al Koot Fort

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Al Koot Fort, also known as Doha Fort, is a historic military fortress located in the heart of Doha, the capital of Qatar. It was built in 1927 by the ruler of Qatar, Abdullah bin Qasim al-Thani, who ruled Qatar from 1913 until 1949 when his brother Mohammed bin Qasim al-Thani was deposed in his favor. The fort was later converted into a museum. The fort has traditional Qatari handicrafts, products, and images of daily life with illustrations. The fort also includes exhibitions and artworks, including handicrafts, plaster, wooden ornaments, fishing equipment, boats, historical images, and paintings.

8. Doha Zoo

Doha Zoo is one of the best zoos in the region, with more than 1500 animals from around the world, as well as local desert animals and birds. The new species are periodically introduced through a number of exchange programs developed by the Department with other zoos around the world, helping the zoo to keep curbing excess animals of any specific breed while adding to the diversity of species on the show. The zoo is located outside the city opposite the Racing and Equestrian Club. It has a children's play area and a cafeteria.


Doha has many wonderful attractions that attract their visitors from the first journey. A city located on the Arabian Gulf with a beautiful sightseeing that makes you love the place and enjoy its unforgettable attractions. Thus, Doha is one of the tourist destinations that visitors visit from all over the world.