Glasgow (Montana):The Little Heaven Tucked Away in Montana

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Glasgow (Montana):The Little Heaven Tucked Away in Montana

Glasgow is a city in the Valley County, Montana State, United States of America. Glasgow city was established in the year 1887 as railroad town by a man known as James J. Hill who established many communities along the Hi-Line. Fort Peck Dam is found in Glasgow city and it was built during the reign of president Franklin D. Roosevelt. This dam has provided a lot of employment in Glasgow. Glasgow has an approximate population of 3,414 as per the year 2015. There are many tourist attractions in Glasgow. The following are 10 sightseeing places in Glasgow that one can visit:

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Glasgow (Montana):The Little Heaven Tucked Away in Montana

1. Valley County Pioneer Museum

Pioneer Museum of Valley County is a great sightseeing place in Glasgow. From this museum, you can learn so much about Glasgow’s history, culture, traditions and much more. This museum in Glasgow is a significant sightseeing place to visit. It is well organized and divided into sections that are fantastically displayed that you cannot miss anything there is to see. They have kept records of their ancestors and a wide range of wildlife history.

2. Children’s Museum of NE Montana

Children’s Museum of Northeast Montana is a sightseeing place that gives children an experience they can never forget The Children’s Museum has an atmosphere that encourages children to explore and discover the many things presented in the museum. As much as the children have fun sightseeing the museum, they also gain a lot of knowledge and understanding.

3. First National Bank of Glasgow

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This Bank in Glasgow was established in 1914. In the year 2002, First National Bank was included in the National Register of Historic Places. First National Bank is in a two-story, very beautiful building which is L-shaped. The building was designed by Buechner & Orth in Beaux Arts style. It is renown as Langen Building and also as Irving Building. It is very hard for any eyes to escape this marvellous sightseeing bank in Glasgow.

4. Fort Peck Interpretive Center

Fort Peck Interpretive Center lies at the outline of Fort Peck Dam. This center is as a result of joint effort between the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Fort Peck Interpretive Center has a substantial history of wildlife and Fort Peck Dam building. This center is one of the best sightseeing in Glasgow. In the wildlife display, historic and uptodate animals are featured. The Center has the biggest aquariums that display native and game fish from Missouri River and Fort Peck Lake in Glasgow. There are also dinosaurs exhibits where you find cretaceous sea display and a struthiomimus display showing one of the fastest dinosaurs known to date. This sightseeing place is fun and informative.

5. Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs

Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs comes from a well that is 3,200 ft. deep that gives 900 gallons of water per minute at 108 degrees. The Spring have always attracted people from neighbouring areas who come to enjoy a relaxing bath. Sightseeing tourists also take advantage of the hot Springs by relaxing in the pool, sauna and hot tub in Glasgow. The experience is very rejuvenating. The pools are usually emptied, cleaned and refilled on daily basis with the hot water. This is the place to visit for sightseeing and relaxing in Glasgow, Montana.

6. Phillips County Museum

The County Museum and the significant H.B. Robinson House are devoted for clarification and promotion of the area’s notable cultural and natural heritage. The Museum has a gift shop that is fully stocked with stuff for children as well as assorted classic jewellry. It is a good shop for buying Christmas gifts. County Museum is an ideal place for sightseeing. It has been a stopover for many tourists.

7. Great Plains Dinosaur Museum

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This sightseeing Museum in Glasgow, Montana is definitely a place to visit because of its fossils exhibits. You will find both vertebrate and invertebrate fossils preserved in rich layers. Dinosaurs, clubs, lobsters and different plants fossils will take your breath away. The Great Plains Museum is a private organization that is supported by the community members. The Great Plains Dinosaur Museum works together with the locals who assist in finding the fossils and carry them to the Museum. Once at the Museum, the fossils are studied, preserved and displayed.

8. Busted Knuckle Brewery

Busted Knuckle Brewery in Glasgow, Montana is the place to stop and refresh with a local beer. History has it that the owner of the Busted Knuckle Brewery in Glasgow was a mechanic and it is no wonder that car hoods are over the building and tables made of radiators and camshafts. Beers like Hefeweizen, malted Stout, etc., are in plenty. In addition, they have root beer which is wonderful and cream soda for children. This brewery has a very friendly and peaceful atmosphere and is very good for sightseeing.

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Considering the above-stated places, it is clear that Glasgow is one of the areas to go for sightseeing and to relax as you take a break from your daily hustles. When you travel and go sightseeing you become exposed to new things in life.