Grand Island (Nebraska):The Heart of Nebraska that Holds History Along with Its Rivers and Home to Exotic Creatures Around the World

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Grand Island (Nebraska):The Heart of Nebraska that Holds History Along with Its Rivers and Home to Exotic Creatures Around the World

Travelling to the center Nebraska, you’ll find a city called Grand Island. The city is best known for family-friendly attractions and houses one of the best zoos and aquarium perfect for having fun and create memories while getting the chance to ride a camel. Thinking of reasons why you should stop by Grand Island? Here are some attractions for you to decide.

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Grand Island (Nebraska):The Heart of Nebraska that Holds History Along with Its Rivers and Home to Exotic Creatures Around the World

1. Crane Trust Nature & Visitor Center

Are you making a stop at Grand Island? Then you’ll have to drop by the Crane Trust Nature & Visitor Center. Visitors will be greeted with a large friendly sign and will be introduced with sandhill cranes that crowd the air as you enjoy the exhibits for both indoor and outdoor. The Crane Trust Nature Center is a perfect spot for family sightseeing as large murals and window images portray the journey of the spring migration of the sandhill cranes in Grand Island. Visitors will also be able to explore outside for more sightseeing for the soul as the butterfly gardens are extremely beautiful where you’ll able to have a pleasant picnic while be mesmerized by the enchanting nature.

2. Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer

Come by Stuhr Museum in Grand Island for a chance to relive the prairie pioneer history. The museum has been proclaimed by the Washington Post as one of the top 12 Living History Museums in the United States. The museum features a 200-acre land willed with beautiful gardens, historical and artistic architectures and exhibits, which will surely be a fun family outing especially if you’re keen on some sightseeing.

3. Platte River

Nature lovers must take a hike up the Platte River in Grand Island. The Platte River is made up of a number of small river channels that are often splitting off and then reconnecting again. Activities that run along the river include canoeing, hiking, sightseeing, tubing, fishing, and especially during the annual spring migration, birdwatching. There is also campground available by the river that is situated to nearby parks for a chance to get in touch with nature.

4. Island Oasis Water Park

A family fun location, the Island Oasis in Grand Island spans over six acres perfect to fit large numbers of families coming over for a summer holiday. Visitors can test their bravery by going to the 350 thousand-gallon wave pool, or if you’d like something more mellow, a 750-foot river will be there for you to unwind as well. The Island Oasis Water Park is so wide that it’ll be best to have some sightseeing after some food before hopping into the pool. The water park is perfect for adventurers and thrill seekers to meet.

5. Stolley Park

Spanning at nearly 34 acres, Stolley Park is a family-friendly destination for various recreational activities that will surely bring memories to the visitors coming by Grand Island, Nebraska. Stolley Park is a great place for sightseeing as the park has a unique brick walkway that leads to the Stolley Gardens where a vast collection of flora makes it an ideal spot for a portrait shot with a beautiful background. Other than that, there are courts especially for sports activities and picnic areas as well with grills available at the park. Stolley Park also has a miniature railroad line called the “Stolley Park Train” that you can ride in especially during the summer or when there are any events held at the park.

6. L.E Ray Dog Park

The L.E Ray Dog Park is a playground for canines and also children. The park stretches to 73 acres and has numerous picnic spots with tables and grills located around the park. There are pieces of equipment made especially for dogs that vary from their sizes. The only requirement from the dog park when bringing your pup over is to pick up their waste. After all, the L.E Ray Dog Park in Grand Island is where families come to visit and play, as well as do a little sightseeing while they for their barbeque to be ready.

7. Raising Nebraska

For an agricultural experience like never before, the Raising Nebraska museum located in Grand Island is where those wanting to understand Nebraska’s agriculture history and do a little bit of sightseeing on their extensive exhibits. The museum is incredibly interactive where visitors can observe how family farms convert harvest into fuel. Other than that, you can also enjoy a nice organic meal from the prairie farms and watch them prepare it to live by the kitchen cooks.

8. The Grand Theatre

Grand Island’s Grand Theatre is still standing today after events of fire and economic downfalls have challenged it greatly at its early stages before becoming a magnificent theatre to the entertainment enthusiasts. The Grand Theatre has been restored greatly and has already begun playing movies. Other events such as the anticipated car shows make the Grand Theatre a hot spot for Grand Island, the same as how popular it more than 100 years ago.

9. Townsley-Murdock Immigrant Trail Site

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The Townsley-Murdock Immigrant Trail Site as a 2-acre historical site that is located next to the Wood River Crossing where travellers of the Mormon Trail squeezed onto a small ridge that separates the Platte River wetlands and the Wood River. This crossing leads to the shallow and wide swale that is visible for history lovers to come and observe in a sightseeing adventure today.

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Grand Island has what every visitor needs. From sightseeing around historical trails to visiting beautifully kept zoos, and all the way to a waterpark for brave swimmers, Grand Island may seem very predictable, but it is in a good way that you’ll know what to expect on what this city has to offer.