Springfield (Illinois) :The City Where the Spirit of Lincoln Comes to Life

Springfield (Illinois) :The City Where the Spirit of Lincoln Comes to Life

Springfield is where the spirit of Abraham Lincoln himself, comes to life. It is a great city full of life, several historical sites and entertainment spots that will change turn your trip into a memorable adventure. There so many hotels to choose from; the high-end to budget ones that could fit anyone’s pocket. If you ever get the chance to visit Springfield note down the following sightseeing places on your to do list.

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Springfield (Illinois) :The City Where the Spirit of Lincoln Comes to Life

1. Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

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This museum is the perfect place to start off your adventure in Springfield. It features as the top sightseeing place in the whole city. Here, you will see various artifacts that are changed regularly, making each trip a new experience. The shows at this sightseeing place are incredible interesting and educative. It is suitable for individuals of all ages so don’t worry if you have kids with you. Get to learn something new by touring through the life of Honest Abe. There is also a dress up room where you can change into different costumes and take pictures.

2. Dana Thomas House

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This sightseeing place was listed recently as national historic site. Get to see the best of architecture through the eyes of Frank Lloyd Wright who was a popular American architect. He was born in 1867 and died in 1959 leaving behind a trail of unique architectural sites, one of them being the Dana Thomas house in Springfield. This prairies style home is a must see for any tourist who visits Springfield. You can learn a lot of history form the sightseeing place there is also a shop inside where you can get historical pieces and artefacts.

3. Lincoln Home National Historic Site

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From the year 1844 to 1861, Abraham Lincoln and his whole family lived in this sightseeing place, which was a two-storeyed house. Right after 1861 their address changed to the White House. Taking a trip into the steps of Abraham Lincoln is a once in a lifetime experience that can only take place in Springfield. The house was sold for $1 to the city governance decades a go, Lincoln’s son, with the hopes of having it reserved as a historic sightseeing place, open to the public. In the premises you will find several tour guide who will take you through the house and sharing information you can’t find in books. Your trip to this sightseeing place will be worth your time.

4. Lincoln Tomb & War Memorials

We didn’t label Springfield and the home of Lincoln for nothing. It is the only place you can get to walk in his shoes, understand more about his life and journey to presidency. The other sightseeing place to visit in Springfield is the Lincoln Tomb and War Memorials. This is where Abraham Lincoln tomb is preserved. The monument is beautiful and well maintained, attracting tourists from all over the world. It is believed that rubbing the tip of Lincoln’s bust brings about good fortune.

5. Illinois State Capitol

They say your trip to Springfield is not complete without touring the Illinois State Capitol. This sightseeing place is one great stop to learn about how things were done in the past century. The sightseeing place opens everyday including Sundays and you can get tour guides through the place for free. There’s a congress room, an exquisitely built dome, an old court house and the governor’s office, all these will make your visit in Springfield amazing. It is a rather impressive sightseeing place that won’t have you spending all your money.

6. Old State Capitol

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The famous ‘House Divided’ speech by Abraham Lincoln was delivered in this sightseeing place more than 100 years ago. It saw Abraham Lincoln serve as a lawyer for several years of his career. The building was only recently rebuild after being disassembled in 1960. The sightseeing place in Springfield will teleport you into the 1800’s with its historical features that are quite educative. Springfield features everything you need to know about one of the greatest presidents in US.

7. Illinois State Museum

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This sightseeing place in Springfield features, are, ancient history, anthropology and several other masterpieces of the State of Illinois. Entrance to the sightseeing place is charged at $5 for adults above 19, for individuals above 64 and veterans there is no charge. The museum is small but features a lot within their exhibits. It would take you around an hour to go round the whole sightseeing place, that’s if you are keen on getting all the information. There’s a playground for children on the ground floor, so bring along the kids on your trip to this sightseeing place.

8. Edwards Place Historic Home

Get to learn a lot about the local history of Springfield from the edwards Place Historic home. It is one of a kind historical site as it features great music, entertainment and vendors of so many items. Before you book your trip ensure you check out the online opening hours to avoid finding the sightseeing place closed. Also, be ready with $5 per person on entry. The highlight of this sightseeing place is the couch where abraham Lincoln and his wife courted. This house is a beautiful well maintained sightseeing point that has existed from the year 1833.

9. Camp Butler National Cemetery

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I know, you must be wondering how a cemetery features on the top ten things to do in Springfield. Well, this is like no other, so many American heroes and veterans were buried. It is will be a heartfelt trip where you get to pay your tribute for the strong men and women who gave their lives to fight for their country. Families of the departed can make requests to honour their heroes by having the guard on duty raise the flag and give a 21 gun salute. If you are lucky you may visit the sightseeing place at the right time and witness this memorable occasion in Springfield.

10. Lincoln Memorial Gardens

Almost every sightseeing place is Springfield is named after their hero Abraham Lincoln. This gardens serves as one of the more beautiful sites in the ares. It is a whole 100 acres full of trees, flowers, birds, butterflies and so much more. It is quite the spot to have a relaxing nature walk, picnic or fun time and games with the family.

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The best time of the year to visit this amazing sightseeing place is during Spring and summer, when the weather is just right and the city is full of buzzes of activities. This sightseeing place will not disappoint, get your bags ready and board the next plane to Springfield.