Tulsa:A Rich Heaven of Comfort and Cosmopolitan Style that Has Been Self-Billed As the Oil Capital of the World

Tulsa:A Rich Heaven of Comfort and Cosmopolitan Style that Has Been Self-Billed As the Oil Capital of the World

Tulsa is the second largest city in Oklahoma. It has been self-billed as the oil capital of the world due to the oozing black gold that has seen many energy companies thriving within Tulsa. Tulsa by itself is a heaven of comfort and cosmopolitan style. Tourists travel to Tulsa to enjoy some of the world-class cultural attractions it has to offer. These are some of the most popular sightseeing attractions within Tulsa.

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Tulsa:A Rich Heaven of Comfort and Cosmopolitan Style that Has Been Self-Billed As the Oil Capital of the World

1. Tulsa Air and Space Museum

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Tulsa Air and Space Museum is the best place to get hands-on interaction and discovery of science-based education in Tulsa. The space museum is filled with aviation history and information about the future of aerospace under its 35,000 square feet of space. Some of the great things include the space shuttle launch, learning to use the robotic arm, and using a simulator to land a hot air balloon. However, many of the active simulators are preserved for the members. A tour of the large airliner outside the museum will cost about $5. Tourists enjoy this sightseeing space because of its uniqueness.

2. BOK Center

Photo by Nicolas Henderson

BOK Center is a great place for anyone visiting Tulsa to enjoy some entertainment. The highlight of this sightseeing venue are the concerts that are held there. Most concerts are rock-themed having big legends such as Breaking Benjamin stepping foot on this remarkable centre. Other performers are also common at the centre such as illusionists who often engage the curious crowd. Despite the large numbers of people at the venue, cleanliness is still observed. There are great food courts and bars around the venue if one wishes to take a break from the shows or do something different.

3. Philbrook Museum of Art

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Philbrook Museum of Art stands out as an outstanding museum in Tulsa because it is housed in an Italian style villa. Many tourists enjoy sightseeing the museum because it has numerous exhibits from different continents around the world making it diverse. Most of the exhibits are middle age paintings telling stories of the land-hungry Americans who ignored the tribes' agreements on the settlements within Tulsa. The museum also has a Santa Fe on its lowest level where some early American pieces can be found. The grounds of the museum are nothing but spectacular surrounded by acres of lush gardens.

4. The Cave House

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The Cave House cannot be missed while listing out some great sightseeing spots in Tulsa. Its unique exterior architecture is hard to miss. The cave house resembles a cave due to its formation. Once you get to the house, Linda, who is the owner and acting tour guide will give you interesting stories about the place and how it came to be. It is hard to believe that the place has been in existence since 1924! Entrance to the cave house is charged at $10 for anyone above 16 years and those below pay half the price.

5. Center of the Universe

Center of the Universe is literally the centre of the world and it is found in Tulsa. The mystical name is what draws many to this sightseeing spot. There is nothing extraordinary about the point as it is just marked by a circular brick stone on the ground. The centre of the universe is not hard to find as it lays outside the jazz museum in Tulsa. Most tourists enjoy standing on it and screaming or making any kind of noises. The magnitude of the echoes is what makes it intriguing for them.

6. Gilcrease Museum

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Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa has the world’s largest collection of Western American art. The museum has a great stock of some Native American artwork and artefacts. These include some drawers of moccasins, weapons, and much more. Most importantly, the museum covers the life of Thomas Gilcrease. The art exhibits from the museum are part of his collections through the years. There are thematic gardens which give a timelapse of the different gardening styles of the different time periods. Another great addition to the museum is the Taos school of art which is worth sightseeing.

7. Woody Guthrie Center

Woody Guthrie Center is a tribute museum to Woody Guthrie. Being geared towards the arts, the centre is located in the Brady Arts District. The centre showcases the life and music of Woody Guthrie which give tourists sightseeing the venue an opportunity to use technology to enjoy his accomplishments and legacy. It also provides a good way to understand his motivation through the songwriting process. There are nice videos to watch, music to listen to and some documents to read. However, the message can be sad as they talked about the poor people around Tulsa and how they persevered. Admission to the centre costs $8 but it will definitely be worth it!

8. The Golden Driller

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The Golden Driller is an iconic landmark of Tulsa that has been in existence since 1952. The Golden Diller is iconic because it gives a great presentation of the oil boom in Tulsa. The landmark is a 75-foot plaster statue of an oil worker that is hard to miss when you come across. It was initially used as an exhibit from the time it was created but now has a permanent home at the Expo centre. It may not be as tall as the statue of liberty but it is honoured in Tulsa like a trophy.

9. Boston Avenue Methodist Church

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Boston Avenue Methodist Church is a great church to enjoy mass while in Tulsa. The unique architecture of its exterior has attracted many tourists regardless of religious beliefs. Many come for the photo opportunities or just a chance to get a glimpse of this marvel because of its despicable beauty. From its stained glass to the domed ceiling of the church. Free tours by a knowledgeable docent are offered to tourists as long as mass is not in progress. The place is an ideal sightseeing wonder for the art deco lover.

10. Blue Dome District

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Blue Dome District is where and entertainment comes to life in Tulsa. It is surrounded by the best bars and restaurants around Tulsa. The streets have some of the best art and architecture you could ever imagine. That is why many photographers and tourists enjoy the photo opportunities availed to them. The highlight of the neighbourhood is a blue-domed building that tourists like sightseeing. Aside from that, the great restaurants available serve some of the best cuisines in Tulsa so one can grab a bite after a day of exploring this lovely district.

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It is evident that Tulsa comes across as a quiet city but as you take a closer look, you may find that it has more going on than you could imagine. The growing entertainment scene has made it a great sightseeing destination for the tourist looking for entertainment in a polite city.