Pittsburgh : The Second Most Populous City in Pennsylvania that Has Been Experiencing Booming Periods since Its Founding

Pittsburgh : The Second Most Populous City in Pennsylvania that Has Been Experiencing Booming Periods since Its Founding

Pittsburgh is strategically set at Mt Washington Ridge, between rivers Allegheny and Monongahela. The city is uniquely characterized by iconic bridges, freight trains and it is home to the Pittsburgh’s Pirates baseball team, Pittsburgh Steelers Football team, and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. It offers a variety of sightseeing ventures from its rich historical landmarks sighted in museums, art, bicycle art, design, and architecture. Pittsburgh is the host to one of the best wonders of nature in its botanical gardens and parks, locally crafted beer and sumptuous food. Below are must visit places that visitors and tourists alike will enjoy:

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Pittsburgh : The Second Most Populous City in Pennsylvania that Has Been Experiencing Booming Periods since Its Founding

1. Bicycle Heaven

Photo by k_e_lewis

Bicycle Heaven is a specialty museum and bicycle store in Pittsburgh with a variety of bicycles wall to wall with deep and rich history. Bicycle Heaven is an unbelievable bicycle world with classical and antique spare parts, incredible bicycle art and bicycle collections that your mind won’t believe. Visitors are engaged in the tour of the warehouse between 10:00 am to 7:00 pm and they learn and engage in an amazing and fun stroll of the warehouse of which you have to see to believe that it exists.

2. PNC Park

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A home to baseball Pittsburgh pirates welcomes you to a first-class ballpark, sporty nightlife and entertainment filed sightseeing and stadium, where you can enjoy an afternoon game, crafted local beers and hot dogs. In addition to great tour packages where tourists get exceptional behind the scenes tours and learn the history of the pirates while enjoying the stadium’s stunning skyline views and a lot of experiences like pre-game street scenes, that sets it apart from other stadiums. The times for games and tours vary; tour costs for adults are $10 while for kids aged 6-14 is $8 and game tickets vary.

3. Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden

Photo by IIP Photo Archive

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden is a green haven lying in Oakland’s vibrant neighborhood. Phipps offers sightseeing activities within its garden filled with nature’s marvels, a glasshouse, and 23 diverse gardens. Visitors experience flower shows that are seasonal, exclusive exhibits, collections of bonsai and orchids, butterfly gardens, and tropical forests as a leisurely pace of discovery of nature’s flora and fauna. A shop and café beyond the entrance generously draws travelers to relax. Adults pay admission fees of $17.95 and $11.95 for children of 2-18. Many visitors would definitely attest to the worth of the fees expected and this shouldn’t deter you from visiting Phipps

4. Mt Washington

Mt Washington is an amazing sightseeing nature park that welcomes visitors and travellers to spectacular views of the city of Pittsburgh. You will be able to see down river and downtown Pittsburgh, and then use the available viewing telescopes that most kids really enjoy. Using the various inclines like the Duquesne incline and the Monongahela incline, you will manage to travel to the top of the mountain where there are great shops and beautiful vantage points for photo lovers, with cantilevered viewpoints, and spectacular skyline views of the steel city, Pittsburgh.

5. Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Photo by Allie_Caulfield

Travelers and visitors that enjoy natural history museum sites will definitely want to engage their minds to the wonders of nature that are found at the Carnegie Museum of Natural history. Visitors will experience the Bone hunters quarry where you dig for bones, visit Hopi home to grind corn and feel the real and replicas of specimens which definitely feels surreal, and of course dinosaurs. You will get lost in the beauty of fine arts, historical periods and every site has sections suitable and enjoyable for people of all ages. The café offers a relaxing place as it prepares you to see more. Entry tickets are available online on their website for different categories ranging from $19.95 to $11.95 for children.

6. Heinz Hall

Photo by Joseph Brent

Pittsburgh offers a variety of world-class cultural entertainment and this is what visitors and travelers will see at Heinz Hall, which has one of the most beautiful architectures and quality detailed structures that resonate with a symphony, musical, ballet, comedy, plays that you will get to view and listen to. Tourists around would be amazed by the soaring ceiling and magnificent architecture in the theatre. Enjoy the acoustics with impeccable sounds and precision on the acts of the day and the best of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. The Pittsburgh symphony orchestra will enrich your lives with their stellar artistic impressions and the highest level of excellence and expression as you explore their history and their home.

7. Heinz Memorial Chapel

Photo by Jon Bilous/shutterstock.com

Heinz Memorial Chapel was dedicated in 1938 in the University of Pittsburgh for sightseeing ventures in its sacred, religious and historical sites in Pittsburgh. It hosts religious services, classes, lectures, concerts and guided tours. Tourists and visitors would be astounded by the architecture pieces on the walls, windows, organs and different use of materials in the construction of the chapel. The chapel offers a spectacular sightseeing landmark in the University and attracts your aesthetic eyes in its mesmerizing and highly detailed segments of the Heinz Memorial Chapel.

8. Wigle Whiskey

Photo by Governor Tom Wolf

Wigle Whiskey is an informative store in Pittsburgh that will interest tourists and visitors in whiskey making processes and the history of the company right back to the whiskey rebellion which is definitely something that would spark your interest. Visitors that are Whiskey and gin lovers would be enthusiastic about the tour through the distillery and thereafter get to enjoy sample taste of the finest alcohol produced in Pittsburgh. The guides at Wigle Whiskey are enlightening and very engaging such that the tour would feel nothing short of a vacation. Join Wigle at their next soiree as they put up various events like cocktail classes, live music, and many other Wigle fun activities by checking their website for the next upcoming schedule.

9. Cathedral of Learning Museum

Cathedral of Learning Museum is an impeccably impressive architecture inclined castle at the University of Pittsburgh. The details in the design and architecture are stunning to the eyes. The museum receives many visitors throughout the years that would enjoy sightseeing the nationality rooms which portray a different world inside the castle. This nationality rooms in the museum showcases the diverse design culture in the world in each room visited. Visitors get to book their tours and see the art, architecture, design of different immigrants expressed in the rooms. There are gift shops around in the sightseeing excursion that one should not miss.

10. Heinz Field

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One of Pittsburgh’s premium stadiums for University of Pittsburgh football games, Pittsburgh Steelers Football games, performances, and public gatherings is the Heinz Field. Visitors would enjoy the venue for its booked tours that take tourists behind the scenes and they have a look at clubs, press box, luxury suites and the famous FedEx Great Hall. The tour packages are offered for either school, private or public tours with enlightening and friendly guides that provide all the information needed. Visitors are also invited to watch the night games and experience the dazzling fireworks that encompass the football games.

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Visiting Pittsburgh is pleasurable, enlightening, fun-filled experience. The city of Pittsburgh’s history is overwhelming and this makes it much more appreciated by travelers. The depth of knowledge, adventure, and nature that one gains is thrilling and helps grow the city of Pittsburgh to be better and be rated among the best as a tourist and a traveler’s destination option.