6 Foods You Need to Try When Visiting Scotland

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6 Foods You Need to Try When Visiting Scotland

The UK already gets an undeserved bad reputation for its food, people tend to visit the first random pub they get to in London, try some dishes and claim the cuisine is unpalatable. Other places outside of England are hardly even mentioned for their food, which is a shame as Scotland is full of unique and delicious dishes that most haven't made their way out to the world yet.

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6 Foods You Need to Try When Visiting Scotland


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The Scots take ordinary mashed potato to the next level. Similar to the English bubble and squeak, the dish often features any leftovers from a roast dinner the day before. Onion and cabbage are usually sauteed in butter until soft and then mixed with mashed potatoes and leftovers before being baked with cheese on the top.


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It might not be the most appetizing of dishes, but most people change their minds quickly after actually trying this famous Scottish staple. When made the right way, haggis has a wonderfully nutty texture and delicious flavor. The offal is cut into small chunks and mixed with spices, stock, oatmeal and onions which is then cooked until tender. The additional ingredients help mask out the initial strong flavor offal can typically have. Once you get past what it actually is, the taste is phenomenal and usually not what people often expect. It goes perfectly with a couple of spoonfuls of homemade gravy.

Cullen Skink

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A must-try for anyone venturing up north to Scotland, Cullen skink is a thick Scottish soup made with smoked haddock. potatoes, onions and cooked in milk until thickened. Similar to an American-style chowder, the smoked haddock cuts through the creamy flavor perfectly and really takes chowder to the next level.

Scottish Seafood

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Smoked salmon, lobster, scallops, Scotland is well known throughout the British Isles for having some of the tastiest and freshest seafood. While fish and chips might be the UK's national dish, you'll want to dive much deeper into the range of delicious sea critters on offer here.


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A traditional Scottish cookie, shortbread is made with just three ingredients, butter, flour and sugar, yet somehow tastes divine. Most likely due to the liberal amounts of butter added to it, giving it the rich taste it's known for. While you'll find the famous Scottish brand of Walker's shortbread all around the world nowadays, make sure to sample some artisan and local shortbread while visiting the country.


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Like the rest of the UK, the Scots love their cheese as well. Caboc is the oldest kind of cheese that hails from the northern region. The cheese is made with double cream and aged naturally to form a beautifully rich and thick style of cream cheese. It's then rolled into a small log and coated with toasted oatmeal. It's delicious and perfect for spreading on locally made oatcakes.


If you're planning on visiting Scotland, it's most likely for the beautiful scenery around the coast, its many islands and the dramatic Scottish Highlands. However there's much more than what meets the eye in this incredible region, with a distinct culture and range of food you won't find further down south in the United Kingdom.




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