The Top 5 Places to Eat Mango Shaved Ice in Taipei

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The Top 5 Places to Eat Mango Shaved Ice in Taipei

If you're in Taiwan over the summer, be prepared for a wave of heat as soon as you open the door. Temperatures often average well over 30 degrees and with the capital being sheltered by the surrounding mountains, it can get blisteringly hot. The best way to combat the heat is by trying out some Taiwanese style shaved ice, usually decorated with locally grown mangoes. It's no secret that Taiwan has some of the best mango shaved ice and has taken the world by storm in recent years with its popularity.

Typically made with ice and condensed milk, it's shaved thinly to give it a soft almost fluffy like texture that melts instantly on the tongue. Addictive and highly refreshing, a generous portion of fruit such as mango or strawberry takes it that step further.

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The Top 5 Places to Eat Mango Shaved Ice in Taipei

Ice Monster

A classic entity of the city, Ice Monster has been a favorite for locals wanting to escape the sweltering summer heat for years. In fact it's become so popular they even opened up shop abroad in Tokyo, bringing crowds ever since it first opened. Apart from just the classic mango shaved ice, you'll find a number of different shaved ice creations including even a bubble milk tea version.

Goman Mango

For the real mango enthusiasts, there's nowhere better than Goman Mango, hidden away in the backstreets of Shilin. You'll often see boxes of mangoes stacked up inside or outside the shop, and the menu is filled with mango related desserts. Although you'll find other mango-less desserts there too, you're missing out if you don't order their mango shaved ice or snow ice.

Update: As of October 2020, Goman Mango is currently closed for an indefinite time due to COVID-19. We'll update you again when they're able to reopen.

Smoothie House

In the midst of Taipei's popular Yong Kang Street lies one of the city's most famous ice shops, Smoothie House. Along with Ice Monster, it's often the first shop visitors to the city will head to, and being popular with locals it can get quite crowded, so be prepared to wait in the sun a while if you're visiting at peak times. If you're looking for a more substantial meal along with your shaved ice, the location is right next to the original Din Tai Fung store, well worth a visit for both its history and delicious eats.

Ximen Mango Shaved Ice

At the heart of Ximen, a district popular among the young population of the city, Ximen Mango Shaved Ice is another strong contender as the best joint for this deliciously refreshing dessert. While the shop doesn't quite draw the crowds as much as Ice Monster and Smoothie House, being in a popular area it can get a little crowded at times, although most likely you won't have to wait long, if at all.

Chen Jia Cuo Bing (陳家剉冰)

Located in Taipei's northern district of Beitou, this traditional Taiwanese iced desserts stall is well worth making the extra journey to check out. With an array of different classic sweets and fruits, you can pick and choose whatever you fancy to eat with your shaved ice with popular toppings being taro, tapioca balls and sweet red beans.


There's nothing better than sitting in front of a huge bowl of delicious shaved ice on one of the city's many hot summer days, making the unbearable heat that little bit more bearable. Until you've sat down and saved yourself from heatstroke by heading to one of these places, your summer in Taipei just isn't complete.