Canberra : The Largest Inland City in Australia, that Represents the Australian Capital and Seat of Government

Canberra : The Largest Inland City in Australia, that Represents the Australian Capital and Seat of Government

Canberra is the first and only Australian city that was founded after the Federation of 1901 when the Australian Nation already existed. It is seen as an invention of Walter Burley Griffin, who was a renowned American Architect, together with his wife Marion Mahony Griffin. The name Canberra means “Meeting” and it comes from the Ngunnawal people. The latter and the Ngambri were the indigenous landowners of the capital. Currently, the city is masked with expansive boulevards, open spaces and is seamlessly built with natural elements alignment. These are among some of the best tourist and sightseeing destinations Canberra offers:

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Canberra : The Largest Inland City in Australia, that Represents the Australian Capital and Seat of Government

1. Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Museum is one of the best sightseeing museum areas in Canberra. Tourists and locals visit the museum which they find to be very moving, special and memorable. Tourists get to see and learn about the Canberra wars and everyone that gave their lives for the Australian Nation. The museum has impressive exhibits like the aircraft exhibit that creates an emotional atmosphere for sightseeing visitors. All exhibits are well laid out and the staff are very informative and create an interactive environment that makes all travelers understand more about the war. There is a nice cafe that offers great delicacies and drinks that would be a perfect spot for visitors to relax after the museum visit.

2. Museum of Australian Democracy

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The Museum of Australian Democracy is a building of national significance and sits at the perfect location for sightseeing travelers. The Avenue offers a wide variety of exhibits and the building’s architecture is aesthetically appealing. The museum is a fascinating visit for tourists especially when they take part in sightseeing tours that would give visitors more background and interesting stories. The museum charges $2 and $1 for adults and children respectively. Tourists in the museum will get interactive guides that will explain more about the Australian government, Senate, and parliament which will prove to be very eye-opening. In the courtyard, there is a beautiful restaurant that serves Australian and international delicacies which will be very appealing to visitors.

3. Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin is a natural centerpiece of Canberra city. It is a man-made lake and park that serves as a great sightseeing spot. Visitors would find the vicinity relaxing and appreciate its endearing ambiance. It is peaceful and creates a great recreational activity spot especially for tourists traveling with families. Couple of activities like bike riding, jogging, picnic spots, boat rides and competitive boating activities, are just a few mentioned activities for sightseeing visitors. The footpath along the edge of the lake also creates a great walking spot for visitors of the lake. The seasonal changes in Canberra make the views and experiences that visitors get from the lake feel different and beautiful. The vegetation around the lake is lush and there are various gardens beautifully designed to lead visitors to the amazing water body.

4. Mount Ainslie Lookout

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Mount Ainslie Lookout is a great landmark on the natural vegetation of Canberra, equipped with the best views for sightseers. Visitors and travelers in the capital have to stop at this spot which can either be accessed by taking a walk or by a drive to Mount Ainslie Lookout. The area is also conveniently equipped with good parking space. Once a sightseeing tourist is at the lookout, the views of the parliament building and war museum are framed up as an attractive and marvelous view. There are boards like signage that further explains Canberra's history and the way the city was planned. This would really make tourists appreciate the views they are seeing from the lookout.

5. National Portrait Gallery

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The National Portrait Gallery is a specialty gallery that creates a thought-provoking and inspiring feel to sightseeing tourists. The display of the paintings, sculptures and various artworks in the gallery is distinct on the history. There are contemporary and historic portraits of significant people in the Canberra Community that locals and tourists alike get to learn of their achievements and how much they shaped the history of Australia. The gallery is greatly complemented and supported by a nice restaurant and convenient underground parking that makes it easier for sightseeing tourists to visit. Visitors would be encouraged to book for special exhibitions that are offered by guides at the gallery. It would make their visit more personal and impressionable.

6. National Gallery of Australia

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The National Gallery of Australia is one of the greatest galleries in Canberra and Australia. It has a great supply of aboriginal art collection as well as contemporary American art. The visit is worth for a couple of hours to sightseeing travelers. In addition, the Cartier exhibition collection is the most exquisite of all the displays that would greatly excite sightseers. This exhibition consists of stunningly designed and beautiful gems that were worn by the Glitterati of the world. Travelers will discover that the size of stones in the jewelry designs is intoxicating and mind-boggling especially those that were owned and gifted by Indian Maharajas. Travelers should not miss this opportunity to visit this gallery and see hundreds of jewelry pieces belonging to American Magnate heiress, some of the most famous Celebrities and elites like the Queen of England’s personal collection.

7. Anzac Parade Walk

Sightseeing tourists would definitely want to take their time to enjoy this memorial walk on Anzac Parade, which is a wide avenue in Canberra with stunning memorials. It is a nice memorial showcase of all the wars that Australia has been involved with. The Anzac parade begins from the National War Memorial and it, therefore, creates a great focal point to the Parliament house. There is quite a stunning view when sightseeing travelers are on the National War Memorial looking down the Anzac Avenue. The two sides of the parade have incredible individual memorials that mark a special national event, like the Boar war, Vietnam War among others. Tourists can spend a couple of hours walking through memory lane as it is worth the effort.

8. Australian Parliament House

The Australian Parliament House is Australian Nation’s headquarters. The building is architecturally amazing. It has a lot of history that is deeply entrenched. Sightseeing visitors would get enthusiastic guides that are very informative and would explain the parliamentary running of the nation. Furthermore, tourists are able to walk in the halls and see the inner workings of the Australian government which will be an enlightening experience. There are a variety of artworks and paintings that works well and complements the interior of the building. Sightseers will definitely enjoy being on the roof where they can have their photos taken under the flag as they enjoy the fantastic views of the Canberra, as seen from the roof.

9. Questacon

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Questacon is a renowned science world building in Canberra. Sightseers traveling with kids would enjoy amazing opportunities presented of knowledge and fun. Such an experience would also enhance kids’ interest growth in Science. Travelers would enjoy spending family time and exploring the scientific world and atmosphere created in Questacon. There are a number of exhibits present in different rooms all focused on a specific natural magic. Tourists would enjoy the sight of music made with light beams, watching the lightning effect, watching light split into its different components among other experiments. Everything in the world of science is available here, hence sightseeing visitors of all ages would enjoy the realm and epitome expeditions available at Questacon.

10. National Zoo and Aquarium

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The National Zoo and Aquarium is Canberra’s regional zoo, with great enclosure for different animals a sightseeing visitor would be interested in. It is filled with unique and a wide variety of animals and fishes and therefore, it is very inviting to sightseeing tourists that love wildlife. The zoo is well laid out and easily identifiable. Visitors of the zoo and aquarium would feel as though they are strolling in a garden, bypassing streams and bridges at the same time having encounters with different species of wildlife like the giraffe, cheetahs among others. The zoo and aquarium are equipped with informative signage all over the path of the vicinity and detailed maps that would help with the visitors in the maneuvering of the National Zoo and Aquarium.

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Canberra is a city of diversity and was strategically planned to be as it is today. Not being discovered before the Federation, has made it rise up and hold massive capabilities that attract sightseeing tourists and travelers from all over the world, to come witness the marvelous city with impeccable views. The tourist destinations in the capital are limitless and spotlessly covered in a diverse field of interest from natural, science, historical and contemporary times.