The Top 7 Places to Try Japanese Fluffy Pancakes in Tokyo

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The Top 7 Places to Try Japanese Fluffy Pancakes in Tokyo

A wonderful creation of modern Japan, it's no wonder these fluffy Japanese souffle pancakes have become something of a viral sensation around the world. With similar fuwa-fuwa pancakes appearing on the menu of cafes all over Tokyo and Japan, it can be hard figuring out just where to eat fluffy pancakes in the city. Narrowing it down to the best of the best, here are the top places to eat fluffy souffle pancakes in Tokyo.

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The Top 7 Places to Try Japanese Fluffy Pancakes in Tokyo


Tokyo's Top Seasonal Fruit Souffle Pancakes

Now a classic offering of fluffy pancakes in Japan, Flipper's has taken Tokyo's pancake scene by storm in the last few years. The incredibly delicate texture of these fluffy pancakes pair perfectly with the cream layered on top. While their original 'miracle' pancake is a one of the best in the city, some of their seasonal creations are where Flipper's truly shines. Some of their best desserts include the white peach pancakes and cantaloupe melon that have been featured in the summer.

Note that their Harajuku store is quite small, which can often result in needing to queue, especially at popular times.

A unique offering at their small shop in Shinjuku Station, Flipper's recently created a mash-up of Japan's two most beloved desserts, souffle pancakes and custard pudding. Flipper's innovational pancake-souffle-pudding features Japanese 'purin' or custard pudding topped with a miniature deliciously fluffy souffle pancake. At just ¥500 each, they're great for sating your sweet tooth before exploring the Shinjuku area. They also have 'pancake pies', a mini souffle pancake wedged between two biscuits.


Delicious Fluffy Pancakes and Addictive Coffee

A New York style cafe in the trendy district of Ebisu, ESPRESSO D WORKS is particularly popular for their large range of pancakes. The fluffy Japanese pancakes are their specialty, but you'll also find 'Dutch baby pancakes', a kind of puffed pancake left in the pan that puff up around the edges. For those who've shed their sweet tooth, the cafe also offers fluffy pancakes with crispy bacon, sausages and eggs, all-day breakfast style. Living up to their name, ESPRESSO D WORKS brews up some delicious coffee too that pairs perfectly with their range of pancakes.

It can get a little busy here during lunch time on weekdays, as the area is home to a number of office buildings. However waiting time usually doesn't exceed 15 minutes, even at peak times.

The Original Pancake House

Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes

A popular chain all over the US for their classic American-style pancakes served since 1953, their shops in Japan are a little different. Instead of the classic flat pancakes, the Tokyo branches of The Original Pancake House have delicious fluffy style Japanese souffle pancakes on their menu. The classic fuwa fuwa pancake is delicious enough to win the hearts of those in Tokyo, but go for the 'fuwa toro strawberry' for something extra special.

As expected of the pancake house, there a huge range of different styles of pancakes here, if you're looking to feast on as many types of this delicious dessert as you can fit in your stomach, this is the place to go.

jam coffee

Tokyo's Underrated Souffle Pancakes

A recent addition to the range of fluffy pancake shops in Tokyo, jam coffee opened its doors in October last year. While not as popular yet as some of the other cafes, jam coffee is a strong contender for the best Japanese fluffy pancakes in Tokyo. Often offering seasonal and limited edition creations throughout the year, the ever-present amber pancakes (琥珀のパンケーキ) are never a let down and come highly recommended. Jam coffee's fluffy pancakes have an amazing texture to them that are so soft they all but melt in the mouth.

A Happy Pancake

Pancakes Worth Queueing For

Fluffy Japanese Souffle Pancakes in Japan

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A Japan-wide favorite, you'll need to be prepared to queue if you want to visit this iconic pancake cafe, though it's definitely well worth it. A Happy Pancake has its roots in Osaka, but are well-loved by Tokyoites too. The cafe is known for using dairy products from Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island that is famous for its milk, ice cream and butter products. Similar to Flipper's soufflé pancake offerings in texture and style, the high-end ingredients used in these pancakes really make their taste stand out. If you're looking for the best of the best in Tokyo and don't mind a wait, we'd recommend checking out these pancakes first.

Rizlabo Kitchen, Urasando Garden

Gluten-free Pancakes in Tokyo

A short walk from the bustling Harajuku district of Omotesando, Urasando Garden is a dessert lover's paradise featuring various sweet-themed cafes. Rizlabo Kitchen creates delicious gluten-free pancakes made with rice flour and soy milk to bring about a unique texture to their fluffy pancakes. With a definite theme of modern meets the traditional throughout the decor and atmosphere, the cafes here also feature traditional Japanese desserts. Many of which are not only delicious but also healthy, gluten-free and vegan sweets, a wonderful introduction into traditional Japanese wagashi and desserts.

Gram Cafe & Pancakes

Extra Tall Souffle Pancakes

Delicious Japanese Souffle Pancakes at GRAM Tokyo

Another Osakan pancake chain, Gram Cafe & Pancakes have since conquered the world with their fluffy souffle pancakes, with stores now in California, Bangkok, Singapore and Australia. Gram's San Francisco store might be seeing fame and fortune, but the original Japanese stores are where it's at.

If you're looking for fluffy pancakes to brighten up your Instagram feed, Gram's tower of souffle pancakes is truly a sight to behold. The souffle pancakes have more of a steamed cake texture to them compared to others, although incredibly fluffy and airy inside, which allows them to be stacked up in their iconic design.