Liberia : A Lush Green, Friendly And Vibrant Land

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The Republic of Liberia is a west coast African country known for its Lush green woodland with national parks, museums, and lakes. The Pepper Coast is the most populated area which is rich with sweet mangrove forests. Liberia means Land of the Free, which was a slave colony of African-Americans and declared freedom in 1847 and became the Republic of Liberia. With a mixed culture of America and West Africa, Liberia is always a point of attraction from a tourism perspective. As a tourist you will have a lot of things to experience like watching beautiful lush green land, rain forest, mountains, culture, tribe, national parks, watching birds, etc. Its capital Monrovia was named after James Monroe and has been the talk of the town when it comes to tourism in Africa. The Sapo National Park is one of the great attraction in Liberia, and also tourist can engage in trekking or negotiate the nature trails.

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Liberia : A Lush Green, Friendly And Vibrant Land:table of contents

1. Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve

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Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve share a common border between Liberia, Guinea, and Cote d'Ivoire. It stands tall over the savannah enmeshed with condensed forests, green mountains all over. It is home to varied species of flora and fauna that you can find only in this part of the land. The viviparous toad, Micropotamogale, duikers, big cats, civets, rare chimpanzees and over two hundred types of species will give you jaw opening experience. Rising at an altitude of 1,752 meters and width of 17,540 hectares, this protected and World heritage UNESCO reserve has been declared as a rare mountain stretch in the entire African continent.

2. Sapo National Park

Sapo is the only national park in Liberia spread over an area of 1,808 square kilometers, located in Sinoe province. It is home to some of the rare and primitive rainforest wildlife like the jungle elephants, chimpanzees, pygmy hippopotamus, antelopes, giraffes, wild dogs, and civets. The first Liberian Civil War had its contribution in damaging the ecosystem of the forest, and most of the infrastructural facilities had its severe toll. It has severely affected or destroyed the wildlife rehabilitation facilities established in 1989 with the support of Friend of Animals. Sapo National Park Forest is one of the only existing lowland rain forest areas in Liberia and also one of the protected lowland rainforest areas. The forest is rich with many endemic species and is a must visit a location, once you are in Liberia.

3. National Museum of Liberia

The National Museum of Liberia is located in Monrovia and exhibits a world-class collection of Liberian culture and heritage. You can oversee the rich tradition of Liberia culture, life and civilization housed here in the 3 tier building. The Museum was formerly known as the First Executive Mansion at Ashmun Street. It displays the presidential papers, vintage postage stamps, personal documents and photographs and replicas of the Liberian independence of 1947. It also houses typical Liberian furniture, dining table that was donated by Queen Victoria, and many artworks and paper cuttings. The ground floor is using as the historical gallery; the first floor is the Ethnographical Gallery, while the top floor exhibits Modern Art Gallery.

4. Lake Piso

Lake Piso is also known as Lake Pisu or the Fisherman's Lake, is a saltwater lake that opens up in the Atlantic Ocean creating an oblong tidal lagoon in the tip of Grand Cape Mount County inside the Republic of Liberia. You can visit the adjacent area of Roberts Port which is a well-known tourist spot owing to its rich traditional values, fascinating natural sceneries, amazing white pristine beaches and virgin rainforests. You can find some world-class hotels and restaurants offering exciting facilities for tourists. Visiting Bay Mouth will be a pleasant experience for relaxation, and you can spend quality leisure time here. Also, visit Massatin Island by Canoe a place inhabited by chirping birds and squeaking monkeys.

5. Lofa-Mano National Park

In 1979 the Lofa-Mano National Park opened for the public, and ever since it’s opening it has become an attractive tourist center. The Park covers an area of 2,300 Sq. Km and is home to many endangered species of birds and the duiker. The park lay sandwiched between two countries, and a significant portion of the park is in Liberia, and remaining part is Lofa-Mano National Park bordering Sierra Leone. A large area of the park remained secluded and is part of the unexplored forest areas of Africa. Until recently, people don't have much information about the forest flora and fauna and the forest is in continuation of the Gola forest in Sierra Leone.

6. Wulki farms

Driving beyond Careysburg, you can find the Wulki Farm which is the largest vegetable and livestock farm in Liberia, established in the year 1998. It is a pure agricultural venture, located in Careysburg and engaged in poultry farm, cattle breeding, piggery, fish farming, hatchery, snail farming, vegetable farming, pineapple farming, pineapple juice production, cocoa farming, and much more. A thrilling horse ride and swimming in the clear waters is one of the possible entertainment you can have apart from visiting the farm. Adjacent to the farm you can find a small zoo where you can see ostrich, crocodiles, birds, and rabbits roaming around the place. After a hectic visit to the farms, savor your taste buds at the well-known restaurant in here that serve lips smacking European s and specialty food.

7. Providence Island

The Providence Island was previously known as the Dozoa Island and the Perseverance Island. The island was the second settlement area for bonded labors liberated from the USA after they had a tough time at Sherbro Island, presently known as the Republic of Sierra Leone. The island had its initial name as Perseverance Island as a commemoration to honor the determination of settlers, who returned from the USA after a long miserable journey and continued negation at the Sherbro Island. The island is historically and culturally important location, stay close to the history of West Africa as it is the first place where the freed slaved from the USA lander on January 1, 1822. Take a walk around the island and visit those historical locations, which had witnessed the massive liberation war, and the landmark area, a structure made by using weapons which denotes the end of Liberian Civil War. You can reach here through the Gabriel Tucker Bridge from Waterside Market.

8. Monrovia

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Monrovia, the Liberian capital one of the most beautiful cities on the West Coast of Africa despite all its political trouble, famous for its beautiful beaches, food and entertainment options. When you enter the town, what welcomes you is the pulsating and energetic people busy with their daily activities and guides busy dealing with their foreign customers. It is the second largest permanent Black American settlement city in West Africa and the first of its kind is Freetown of Sierra Leone. Most of the government offices are present in the city. You can take a solo cab and move around the city. From here it is easy for you to drive to the Sapo National Park, the National Museum of Liberia, the Firestone Plantation, which is the largest rubber plantation in the world and twinkling African beaches.

9. CeCe beach

The Ce Ce Beach is within the city proximity of Monrovia is one of best beaches where you can spend your leisure time in Liberia. The sea water is immaculate, and pristine white sand is very much alluring, which attracts the locals and tourists. It is an entire relaxation beach with no beach volleyball or any sports items for rental. During the civil war, it had its toll and is now back in its proper state offering best service with plenty of bar and restaurants. It is an ideal location to spend your time enjoying your favorite cocktail drinks, and sink in the beauty of the nature leaving all the daily life suffering aside. The beach offers many palm umbrellas and well protected swimming areas. After completing your beach activities, spend some time at the crowded waterside market, where you can go for an all-out shopping.

◎ Closing

Tourism in Liberia has significantly affected during the civil war and today tourist contributes a lot to the overall economy of Liberia. Liberia could overcome the tourism recession with the launch of Template Tourism Association. One of the exciting sport is surfing that very popular in Roberts Port. After the massive civil war, Liberians had to struggle through the dangerous Ebola virus that had erupted in 2014 and rattled the life and economy of the nation severely. But now as per WHO the country is completely Ebola-free and is toiling hard to come up with the daily habitat. Saying all that, you can enjoy the beautiful land of Liberia and contribute to the economy through tourism simultaneously.