Bergen : 10 Reasons to Visit this Stunning Norwegian City

Bergen : 10 Reasons to Visit this Stunning Norwegian City

Bergen is a city located in Norway’s southwestern coast ranking as one the busiest cruise ship stopover. The tourist attraction site is the second largest city in Norway. It offers fabulous attractions that range from the mountains, the remarkable harbour which is the critical spot for sightseeing. Bergen top in the list as a tourist attraction destination due to unrivalled cultural destinations, famous music and art events.

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Bergen : 10 Reasons to Visit this Stunning Norwegian City

1. Old Bergen Open Air Museum

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The Old Bergen Open-Air Museum is located in the old Sandviken district. It acts as a reminder of the last days of the Bergen when it used to be the largest wooden city. It features a densely made streets with historical buildings that show the Bergen’s architectural and the life of the local people dating back to 18th and 19th centuries. The museum offers family day events throughout the year such as kid’s events, music festivals, horse rides, games and bouncing castles. Take a walk on the epic area that is used in for moving shooting. The museum remains open throughout the year from 10 – 15 for visitors sightseeing

2. Bergen Cathedral

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If you want to know the foundation of Bergen history, the iconic Bergen cathedral is an attraction to give you a memorable tale. It situated in the Hordaland county, Norway. It accommodates a capacity of one thousand peoples for great concerts such as music extravaganza and other church-related performances. See the stunning interiors that have been modelled with unique designs. See the see the big rooftops that echo the voices in the church. The Bergen cathedral is an exciting destination that stands tall, look at the arts and carving inside the church showing Christ. It is open throughout the year for hosting events and church functions.

3. Bergen Aquarium

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The Bergen Aquarium is a public place that has the best tourist attraction known as the wonders of the North Sea. The sporting activities in more than 40 tanks, aquarium, the stunning displays and the various species make this place home to tourist attractions. See and interact with the different sea animals such as fish, penguins, sea lions and crocodiles. The events are never ending from the fun and enjoy live demonstrations, concerts, daily activities and comedy events. The cultural events at this site make it a must visit the place during a sightseeing tour. The aquarium is open for all ages throughout the year

4. Bergenhus Fortress

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The Bergenhus Fortress is the oldest and best-maintained castle that can be accessed through the Bergen harbour. It was used as the royal place when the Bergen was a capital city of Norway. As a tourist get the fantastic activities such as music, shows, art display and carving in this castle that is regular throughout the year. Interacting with astonishing exhibits relating to the women in early 1940. Climb at the top to see the beautiful scenic views overlooking the natural surroundings such as the lake. Take a walk around the next building that also acts as the evidence of the great times of Norway.

5. Grieg Hall

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The Greig hall is named after the Bergen-born composer for his tremendous music production at the Philharmonic Orchestra from 1880 to 1882. This tourist attraction has gorgeous architectural popular for its perfect acoustics, and one gets an opportunity to see world-class performance and concerts. Get the best classical works of the legendary Bergen’s most famous son, Edvard Grieg. The building has featured in top world movies and documentaries due to its prime shows and galleries that have been taking place. As tourist adventure in different sections that are designed to serve specific attractions. This site is a must-see tourist destination.

6. Hanseatic Museum

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The Hanseatic Museum is located in the Finnegården in Norway in one of the conserved building that is tourist attraction destination. It dates back to 18th century where it was recognised as the merchant home. It offers excellent opportunities to tourist collection of display that dates back to 1872. When on sightseeing tour you will get to interact with the display of massive Germany merchants items such as weapons, woodwork items and well-furnished equipment. Get to see paranomic scenic views located in this area that has excellent natural surrounding that is home to many birds. Explore different rooms to experience the best architectural design of this historical site.

7. Rasmus Meyer Collection

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Rasmus Meyer Collection is named after the Meyer whose birthplace is in Bergen and popularly known as the merchant. With a collection of paintings and sketches by some of the of the best artists in Norway this place is genuinely tourist attraction destination. For art lovers, this is must visit to see a display of arts by renowned artists such as Egedius, Munich, and Munthe. Inside the Rasmus get a lifetime experience by interacting with rare carvings of porcelain and pottery. Also, see the metal work by the evidenced by the goldsmith activities and modern Norwegian used and attractive art.

8. University Museum of Bergen

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The universities in Bergen gives a name to this city because of their active role in developing tourist attraction sites such as a museum. The University Museum of Bergen is place to find collections of natural history, cultural and social related and sea exploration. Visitors are offered remarkable attractions dating back to earlier days. The displays are held in different where one walks through as they get mesmerized by each item. The outside of this museum gives fresh air and an attractive scent form the botanical gardens that make this place a paradise to relax and explore. Explore also the arboretum to get to see more than 5,000 plants that come from different countries.

9. Royal Residence

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Royal Residence was built in 1942 by the Norwegians king. Today is one of the recognized tourist attraction in Bergen because of the various attraction activities. From far the building stands out as an iconic designed architectural design that holds the beauty for almost a hundred years. Inside you find different rooms that display the arts, pictures and historical items that were used during the early times. The Royal residence is located at the top of a hill in the beautiful natural ecosystem. Also, the scenic views give you an opportunity to see the other lower sides of the landscape. All the ages can visit this place which remains open throughout the year.

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Bergen is a vibrant city with a lot of activities that one can take part to enjoy and have fun during a sightseeing tour. The tourist site is welcoming with a lot of things to see and do. To have faster and convenient access to many other places, it is recommended to stay at the harbour. You may decide to walk as you discover and enjoy the surrounding or take a vehicle to specific tourist attraction site.