Cancún : The Perfect Balance of Pristine Beaches and Electrifying Nightlife

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Cancun, the pearl of Mexico and jewel of the Caribbean, bestowed with soft white beaches and crystal-clear intense blue waters is a paradise ripe with Mayan culture and an exceptional nightlife scene.

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Cancún : The Perfect Balance of Pristine Beaches and Electrifying Nightlife:table of contents

1. Xcaret Park

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Xcaret is an eco park in Cancun which takes advantage of the expansive wonders of nature and history in the area. The park offers underground rivers and jungle trails to adventure along with a host of cultural activities based on the ancient Mayans that once roamed the vicinity. For the animals lovers, the park is filled with plenty of creatures scattered around and houses am aquarium, a huge open bird aviary, a bat cave, butterfly pavilion and monkey island. Xcaret is located just off the Caribbean coast and offers beautiful beaches and seaside scenery that Cancun is well-known for.

2. Cancún Underwater Museum

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One of the most unique museums in the world, Cancun Underwater Museum is famous for being... Well, underwater. Visitors can choose to either scuba dive and snorkel down to the bottom or view the museum from a glass bottomed boat if you have reservations about getting wet. Of course for the full experience it's best dive down and get as close as possible. The museum has three different galleries submerged a few meters underwater full of sculptures and structures.

3. Museo Maya de Cancún

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With Cancun being a significant site for Mayan culture, the Maya Museum is the perfect way to find out more about the Mayan civilization and archaeology of the area. The museum houses several important collections of Mayan historical artifacts along with an archaeological site with various structures built by the Mayans such as an eight-meter-high pyramid.

4. Cancun Wax Museum

An entertaining respite from lounging on beaches and sipping piña coladas, the Cancun Wax Museum is a great way to spend a few hours posing with lifelike models of historical figures and celebrities. The wax sculptures themselves are incredibly realistic and the museum does a great job of providing different scenarios and scenes perfect for taking a selfie with.

5. Interactive Aquarium

An unrivaled attraction for those wanting to witness the local marine life in of the area, the Interactive Aquarium of Cancun features a huge variety of sea creatures allowing visitors to get up close and personal. Along with various interactive shows performed each day, guests can swim with dolphins, touch stingrays and feed turtles as well.

6. Playa Delfines

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A perfect example of Cancun's pristine, picturesque beaches, Playa Delifines or Dolphin Beach is a great way to relax and soak up the Caribbean sun in this gorgeous popular resort area. Although there are no buildings or cafes around the beach, the free-to-use palapas offer a welcome respite from the relentless heat.

7. Parque Urbano Kabah

An urban park in the midst of Cancun city, Parque Urbano Kabah is a hidden gem teeming with nature and wildlife. This rain-forest-like respite contains a huge variety of flora and animals along with a museum showcasing the history and development of the area.

8. Torre Escenica Xcaret

The Torre Escenica Xcaret offers breathtaking views across the neighboring jungle scenery and over the Caribbean. Visitors enter the 360 viewing platform and are whisked up to the top where it rotates slowly to give you a view of the surrounding landscape.

9. Ventura Park Cancun

Ventura Park is a perfect option for families with kids, or even just adults (we won't judge!). This waterpark is full of aqua-based attractions, waterslides and other attractions including the chance to swim and interact with dolphins,

10. Mercado 23

Cancun's first public market, Mercado 23 sells a huge range of different authentic locally-made products and culinary delights. Come here for a taste of the local Mexican culture and to buy authentic souvenirs made by local craftsmen and businesses. If you're visiting to snack on some delicious Mexican fare, make sure to visit in the morning when all the food is made fresh to be sold throughout the rest of the day.

◎ Closing

This Caribbean paradise is the perfect way to spend a week or two lounging around soaking up the Mexican rays. As one of the most popular resorts in the world, it offers an electrifying nightlife and party scene at the foot of an area rooted deep in history and traditional Mayan culture.