The Hottest Destinations in the United States of America

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The Hottest Destinations in the United States of America

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The Hottest Destinations in the United States of America

As you might expect from such a vast country as the United States, a huge range of fascinating destinations such as its vibrant, sprawling cities and luscious national parks await visitors to the country. To help you narrow down where you want to visit in the States, here are some of our top picks for sights to see in the 50 states.

1. Central Park (New York)

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Central Park is a huge urban park in the midst of Manhattan's sea of skyscrapers in New York City. Claimed to be the most visited park in the world, it's often a buzz of different activities from ice skating to bird watching,concerts, snowshoeing and even an amusement park. The perfect time to visit this park is in September when the weather is optimal and the trees and flowers are in bloom.

2. Grand Canyon (Arizona)

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The pride and joy of Arizona, the Grand Canyon is a vast expanse of dramatic landscape formed over millions of years from the Colorado River eroding and cutting its way through the region. The scenery here is breathtaking and some of the greatest views the United States has to offer. The area is a also highly regarded among geologists due to the canyon exposing almost two billion years of rock and earth from its erosion.

3. Alcatraz Island (San Francisco Bay)

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Located in San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Island is a short ferry ride from the powerhouse of California. The island has is a famous lighthouse, where several movies have been filmed, a military fortification and a prison. The prisons were closed in the 60s but are open to visit and give a fascinating insight into what US prisons were once like long ago. By far the most alluring sight on the island however is the view of the city. The island offers a panoramic view of one of the largest cities on the west coast, along with being able to see the full splendor of San Francisco's most famous attraction, the Golden Gate bridge.

4. Yosemite National Park (California)

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Another spot of North America's most breathtaking scenery, Yosemite National Park is located in California and can be accessed through highways 41, 140 and 120 from the west. A serene environment full of waterfalls, deep valleys, ancient giant sequoias and high cliffs, Yosemite is the perfect place to go camping and experience the great outdoors. The best time to visit this picturesque landscape is in spring as the weather is usually quite cool and moderate.

5. Pike Place Market (Seattle, Washington)

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Pike Place Market has been an epicenter for farmers, merchants and skilled craftsmen for over a hundred years. Here you'll find an array of family-owned restaurants, antique and collectible stores, comic book dealers, fresh fishmongers, several yearly events and some of the oldest shops in America, including the first ever Starbucks, opened in 1971. It's the perfect place to stroll around finding the best souvenirs and savor some of the most delicious foods in America.

6. Statue of Liberty (New York Harbour)

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A colossal neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty represents the Roman goddess Libertas, a symbol of liberty. This copper statue, designed by French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and built by Gustave Eiffel was a gift from the French to the Americans. Seen as the most predominate symbol of the US, paying a visit to this magnificent sculpture is a no brainer. From the island you'll also get stunning panoramic views of Manhattan and the New York skyline.

7. Whitaker Point (Arkansas)

First becoming particularly famous for its winding lakes nicknamed 'The Magic Dragon' for its unique serpentine shape, the Ozarks is a largely mountainous area covering several states, namely Missouri and Arkansas. The region hosts a huge variety of stunning scenery and Whitaker Point is a wonderful example of this. This rocky crag sticking out of the Ozark National Forest gives spectacular views over the surrounding forest scenery. Although the point is one of the most photogenic spots in the region, there's a whole range of beautiful natural spots dotted around, perfect for hiking and exploring.

8. New Orleans (Louisiana)

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This charming city in Louisiana has a vibe like no other in the States, known as the birthplace of jazz music, New Orleans is popular for its vibrant nightlife, lively music scene and some of the best food on the continent, thanks to the mix of French, African and other influences coming together to create this unique US cuisine. Seafood is especially popular in Louisiana which you'll often find in many of the popular dishes like gumbo, jambalaya and po'boy. Be sure to hit up the French Quarter, New Orleans' historic heart where you'll find non-stop entertainment and nightlife venues.

9. Hollywood Walk of Fame (Los Angeles)

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Often the first port of call for anyone visiting the magical city of Los Angeles, the Walk of Fame is emblazoned with over 2,000 stars dedicated to those achieving success in the entertainment industry. LA itself is a beautiful city on the coast of California and visiting the famous spots of Hollywood is a must for anyone interested in America's vibrant film industry.

10. Lanikai Beach (Hawaii)

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Directly translated as 'The Heavenly Sea' Lanikai is one of the most beautiful beaches in America. This stunning stretch of soft sand and deep blue waters is the perfect spot to soak up the sun. It can be a little crowded on weekends, so try to head down here midweek for a more personal experience.


As the third largest country in the world, it's no wonder there's so much to see in the United States. Offering a huge range of cultural and historical sites, beautiful national parks and some of the liveliest cities on the planet, the US offers a little bit of everything, for everyone.