Comoros: A Volcanic Archipelago with Stunning Sightseeing Destinations

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Comoros: A Volcanic Archipelago with Stunning Sightseeing Destinations

The Comoros islands are located in Africa’s east coast. The three main islands of the Comoros are Grande Comore, Mohéli, and Anjouan. Comoros is blessed with the perfect tropical temperatures of 20 to 30°C all year-round and is known for its palms that swing in the breeze, and beautiful turquoise water. Despite having an enormous wealth of natural resources, Comoros does not have a well-developed tourist industry with less than 3,000 tourists passing through the islands each year. There's plenty of things to do around Comoros to make for a perfect relaxing holiday.

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Comoros: A Volcanic Archipelago with Stunning Sightseeing Destinations

Grand Mosque du Vendredi (Grande Comore)

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The Grand Mosque du Vendredi is a beautiful mosque with captivating architecture standing on the shores of the Indian Ocean. It is considered to be the mosque of all old mosques in the capital of Comoros. It features amazingly bright white walls which contrast the blue sea. The arches on its design creates a rhythmic effect. Its ornate windows hide in the back and its vibrant green dome points to the sky. At the bottom of the mosque, there is a nearby store offering traditional jewelry.

Chomoni Beach (Grande Comore)

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Chomoni Beach is another small but popular white sanded beach located in Grande Comore in Comoros. It has crystal clear turquoise waters that make all water activities seem blissful. The beach is common to both locals and tourists who come for sightseeing but is not over crowded hence is not polluted. One can be able to get fresh seafood on the seashore like lobsters from the local fishermen or enjoy dinner by the beach at a nearby restaurant. The location is suitable for a romantic vacation.

Bouni Beach (Grande Comore)

Bouni Beach is one of the busiest beaches around Comore. It is popular to both tourists coming for sightseeing and locals from the area. The beach is famous for events and the weekends are more lively with all kinds of concerts by famous musicians that frequent the beach. Other activities that take place include beach sport like volleyball, football, and soccer. The locals are very friendly people so getting along is no problem.

Mount Karthala (Ngazidja Island)

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Mount Karthala is one of the most active volcanic mountains in the world, situated on the southern half of Grande Comore in Comoros. This large mountain has its summit lost in the equatorial clouds standing at a height of 2360 meters. Most travelers choose to camp overnight by the slopes and wake up for a walk through the thick cloud forest where they get to see the island before reaching the lunar landscapes of the crater which is also an amazing view. Seeing the gases coming out and the main crater inside the crater is what makes it worthwhile. A guide is essential as the trail is not marked and is difficult to navigate.

Nioumachoua Beach (Fombon)

Nioumachoua Beach is found in the heart of the marine park Moheli in Comoros. The beach is segmented into a private and public area. The private area is reserved for lodge guests while the public area is open to the villagers. However, the beach is cleaned on a daily basis to maintain it. A boat ride is ideal to cruise around the different islets as you get to see the flora and fauna. During some seasons, you will be lucky to observe whales and some local fishermen will charge a small fee for you to get an up close look at them. While out sightseeing, beach walks can be ideal especially during the low tide. High tides are mostly experienced during sunset.

Mosquée du Vendredi (Anjouan)

Mosquée du Vendredi is situated just a few steps from the dock and the sea. This mosque in one of Comoros’s most remarkable religious sites. Mosquée du Vendredi is also one of the oldest mosques of Anjouan Begdzirh. The mosque boasts perfectly symmetrical architecture, with long balconies on two levels. The all-white building is adorned with numerous small pillars and arches. The mosque is best for viewing the city. Panoramic views of the city can be seen at the top of the green, decorated minaret.

Welcome to this collection of beautiful islands with untamed natural beauty. If you are looking for a less commercial island retreat, the Comoros is the perfect destination as it is favorable all year round with friendly locals to help you around the islands. The activities are simple ones yet fun and adventurous. Due to the simple folk life, your trip will be on a reasonable budget.