Colombia:10 Fantastic Things to Do in This South American Paradise

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Colombia:10 Fantastic Things to Do in This South American Paradise

Colombia is a fascinating country in South America known for its beautiful nature, rich history, spectacular mountains and exquisite coffee. After a rocky period through the 90s, Colombia has recently quickly risen to become one of the most popular countries on the continent. In this article we'll give you the top sites to visit on a trip to Colombia.

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Colombia:10 Fantastic Things to Do in This South American Paradise

1. Walled City of Cartagena (Cartagena)

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The Walled City of Cartagena, also often simply referred to as the Old Town, is made up two old neighborhoods called San Diego and El Centro. The Walled City is surrounded by a strong, stone wall, dating back to the sixteenth century, called Las Murallas. Inside the Walled City you can see museums, churches, villas and admire the fantastic architecture.

2. Museo Botero del Banco de la Republica (Bogota)

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An impressive art gallery in the heart of Bogota, the museum exhibits over 208 paintings, including over a 100 by celebrated Colombian artist Fernando Botero. Banco de la Republica then proceeded to make the collection available to the public and opened the Museo Botero del Banco de la Republica. The museum is open every day apart from Tuesdays and entrance is free. To digitally view 105 of the museum’s art masterpieces, and aid you in planning your sightseeing at the museum, visit the official website given below and follow the link to the Google Art Project.

3. Gold Museum (Bogota)

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The Gold Museum of Bogota in Colombia is a museum, quite literally, filled with golden treasures. The museum exhibits objects from Colombia made from gold and other precious materials. Here you can find out about the history of gold in the country and learn how it's processed in Colombia. The exhibits also teach about the meaning assigned to gold in Colombian culture, traditions and cosmology. Make sure to visit the round and dazzling ceremonial room in the center of the museum with its exquisite collection of shiny objects.

4. Mount Monserrate (Bogota)

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Mount Monserrate is a 3152-meter tall mountain which towers over the capital city of Bogota. The mountain takes its name after the Virgin Mary of Montserrat sanctuary near Barcelona in Spain. An important religious spot in Colombia, the picturesque church on the slopes dates back to 1640. It's also a popular place for tourists and locals alike for a number of hiking trails around the area.

5. Medellin (Antioquia)

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A historic city with a fascinating past nestled in the mountains of Antioquia, Medellin has a wealth of interesting places to see. Known as the 'City of Eternal Spring', the climate here is notable for being pleasantly cool due to its elevated location. It's also famous for its highly unique transportation system, the Metrocable, a series of cable car lines that take commuters up and down the hilly slopes of the city.

6. Bosques de Cocora (Salento)

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Bosques de Cocora near the town of Salento in Colombia is a protected forest near the entrance to the Los Nevados National Park. The area is known for a number of incredible hikes where you can see the Cera palms, which grow over 60 meters tall. They're the national tree of Colombia and they are not only the tallest kind of palm trees in Colombia, but also in the world. A wide range of animals live and can be seen around here, including sloths, mountain tapirs and the majestic Andean condors.

7. Crab Cay (Providencia Island)

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A beach alcove that's the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful sea while on a holiday in Colombia, the water at Crab Cay is some of the clearest and most beautiful in all of South America. The best time to visit is in the morning or in the late afternoon to avoid big tour groups who usually visit between 11am and 2pm. Crab Cay is also an excellent place to go snorkeling and diving while in Colombia. Sting rays, manta rays and turtles along with many colorful fish can be seen in the waters around the area.

8. Piedra del Penol (Guatape)

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Piedra del Penol in Guatape is one of the most incredible sights in the world. The lookout at the top of the 700 steps offers spectacular, panoramic views of the Laguna de Guatape which lies beneath. There are also restaurants in the area where you can sit, relax after climbing the stairs and soak in the gorgeous views of Colombia’s landscapes along with views of the rock itself.

9. Laguna de Guatape (Medellin)

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Laguna de Guatape is a lake with a collection of many small islands nestled in the turquoise waters near Medellin, Colombia. It is recommended to go up to the steps of the nearby El Penol de Guatape mentioned previously for the best view of the lagoon. As well as offering spectacular views, you can also visit the quaint Colombian villages dotted around the area.


Colombia is one of the most underrated destinations in the world, with its outstanding nature and impressive, bustling metropolitan cities. If you're travelling around South America, it would be a shame to miss the unique culture and incredible landscape found in this beautiful nation.