Saint Lucia:A Centre of Natural Wonders

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Saint Lucia:A Centre of Natural Wonders

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Saint Lucia:A Centre of Natural Wonders

Saint Lucia is an island country located in the eastern part of Caribbean Sea, near the Atlantic Ocean. Saint Lucia has a population of about 165,000 people; the capital city of the country is Castries. Saint Lucia is one of the most famous vacation destinations due to its natural beauty, amazing resorts and sightseeing, beaches, villages, waterfalls and the awesome atmosphere. Saint Lucia is a popular travel spot especially among honeymooners and other romantic pastime takers. It is also considered to be the queen of the Caribbean Sea. Below we will introduce you the most visited attractions of Saint Lucia.

1. The Pitons (Soufriere)

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The Pitons, one of the most amazing sightseeing of Saint Lucia, was formed approximately 200-300,000 years ago, by a volcanic activity. For most of the visitors, this sightseeing is just a place to enjoy the scenery and the beautiful nature there. It is very difficult to climb The Pitons, but, instead, it is very enjoyable for divers who prefer to explore The Pitons as underwater cliffs. This incredibly majestic attraction is a place where you can take lots of pictures without getting bored with admiring its beauty in every single corner.

2. Marigot Bay

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Marigot Bay is truly one of the most visited places and the most beautiful beach of Saint Lucia. The amazing views and sceneries, the pretty beach and the breathtaking beauty of blue waters of this sightseeing proves that Marigot Bay is really worth to be called the most amazing beach in Saint Lucia. You will also see ferry people here, who take people from one side to another one. Visit to Marigot Bay on your trip to Saint Lucia, since it will be an amazing experience for your lifetime.

3. Anse Chastanet Marine National Park (Soufriere)

Anse Chastanet Marine National Park, one of the most famous spots of Saint Lucia, is sightseeing, full of sea life treasures and varying beauties. Divers, who sink 2-8 meters, may have the opportunity to see colorful sponges, boulder, brain and soft corals. They can also see variety of fish, crabs and eels in this breathtaking sightseeing. You will definitely like the beach, as well. The clear water and the lovely sparkly sand of the beach will provide you a great time and pleasurable pastime, spent in Saint Lucia.

4. Soufrière

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Soufrière is a fishing village, located in Saint Lucia, and is a popular attraction among visitors. This beautiful colorful sightseeing is located around an attractive bay and includes numbers of buildings that make this spot much more beautiful. The fame of this sightseeing is spread all over Saint Lucia and it makes this attraction one of the most visited sightseeing of Saint Lucia.

5. Morne Coubaril Estate (Soufriere)

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Morne Coubaril Estate is a working plantation located in Saint Lucia. Coconuts, manioc and coca are being grown here and the tourists will not only enjoy the scenery of the plantation, but can also get information about this sightseeing with the help of the guides. They will take you to the tours in this plantation and will tell you about the tropical gardens and the history of the traditional village. Last but not least, you will like the zip lining in this spot, which will completely satisfy your expectations for your tours to Saint Lucia.

6. Sulphur Springs Park, Mount Soufriere (Soufriere)

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Sulphur Springs Park, Mount Soufriere is one of the most famous attractions of Saint Lucia and in top-ten worth visiting sightseeing. This amazingly beautiful spot includes a volcanic pit that heats water pools above boiling. Visitors can enjoy not only the scenery of the pools, but also the therapeutic springs, located near this sparkling sightseeing of Saint Lucia.

7. Pigeon Island National Park

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Pigeon Island National Park is a very important sightseeing of Saint Lucia, since it is famous not only for its amazing beauty, but also for its historical background and values. People, who will do hiking on this amazing island, can go to the lookout point and admire the northwestern coast of Saint Lucia. As this sightseeing is a historical landmark, you can also see the ruins of the buildings dating back to the period when battles were taking place between the English and the French.

8. Rodney Bay (Castries)

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Rodney Bay is a picturesque beach and a tourist magnet for Saint Lucia. It includes numbers of hotels, shops and restaurants, since this sightseeing is always crowded with people from different parts of the world. This is also a very famous attraction for mooring and watersports. Visit this popular sightseeing on your tour to Saint Lucia, since it will provide you with unforgettable memories and experiences.

9. Tet Paul Nature Trail (Soufriere)

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Tet Paul Nature Trail is a spectacular sightseeing located in the southern part of Saint Lucia and is an amazing spot especially for those who are interested in hiking. The hikers can enjoy and study about the medical trees and plants, as well as the traditional tropical exotic fruits of Saint Lucia and discover the whole beauty of this sightseeing. Visiting this spot on your to Saint Lucia, you will realize why this sightseeing is included on the list of the high-rated spots in Saint Lucia.

10. Edmund Rain Forest Reserve

Edmund Rain Forest Reserve is one of the most spontaneous sightseeing of Saint Lucia that is why it attracts lots of visitors who make their travel destination to Saint Lucia. This spot includes natural beauties like a rainforest and a waterfall which is eroded into a volcanic rock. Wear some suitable shoes and hike on the trail of this attraction. This hike will take you about two and half hours and in this period you will manage to admire not only the amazing beauty of the surrounding nature, but also different species of birds of Saint Lucia. You can also take an appropriate vehicle for your excursion on this trail, which will be pleasurable, too.

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Saint Lucia is a country with no lack of sightseeing given from nature. The natural attractions and the breathtaking spots of Saint Lucia will definitely make you feel in paradise and you will be impressed by the incredible scenery and the pleasurable atmosphere of each spot in this country.





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