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Bremen (Germany)

Bremen (Germany)

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City CodeBRE
Popular Airlines
  • Klm Royal Dutch Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Lufthansa German Airlines
Flight Time8~12 hours

The flight time to Bremen (Germany) is approximately 8~12 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Bremen (Germany).

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Bremen is a large city on the north of German near to the North Sea. Bremen's proximity to the North Sea means that it has an oceanic climate, with very moderate and stable temperatures throughout the year. Bremen is a working class city with many factories and business headquarters. However, Bremen is also an ancient historical capital, and has many significant art and cultural museums.

Voice of Travelers to Bremen

Taking My Kids to See My Hometown of Bremen

I am very proud of my family and our origins in Bremen, so I had been planning a trip to Bremen with my children for a long time so they could learn about where they come from. I bought tickets for Bremen from Air France because they were offering the cheapest seating and there were blocks of tickets that ensured that I would be able to sit with my children. I was very pleased with the service on our Air France tickets because they made sure that the children were comfortable and enjoying the flight. In Bremen I took the kids to see the neighborhood where I grew up and the factories where my family worked for generations. Then we bought tickets for a football match, which the kids enjoyed the most.

Bremen Is a Hidden Gem in Germany

Many of the tourists who buy tickets for Europe do not even know that Bremen exists. As a resident of northern Europe, I know about Bremen as a hidden gem in European tourism. Bremen has a huge number of museums and other cultural sites, with a history dating back almost one thousand years. I convinced my wife that we should buy some tickets from Brussels Airlines the next time that they were on sale to Bremen. Our flight into Bremen on economy class tickets was excellent, and the lunch that they served was superb for airline food. In Bremen I bought my wife and myself tickets for a bus tour, as well as a number of tickets to some of the many museums in Bremen.

My Bremen Adventure

I was very happy that my tour of Germany was finally ready to happen. I had been planning this tour and saving up for all the tickets for a very long time. I had added Bremen on my list of places to buy a ticket for, but I did not know very much about the city. However, once I got there, Bremen became my favorite destination out of all of Germany. The tickets for my whole tour were from KLM, and I was able to get a bunch of great tickets for very reasonable prices. KLM provides some of the best airline services in all of Europe, so I had a great time flying all over the country. In Bremen itself I met some very cool people, and we spent the whole time visiting sites and buying tickets for museums and music events.

Bremen Travel FAQs

Q. What is there to do in Bremen?

A. Most of the travelers who buy tickets to Bremen are going for the cultural and music attractions. Bremen is a very old city and one of the biggest cities in northern Europe, so it has a long history of its own that is separate from the rest of Germany. Some of the buildings in Bremen are among the oldest in all of Europe, including many cathedrals. Bremen also offers tickets for a number of world class sporting events.

Q. Is Bremen expensive?

A. One of the biggest draws for tickets to Bremen is the fact that you can get a great German and European experience for a low price compared to some of the larger cities in Europe and Germany. The air tickets to Bremen are comparatively cheap, and the hotels and restaurants in Bremen are very reasonably priced. Bus tour tickets for Bremen are also very cheap, as Bremen has a very well developed tourism industry.

Q. Does Bremen have a dedicated tourist season?

A. The weather in Bremen is very mild, so there are always tourists buying tickets for Bremen around the whole year.

Bremen - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Bremen Airport •Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport •Brussels Airport •Amsterdam Airport Schiphol •Istanbul Atatürk Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Bremen

Bremen has tickets to many European destinations. Bremen is a main destination for ticket traveling within Europe and Germany, so there are many tickets available for Bremen in all seasons. Bremen does not have tickets for any destinations outside of Europe, so travelers to Bremen on tickets from outside of Europe will need to use a European hub airport for their final direct ticket for Bremen.