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City CodeBER
Popular Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Japan Airlines
Flight Time8~11 hours

The flight time to Berlin is approximately 8~11 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Berlin.

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Berlin is the capital of Germany, Germany's largest city and one of the largest cities in all of Europe. Berlin is situated in the middle of the European continent, which leads to it having a very temperate climate. Berlin is a cultural, economic and scientific hub, making it a popular venue for all kinds of events and travelers. Berlin is also a significant tourist destination, with a massive list of museums, festivals and other attractions that draw enormous crowds from all over the world.

Voice of Travelers to Berlin

My Summer Berlin Music Festival Adventure

Berlin hosts some of the largest and most famous music festivals in the world. My plan was to buy tickets to a number of different music festivals over the summer, and spend the entire season in Berlin just traveling and listening to music. I bought my airline ticket for Berlin from Aeroflot, which offers regular cheap flights from Minsk. I always travel with Aeroflot tickets, and this trip to Berlin was flawless as usual. Once I had bought all the advanced tickets for Berlin's music festivals, I spent the rest of my money on great food and tickets to museums, operas and orchestras. My summer in Berlin was by far the best trip of my life.

A Cultural Tour of Berlin

I had traveled to Berlin once before when I was younger as part of my tour of Europe, but I spent most of my time walking around or in bars because I could not afford the ticket price for most of the museums or events. Now that I am older, I really wanted to see all of the cultural sites that Berlin is famous for. I flew from New York to Cairo first because I had always wanted to see the pyramids and the Sphinx. Then I flew on an EgyptAir ticket for the last stretch to Berlin itself. EgyptAir offers a high level of service, even better than I had expected. In Berlin I spent two whole weeks just buying tickets for different cultural tours and events. My cultural tour of Berlin was a truly magical experience.

Berlin Is the Best Party City in Europe

My friends and I are world travelers who spend our time buying tickets to different cities, and going around soaking up the local culture and atmosphere. Many of my friends had bought tickets to Berlin and spent a lot of time there, and they all told me how fantastic the art and party scene is in Europe. I was so happy when I had finally saved up enough to travel from Paris on my Transavia France ticket. I love traveling, but I do not like flying. However, the staff made sure that I felt safe and comfortable for the whole flight. Once I got to Berlin I met up with some friends who introduced me to the local crowd, and I spent a great few months just meeting cool people and having a lot of fun.

Berlin Travel FAQs

Q. Are there often cheap tickets for traveling to Berlin?

A. Berlin is a main tourist and travel destination in Europe and the world, so there are often cheap tickets for sale for flights to Berlin. Spend some time watching the discount airline ticket sites to see when these tickets are usually available.

Q. How long is the flight for a ticket from America to Berlin?

A. Depending on where your ticket originates, the flight to Berlin can take from eight to twelve hours.

Q. Are the a lot of museums in Berlin?

A. Berlin is one of the most culturally rich cities in the whole world. There is an enormous list of cultural events and attractions, including some of the biggest and most famous museums in the world. The tickets to museums can be expensive, so it is recommended that you look for package deals on museum tickets or tourist packages that include cheap museums tickets.

Berlin - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Berlin Schönefeld Airport •Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport •Cairo International Airport •Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport •Nantes Atlantique Airport etc.

Airports handling direct flights to Berlin Tegel Airport •Athens International Airport •Dublin Airport •Riga International Airport •Abu Dhabi International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Berlin

Berlin is one of the main transport hubs for tickets from all over the world. Berlin has two large airports, so it hosts tickets from short flights around Germany and neighboring countries as well as longer ticket flights to other European, Asian, African and American destinations. Many tickets from the Americas with Berlin as the final destination will have a stopover in another European hub city before the final ticket flight to Berlin.