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Augsburg (Germany)

Augsburg (Germany)

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City CodeAGB
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Flight Time---- hours

The flight time to Augsburg (Germany) is approximately ---- hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Augsburg (Germany).


Augsburg is a charming town located not far from Munich in southern Germany. Augsburg has about 280 thousand inhabitants and it was establish during the Roman times. Augsburg is a touristic city with a lot of historic sites. Augsburg is connected with both Munich and Stattgart by a highway.

Voice of Travelers to Augsburg

Visiting Augsburg from Salzburg

I took a flight with S-Air from Salzburg to Augsburg last summer, The flight was very short and with great views of both Austrian and German countryside. This was my second time in Augsburg and I decided to reach Augsburg on a plane rather than on train, for a change. The flight ticket to Augsburg was quite expensive, so I expected great service on board, which was delivered. The airfare ticket was purchased online, and it was a return ticket which allowed me to enjoy Augsburg for three full days. The airlines has a free shuttle from Augsburg Airport to Augsburg included in the price of the ticket. Overall, this trip to Augsburg was a nice and unique experience.

Flying to Augsburg instead of Munich

My ticket was issued from Vienna to Munich aboard Austrian airlines. While the ticket indicated the time of departure as 8.00 a.m., the flight did not take off until 10.30 a.m. because of bad weather the the Vienna airport. Once aboard, the service was great, there were very tasteful sandwiches and drinks offered. Yet just before descending, we were informed that, unfortunately, the weather was too bad at Munich airport, and therefore we were to land at Augsburg Airport. Augsburg Airport is located about an hour away from Munich. Once we landed safely at Augsburg, a transportation was provided from Augsburg to Munich airport. No ticket was needed for the transport as it was a courtesy of Austrian Airlines.

Augsburg Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best season to visit Augsburg?

A. Augsburg is great in any season. In the summer there are festivals and happenings in Augsburg. Spring time is ideal for visiting Augsburg's monuments while in the winter, tourists visit Augsburg for its great Christmas market. While Augsburg can get pretty crowded, it is also reflected in the price of the airfare ticket - the most expensive is the flight ticket at the time of Christmas, but the ticket price remains high in the summer months as well. The cheapest time to visit Augsburg is in January and February when the price of the ticket as well as the price of a hotel room comes to its lowest.

Q. How can I reach Augsburg? What is the best airport for flights to Augsburg and the surrounding area?

A. The flights to Augsburg land either at Augsburg airport or you can travel to Munich airport and then reach Augsburg on land. The airfare ticket directly to Augsburg can be bought on the ticket portal of the S-Air internet website as this is the only airline operating flights to Augsburg as of now. It is therefore much more practical to fly to Munich on a direct flight from any European airport and then buy a ticket for a bus to reach Augsburg. A flight ticket to Munich will also be cheaper.

Q. How to find a cheap flight ticket to Augsburg?

A. Cheap travel ticket to Augsburg can be purchased through Ryanair, for example. Ryanair operates flights to Munich airport, which is within reach of Augsburg by public transportation. You can purchase a flight ticket with Ryanair through their ticket portal, or you can visit a local ticket agent to do it for you. Remember that Ryanair will not issue you a return ticket, you need to buy a single ticket for each lag. Buy a bus ticket for Augsburg once you land at Munich airport to arrive in Augsburg at any time during the day.

Augsburg - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Augsburg Airport ・Salzburg Airport

Flight Routes to Augsburg

Flights from Augsburg are dispatched from Augsburg Airport, located about 7 kilometers from downtown Augsburg. Augsburg airport is a small regional airport with only seasonal flights. The destination for which flights from Augsburg are operated at this time is Salzburg. For other flights, the inhabitants of Augsburg use the Munich Airport.