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City CodeERF
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time15~18 hours

The flight time to Erfurt is approximately 15~18 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Erfurt.


Erfurt is a small city in the center of Germany, near to the eastern border with the Czech Republic. Erfurt is one of the oldest cities in Germany, dating back to the 8th Century or earlier. Erfurt is a rare German city that avoided devastation in World War 2, so its buildings and landmarks that date from the Medieval Era are all originals. Tourists buy tickets for Erfurt to visit these ancient sites, including cathedrals, fortresses and bridges. The climate in Erfurt is temperate, though it tends to be colder and wetter than the rest of Germany.

Voice of Travelers to Erfurt

The Romance of Ancient Erfurt

I love traveling on tickets to different cities in Europe to see all the different architecture. I bought a ticket with Bulgarian Air Charter to Erfurt to see all the unique and original Medieval architecture there. Erfurt is a great place to see original architecture because it was not destroyed in the war like many other German cities. My flight on an economy class ticket to Erfurt was very pleasant. The staff on Bulgarian Air Charter always go the extra mile to make their customers happy, which is a nice change of pace from some other airlines. I already knew all the sites that I wanted to see in Erfurt, so I did not bother buying any tickets for the guided tours.

Sketching the Ancient Architecture of Erfurt

My passion has always been sketching ancient pieces of architecture from around the world. I buy tickets to different cities, make sketches of the ancient architecture there and then sell the sketches to collectors or art galleries. My latest ticket destination was the ancient German city of Erfurt. I bought my business class ticket with Germania, who I always fly with when I can because their service is so professional, from the check-in staff to the pilots and flight stewards. In Erfurt I traveled by bus ticket to the cathedral, the fortress and the Merchant's Bridge, and made my sketches of all of them.

A Delightful Stopover in Erfurt

Our family has been traveling on tickets for Greece for summer vacations for many years now. This year we decided to spend a few days in Erfurt, which we usually just passed through on the way back from our Greek tickets. Our tickets back from Greece to Erfurt were with Onur Air, who we had never flown with before. I was very pleased with the service for the whole family, and I appreciated that they had special food and entertainment for the kids on the plane. In Erfurt we rented a hotel room, and then we just spent a few days on bus tour tickets around the beautiful sites in the city.

Erfurt Travel FAQs

Q. Is there a well-developed tourist industry in Erfurt?

A. Erfurt hosts tourists and business people with tickets from around the world. Erfurt is the second biggest destination for trade convention tickets in all of Germany. Erfurt has some of the oldest original architecture in Germany, which draws many tourist tickets from different countries. There is a wide range of hotels and tour tickets available for all kinds of travelers.

Q. Is Erfurt a safe city?

A. Erfurt is a small city by international standards, and is considered very safe. There are low levels of street crime in Erfurt, and there is not a robust nightlife scene, which reduces the incidents involving alcohol, partying and loud music. Erfurt is an ideal destination for tourist tickets of families and romantic couples.

Q. What is the weather like in Erfurt?

A. Erfurt is a temperate climate like the rest of Germany. However, Erfurt lies in a basin, so it tends to have cooler summers and colder winters, and there are the occasional cold snaps in winter. Erfurt is also more humid than most other German cities.

Erfurt - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Erfurt–Weimar Airport •Burgas Airport •Corfu International Airport •Rhodes International Airport •Antalya Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Erfurt

Erfurt has tickets for a few destinations in Europe, mostly in Eastern Europe. Many of the tickets from Erfurt are for popular tourist destinations in Greece, making Erfurt a common stopover for tickets on their way to Greek vacations. Travelers with tickets for Erfurt will most likely need to pass through a European hub before continuing on their direct ticket to Erfurt.