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City CodeLEJ
Popular Airlines
  • Lufthansa German Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways
  • Air China
Flight Time8~13 hours

The flight time to Leipzig is approximately 8~13 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Leipzig.

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Leipzig is a city of the federal state of Saxony in Germany and also happens to be the most populous city in the state with over 582,277 residents. Leipzig is Located at a distance of 160 kilometers to the southwest of the confluence of three rivers White Elster, Pleisse and Parthe, Leipzig is one naturally blessed town. Leipzig boasts to be a trade center ever since the time of Holy Roman Empire and honed its trading abilities more after the Second World War. Quoted as the most livable city in the entire Germany, Leipzig is not only a economic center but has many moderns and ancient infrastructures to make it most sought out destination. People across the world buy ticket to visit Leipzig and witness some of the architectural as well as natural marvels of the world.

Voice of Travelers to Leipzig

Leipzig, a place that one must visit once

Hi, I am Elina and I live in Franfurt. Me and my husband enjoy traveling to different places and explore the world for many riches. We planned our trip top Leipzig as we heard it was one great place that is worth a visit. We bought ticket for the summer early in the winter as we knew the ticket price would rise when it comes to the peak season. A flight took us to Leipzig and I must say that the ticket reaped us a great fruit. After a well served journey on our business class ticket, we landed on this city of dreams, Leipzig. The place is as wonderful as I read about it. It has many natural glories to showcase as well as some manmade marvels to appreciate. We stayed there for days and it was to less of a time to visit such a great city. I wish to buy a ticket soon to revisit Leipzig.

I was in Leipzig for a business trip.

Hi I am Jacob and I am from Antalya. I am into lumber business and I often move places to meet new business prospects. I got a chance to visit Leipzig last summer as there was a businessman offering me a good deal. In fact, he was kind enough to send me a ticket for my travel. The ticket was for a business class trip to Leipzig and I reached Leipzig on a warm evening of the summer. The business deal went well and as it got over, I spared some time to explore the Leipzig city. By no means I have seen a city that colorful and the ticket to Leipzig was all worth. It has diversity of people, nature and architecture that can entice anyone to buy a ticket for Leipzig over and over again.

Leipzig Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best time to buy ticket to Leipzig?

A. Leipzig is an incredible city and you have every reason to buy a ticket to this amazing land. However, a trip will only reap you the desired fruit if you are there at the best time and buy the ticket. Though the town has its own special festivities in all the seasons, the best time to buy a ticket to Leipzig is during the months of May to October. During this time the weather is at its best and there are many seasonal attractions to explore. You must buy the ticket in advance as the ticket prices might be on the higher side during peak season.

Q. What are the best places to visit in the Leipzig?

A. Leipzig has many natural and manmade wonders to admire. A ticket to Leipzig offers you a chance to explore many remarkable spots some of which are: Monument to the Battle of the Nations, St. Thomas Church, Leipzig, Leipzig Zoological Garden, St. Nicholas Church, Leipzig, Museum der bildenden Künste, Altes Rathaus, Cospudener See, Leipzig Museum of Applied Arts, Grassi Museum, Leipzig Botanical Garden, Kulkwitzer See, etc.

Q. How can I grab a discount on my ticket price?

A. The best way to get a discount on the ticket price is to buy when it is off season. Airlines offer lower prices to the tourist on ticket during off season, You can plan a trip in advance and buy when there isn’t much rush. You can also stick to one airline for all your travel needs and buy ticket from them only, Airlines do pay royalty bonuses to their loyal customers which means a lower ticket price.

Leipzig - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Leipzig/Halle Airport • Burgas Airport • Dubrovnik Airport • Vienna International Airport • Dubai International Airport • Frankfurt Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Leipzig

Leipzig is a well connected town with the rest of the globe and there are many air routes that can take you to this incredible city. There are many airlines that offer ticket to travel to Leipzig. You can buy ticket to Leipzig from Germania, Lufthansa, SWISS Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines. These airlines sell ticket through their online ticket selling website as well physical ticket counters. It is recommended that you buy the ticket in advance to visit Leipzig to avoid any last minute rush and ensure that you get a discount on your ticket to Leipzig.