Minneapolis : The Most Artistic and Largest Town Located on the Prairie Booming with Progressive Prosperity

Minneapolis : The Most Artistic and Largest Town Located on the Prairie Booming with Progressive Prosperity

Minneapolis is the largest and yet underestimated city in the north yet serves as the county seat of Hennepin County. The progressive nature of Minneapolis has seen the rise of swank art museums among other thriving restaurants and clubs making it a foodie paradise. The landscape on Minneapolis is also admirable as it is surrounded by thirteen lakes making it scenic. Aside from the few mentioned thrills, these are some of the few sightseeing places you should consider while touring Minneapolis:

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Minneapolis : The Most Artistic and Largest Town Located on the Prairie Booming with Progressive Prosperity

1. Minneapolis Institute of Art

Photo by commons.wikimedia.org

Minneapolis Institute of art is a great place to discover art through time travel over four thousand years. Over 80,000 works of art are featured at this Institute. Expect to find amazing works of art such as sculptures, paintings, prints, drawings, and pictures. Outside the institute is some beautiful unique Chinese furniture on display. Various exhibits and events are also held from time to time where art pieces are sold at a bargain. This great place is not to be missed as entry is free but you can leave some donation.

2. Walker Art Center

Photo by Mark B. Schlemmer

The Walker art museum is a famous contemporary visual art and design venue that is Internationally recognized. Various exhibitions of dance, design, film screenings and theatre are held at this magnificent venue. Lectures, events, and classes are also held for visitors sightseeing the place. Some great names in the world of art have been seen gracing this venue to showcase their work. All the floors of this museum feature amazing galleries worth sightseeing. There are also great gift shops you can explore and buy some souvenirs. The outdoor sculpture garden is also no to be missed.

3. Minnehaha Park

Minnehaha Park is a tranquil gem in Minneapolis. It is also one of the oldest and most popular parks in the city. The park is a great place to hike or cycle along the bike trails as you enjoy the lush that surrounds the park. Some also enjoy strolling the creeks while getting overhead views of the waterfalls in Minnehaha Park. There is also a great restaurant at the park that is a great stop over for some delicious food at a good price. If you wish to rent a bike, there is a rental place nearby.

4. Weisman Art Museum

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Weisman art museum is a small modern contemporary art museum located within the University of Minnesota. Its exterior design is admirable and was the work of Frank Gehry. Inside the museum expect to find well-curated exhibits that are nothing short of an electric collection of modern art. The permanent collection is amazing with displays from a special exhibit by Asian artists which includes a 165-foot-long beautiful painted scroll. The exhibits are all displayed on one-floor area that has a terrace giving opportunities to see scenic views of the river and downtown Minneapolis. If modern art is your thing then this museum will marvel you. Entrance is also free.

5. Como-Harriet Streetcar Line

Photo by August Schwerdfeger

This is the oldest and most historic streetcar line in Minneapolis. The streetcars have been restored with love to their original wooden and metal state. Even the train stations were renovated. The tour guides in the streetcar are often seen dressed as conductors and are the ones giving stories on the history of these jewels. The lines in which they operate are not far apart as they are controlled from one station hence can take about 15 minutes to circuit across all stops. These rides mostly appeal to younger kids.

6. The Museum of Russian Art

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The Museum of Russian Art is a one of its kind museum devoted to preserving and showcasing all forms of Russian art displayed in the most tasteful way. Expect to find Russian nesting dolls among other paintings from the Vladimir schools. Although it seems strange to have a Russian museum housed in an old mission style church, the museum still has a lot of fans hence can get busy most part of the day. The exhibits are set of three levels each showcasing different items. The gift shop around is where one can buy cards or souvenirs.

7. Chain of Lakes

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Chain of lakes is a family of three lakes surrounded by pedestrian paths. These three lakes are Lake of the Isles, Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet. The area is common for cycling, picnicking, strolling or boating. Others take the opportunity to jog and walk around as a form of exercise. Those who go canoeing enjoy the waves. If adventurous enough, you can go sailing. During the summer season, most go to cool off inf form swimming. The lakes are also ideal for fishing. Aside from the many activities, the views of the neighborhoods are magnificent and scenic.

8. Mill City Museum

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This mill city museum is hosted in what was once the world's largest flour mill. The museum is strategically located in front of Mississippi river and is an ideal place to learn about the history of the flour industry, Minneapolis, and Mississippi river. Tours around the mill are done via elevators where stops are made on each floor and tourists get to see some moving machinery.
The top floor of the building hosts most of the old machinery and is where one gets an overlook of the city. Before a museum tour, short 20-minute films are showcased to sightseeing visitors.

9. Basilica of St. Mary

Photo by www.istockphoto.com

Basilica of St.Mary prides as the nation's first basilica. It was an architectural marvel designed by Masqueray. The basilica is a great place to wander around but there are always vergers ready to take you around the basilica. The place is great to appreciate the beautiful architecture. The basement area of the place displays beautiful art. The church has a lot of activities for their members throughout the year. If planning to go for mass, the 11:00 am mass is the considered to be the best because of the beautiful music.

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Minneapolis is a great progressive place to explore if looking for adventure and a relaxing escape at the same time. The nature is abundant for the nature explorer. You still get to get a rich historical background of the place and get to sharpen your knowledge. Minneapolis will offer a great sightseeing experience to anyone and the folks will offer a warm welcoming.