The Top 9 Picture-Perfect Islands You Have to Visit in the Philippines

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The Top 9 Picture-Perfect Islands You Have to Visit in the Philippines

When you think about the Philippines, it’s hard not to reminisce about the pristine islands that boast of glistening beaches, evergreen landscapes, and shores endowed with the most immaculate of sands. Deciding to go to the Philippines is easy, choosing which of the endless islands of paradise in the vast archipelago to visit is another story. If you want to fill your itinerary with enchanting beaches, breathtaking nature views, and exhilarating water adventures, don’t miss these nine must-visit islands in the Philippines.

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The Top 9 Picture-Perfect Islands You Have to Visit in the Philippines

Pamalican Island

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Pamalican Island is a destination famous for its unspoiled beauty both on land and under the sea. Home to Amanpulo - a world-renowned resort in the Philippines - this secluded island is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy peace and adventure all at once. The gentle buzz of the waves provides a relaxing serenade from day to night. The clean, cerulean water is nothing short of inviting - you can just spend the day swimming or sailing. Pamalican’s marine life should not be missed - a dive into its waters will reveal stunning corals and colorful sea creatures.


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Boracay remains on the top of the list when it comes to majestic, white sand islands in the Philippines. Previously closed for rehabilitation, this popular tourist spot has claimed back its charm. The heart of the island is White Beach - a 4 kilometer stretch of white sand - home to restaurants, hotels, bars, and dive shops. The things to do in Boracay are endless - after swimming in its crystalline waters, make memories by parasailing and snorkeling. End your days in Boracay with a bang - join the nightlife in the island that pulsates with exciting energy!

Miniloc Island

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Tucked in the limestone cliffs of El Nido is Miniloc island - an idyllic destination marked by towering landscapes and surrounded by cerulean waters. Unlike other neighboring islands, Miniloc takes pride in its simplicity. This secluded island in the Philippines is perpetually enveloped in a calm ambiance that make you feel off the grid and worlds away. Its proximity to Big and Small Lagoon, and Snake Island - El Nido’s most popular attractions - makes it an ideal starting point. Miniloc sunsets will win you over, the island’s southeast facing position means you get to enjoy the romantic views as the sun’s last rays spread all over the South China Sea.


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A short distance away from the town of Coron is Coron Island - one of the top islands in the Philippines that showcases unparalleled beauty. Viewed from the sky, the lush greenery of the island will remind you of settings to King Kong and Jurassic Park. Coron is home to two of the most popular attractions in Palawan - Barracuda Lake and Kayangan Lake. Adventure junkies can spend the day diving these mysterious lakes. For a more relaxing option, rent a kayak and explore the beautiful areas around the island.


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This once-secluded island off the coast of Surigao del Norte has recently gained traction thanks to its perfect waves, and ethereal, well-preserved beaches. This top island in the Philippines draws surfing enthusiasts and diving fans easily. Despite the recent developments, Siargao has retained its laid back charm - resting on a hammock and enjoying the sun and the sound of the waves is still one of the best things to do. For some action, explore Siargao’s rock pools, strong rivers, waterfalls, and off-shore islands filled with wildlife.


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Just eight kilometers off the coast of Cebu is Malapascua - a postcard-worthy destination that boasts of panoramic beaches and unparalleled diving sites. This Visayan hidden gem is still a rather secluded island - if you want to explore off-the-beaten path destinations, this place is perfect. While in the island, avail of the affordable diving packages and experience clear waters, dancing corals, and yes - thresher sharks. Not a fan of going deep? You can opt to frolic along the clean, breathtaking beaches located on the southern part of the island.

Britania Islands

A few kilometers off the coast of Agustin, Surigao del Sur is a hidden gem that’s home to crystalline waters - Britania Group of Islands. Unlike other popular islands, Britania boasts of well-preserved beauty as no one inhabits these islands. This white sand island can give Boracay a run for its money - here, you can enjoy the beach without the interruption of large crowds and loud music. Endowed with lush greenery and unique landscapes, these group of islands is nothing short of breathtaking.

Caramoan Islands

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Caramoan Island is a place which combines the fine sand of Boracay, the picturesque vistas of Palawan, and the adventures of Cebu’s islands. One thing that sets Caramoan apart from the other popular Philippine islands is that the place is never overcrowded. Enjoy the rich flora and faunas of the island while basking upon its Instagram-worthy rock formations and pristine beaches. Discover Caramoan’s underwater charm - the rich marine life and crystal clear waters will equally take your breath away.


The Philippines never runs out of picture-perfect islands that are also packed with adventures that can make your vacation more memorable. If you can’t make a choice, visiting the top nine islands in the Philippines mentioned above is a good way to go. Experience what it’s like to feel a slice of heaven - say yes to these Philippine islands.




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