Idaho Falls:Land of the Lush Green Landscapes and Breathtaking Waterfalls

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Idaho Falls:Land of the Lush Green Landscapes and Breathtaking Waterfalls

Idaho Falls, Idaho, is a rather small but cozy town. The city lies on the Snake River in Eastern Idaho. It is a part of the Bitterroot Ranges. That gives the city a type of continental/mountainous climate. Idaho Falls is famous for its beautiful scenery. A large number of rivers meet and form small waterfalls, making this city a perfect place for sightseeing.

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Idaho Falls:Land of the Lush Green Landscapes and Breathtaking Waterfalls

1. Museum of Idaho

One of the main attractions of Idaho Falls is the central museum. The number of visitors is constantly increasing and often reaches 100,000 people for a single year. It focuses largely on historical and scientific themes. Some of the well-known exhibits are focusing on Rome, the outer space, history of the dinosaurs, famous pirates, a presentation about guitars, history of the Egyptian pharaohs, and many more. Everyone who wants to go sightseeing around Idaho Falls must pay a visit to the main museum.

2. The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho Falls

The Arts Museum is truly unique. It receives attention from locals and travelers alike. Located in Eastern Idaho Falls, the museum showcases different exhibitions. A good example is the Colored Pencil Society of America. Many people often attend the Idaho Falls statewide exhibit which collects and presents the best works of art the region has to offer. The museum is hosting different educational programs such as summer camps, internships, temporary workshops, classroom visits, and even tours for sightseeing. The prices are also very low, reaching a max of $10 for an entire family.

3. Idaho Falls Zoo

The Idaho Falls Zoo is one of the most colorful and interesting in the entire country. Its exhibits are home to animals from all over the world. Sightseeing is very common here. The visitors love taking pictures of the wide variety of animals. The Idaho Falls Zoo is even better because of its different educational programs. There are four types of programs: for the youth, adults, families and school groups. However, it is important to point out that the zoo is always closed during the long winters.

4. Idaho Falls Greenbelt

Go sightseeing and enjoy the lovely and peaceful scenery in the Idaho Falls Greenbelt. This is a large park in the center of the town and is perfect for riding a bike or simply taking a walk. The landscape is beautiful. It has many small waterfalls just like in the rest of Idaho Falls. There are sculptures and pieces of modern art on both sides of the path and the park is positioned close to local hotels. The Greenbelt lies next to the Idaho Falls Golf Course.

5. Community Park

A small but nonetheless important part of Idaho Falls is the Community Park. A few tables are located in the middle and they support as much as 50 seats. The Community Park is a good place for people who want to organize small social events such as picnics, sports tournaments, child birthdays, and meetings. Whether you are just passing by or on a sightseeing tour, make sure to check the park for a moment. The rent price is $75 for a full day.

6. Tautphaus Park

This is yet another beautiful park in Idaho Falls. It is rather large and can offer different types of entertainment for its visitors. The Idaho Falls Zoo is located within the park. The things that make the Tautphaus Park so impressive are its many features. They offer much more than just sightseeing. You can visit the Idaho Falls Amusement Park; play basketball, volleyball, and tennis; host a picnic either outside or inside a shelter, or check out the horseshoe pit.

7. The falls in Idaho Falls

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They are the very center of Idaho Falls. The entire city is built around them. This is where the Snake River makes a sudden wide waterfall. This area offers a great view to most of Idaho Falls and is perfect for visitors who want to take pictures while sightseeing. There are paved ways on both sides of the falls. All this makes the Idaho Falls’ center a very beautiful place. Whenever you visit Idaho Falls, make sure to enjoy the peaceful scenery.

8. South Tourist Park

Located in the southernmost part of Idaho Falls, is the famous South Tourist Park. What makes it so special are the sculptures and statues of Native Americans. Idaho Falls’ South Tourist Park is truly amazing because of its social aspect. It unites the different people into one huge and friendly community and helps foreign visitors learn more about the history of the region. The price for a spot in the local camps is $15 per one day. However, reservations are not accepted. So if you plan on sightseeing here, make sure to hurry.

9. The Japanese Friendship Garden

Located on a small peninsula in the middle of the Snake River, the Japanese Friendship Garden attracts visitors from all over the region. It is definitely one of the places a tourist must visit. The landscape is very beautiful and has countless small rocks and puddles of water all around the park. If you are planning on going sightseeing in Idaho Falls, then The Japanese Friendship Garden can offer great opportunities for taking pictures. Refresh your mind by taking a break and enjoying the scenery

10. Central Park

And of course, there is the Central Park of Idaho Falls. While it is very small, it is nonetheless beautiful. The park lies in the central-north part of the town. In its close proximity is the larger Pinecrest Golf Course. There is a small sledding hill nearby and that makes the park attractive for dog owners. You can always go sightseeing here or simply enjoy a short walk. This is just one of the many excellent Idaho Falls parks.

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As explained above, Idaho Falls is a unique city. The town has many different parks and waterfalls within it. All of them help build an image of peace and tranquility. Sightseeing is very common here and for good reason. Idaho Falls lives up to its reputation as a garden in the mountains.