Aberdeen:One Pretty Gritty City that Is the Gateway to the Olympic Peninsula

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Aberdeen:One Pretty Gritty City that Is the Gateway to the Olympic Peninsula

Aberdeen often referred to as the "Gateway to the Olympic Peninsula" is a city situated in Grays Harbor County in the United States. This city is famous for tourist due to its breed of famous locals and beautiful history. .Some of its highlights are the great harbour and Kurt Cobain Memorial park. These are just but the few sightseeing locations, below are the hotspots around Aberdeen.

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Aberdeen:One Pretty Gritty City that Is the Gateway to the Olympic Peninsula

1. Kurt Cobain Memorial Park

Kurt Cobain Memorial Park is a modest memorial park tucked away on the muddy banks of the Wishkah River, it is named after the musical legend from Nirvana, Kurt Cobain.The Park's famous tourist attraction is the guitar statue and the Wishkah River.There is also a bridge where you can stroll by and sit under to get a feel of where Kurt wrote his songs. This place is ideal for those trying to get some musical inspiration or get to understand the origin of Nirvana.Morning hours are ideal as there are fewer people.

2. Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge

Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge is a beautiful long boardwalk that leads to the wetlands paving between the woods and mash.The place is famous for bird watchers and photographers because you can sightsee some birds, small aircrafts, tugboats, and barges.This beautiful well maintained place is also ideal for a peaceful walk especially when it’s not too cold or windy. It may not be easy to easily spot is since there are no signboards leading to it, a pointer to note is that it is just by the airport in Hoquiam and is considered to be one of the best trails in the harbor. One key to note is that if you fancy a walk with your dog it may not be the right place as dogs are not allowed, running or biking is also not allowed due to the noise disturbance of the wildlife.

3. Aberdeen Museum of History

Aberdeen Museum of History is a nice place for sightseeing and getting knowledge of the history of Aberdeen and its surrounding areas.The tour of the museum starts with a short film about the heydays of Aberdeen which will enlighten you before you get the actual tour.Expect to learn more about the shipbuilding and the logging industries times.The staff is really friendly and informative so you will enjoy the place. They will point out the most interesting pieces worth your attention.There is also a special section for Kurt Cobain’s native son. The museum stays open all week apart from Mondays and Sundays. And a tour of the place is worth sparing 30 minutes especially if it is a stop when heading to the beaches.

4. Treasure Harbor Flea Market

Treasure Harbor Flea Market is a great flea market situated in the heart of Aberdeen’s harbor. The market is set up in an old warehouse.Aside from a great variety of items for everyone, it offers a beautiful atmosphere, with lots of friendly faces. This indoor flea market makes your shopping experience very pleasant, you feel no pressure to buy and are free to go treasure hunting and collect as many goodies as you may find.There are plenty of jewelry and vintage souvenirs worth buying.Prices are not fixed as sellers are open to negotiating.In the event you miss what you are looking for, the people there will guide you on where you can find it!

5. Westport Winery & Vineyards

Westport Winery & Vineyards is a magnificent large winery garden designed and developed by the owner. The garden has themed sections which often honor local artists, a large-scale outdoors chess art section, an arbor made of wine bottles with a sedum roof, some artwork and other interesting highlights. Apart from sightseeing the winery and wine tasting, there is an olive oil garden and vinegar tasting too! There is also a restaurant that serves great food to go with the wine. The wine tasting is free if you intend to make a purchase, however, $5 is charged for wine tasting only without a purchase.You can sample up to 10 different kinds of wine!

6. The Lady Washington

The Lady Washington refers to a massive sail ship that highlights Aberdeen’s harbor.The Lady Washington is the closest one will ever be to experience how people from over a hundred years ago got about because a battle cruise is offered to those interested.You will get to sail around sightseeing the Lake Union and enjoy the beautiful breeze and scenery. The sailing crew is very knowledgeable about the ship and sailing they also try entertain the passengers with awesome sailing songs and stories.Another amazing thing to see is the sail men and women climbing 80 feet in the air to raise the sails. If you wish to explore further, request for a tour below the deck.

7. Aberdeen Art Center

The Aberdeen art center is a fun art gallery that is comprising of two galleries.The center is owned by Douglas who is a famous artist around Aberdeen.Some of his work can be seen in murals around the town.The art styles that are found in the galleries are diverse, they include some fine art from all over the North West and also features steampunk pieces and wooden sculptures.The gallery owners are always within easy to chat about their pieces on display. Besides being free, it is a perfect place for travelers or people looking to dabble in art that they can bring home or gift to others.

8. Bottle Beach State Park

The name bottle beach came about because the beach is evidently shaped like a bottle.The bottle beach state park is famous because bottle beach’s migrating shorebirds on their northbound journey to Arctic breeding grounds and on their southbound journey to their wintering grounds.The park is ideal for birders and wildlife watchers as they get to see a variety of bird species.The best time for viewing shorebirds is at high tide for an hour or two as the rest on mud flats.The park is usually not very crowded so you are able to adventure without any disturbances.

9. Wishkah Distillery

Wishkah Distillery is a small distillery started by a young passionate man named Josh. He offers tours of his distillery including a tasting of his work to travelers interested to learn about his work.The tours may take about thirty minutes as he goes deep into what is put in his products. Most tourists that visit the place praise the whiskey and gin and even compliment to say the gin is the best they ever had.Bottles are sold at discounted prices but there are souvenirs like T-shirts too if you may not fancy a bottle.

10. The Polson Museum

The Polson Museum is mansion belonging to one of the early lumber barons of Aberdeen. Expect to find some locomotive and logging exhibits that were curated by John Larson.The house was given to the town by the Polson family for the purpose of creating a museum.This museum takes you back to the early days of logging on the Pacific Coast.The museum features many rooms decorated with period furniture or lumbering paraphernalia.However, not every room is available to the public.There are several points of interest on the grounds such as the rose fenced garden and the engine house. Another addition is the picnic section that you can use to have your packed lunch.

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Aberdeen is favourable all year round and is an ideal travel destination as it is not flooded as most cities around the world. It offers various tourist attraction activities and sightseeing sights that will keep your artistic and adventurous spirit alive. If you fancy and entertainment kind of lifestyle, Aberdeen is the right travel destination for you!