Erie:The Gem of the Great Lakes

Erie:The Gem of the Great Lakes

Erie is known as the 13 largest natural lake in the world and the only Great Lakes port city in the United States. Due to its sparkling waters, Erie has been nicknamed the "Gem City." There are ample sightseeing sites and tourist attractions around Erie that will have tourists flocking and setting it as an ideal travel destination. These are some of the top places recommended for sightseeing in Erie:

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Erie:The Gem of the Great Lakes

1. Presque Isle State Park

Photo by Ken Lund

Presque Isle State Park is a great park found in Erie. It boasts some beautiful beaches worth sightseeing. Presque Isle State Park also has great paths, walkways, ample parking and breathtaking views. There are lovely tree-lined walkways the end of miles of beaches that lead to the Perry monument. This amazing park is the ideal place to catch a beautiful sunset or enjoy a nice meal.For those who are into nature and enjoy calm waters, this park in Erie is the ideal travel destination.Another plus for the site is that entrance is absolutely free!

2. Bicentennial Tower

Photo by Doug Lemke/shutterstock

Bicentennial Tower is a true asset to Erie. This tower was believed to have been built for the 2000 centennial.It is one of the top sightseeing sites in Erie and tourists like to go there to get the beautiful views of Erie. The most amazing time to visit is evening hours where you get a glimpse of the sunset. Besides the beautiful views, you can get some food from the restaurants around and a lovely gift shop for some souvenirs. Getting to the top via stairs will cost you $2 while using the elevator will cost you $4. However, if lucky enough for your visit to land on the first Sunday of the month, entrance will be free!

3. Erie Art Museum

Photo by Ziwei Zhang

Erie Art Museum is a beautiful collection of amazing art that features different themed galleries.
The collections found at the Erie Art Museum vary because works from both famous and local artists can be found there. This museum is a good sightseeing location for those who fancy art and some ancient Greek architecture. Another plus for the museum is that the pieces on sale are inexpensive making it ideal for the tourist on a budget. The Erie Art Museum also has some special activities once in a while such as summer jazz at noon during the first weekend of August. Wednesday is the best day to visit as admission is usually free.

4. Waldameer Park

Photo by Jeremy Thompson

Waldameer Park is a family-owned amusement park in Erie. It has been in existence for the last 75 years and still maintains to be one of the top sightseeing places around Erie. The main attraction is the wooden roller coaster (Ravine Flyer II) which goes across a busy street and gives great views of Lake Erie. There is no admission fee for those walking around the park for sightseeing but small charges apply for the rides. One is also allowed to carry food for picnics around this beautiful amusement park.

5. Watson-Curtze Mansion

Photo by Don O'Brien

Watson-Curtze Mansion in Erie houses the newly restored Hagen History Center. The overview architecture of the building gives tourists a peek into the splendor of these amazing mansions that, at one time, nicknamed "Millionaires Row", were home to many wealthy families on West Sixth Street in Erie. Tours around the house are self-guided but the staff is very friendly and open to answer any questions you may have. This house will give you a feel of how the affluent people in Erie lived in the past. If you choose to visit during the Christmas holidays, you will get to enjoy a more colourful experience as it is usually well decorated.

6. Splash Lagoon

Splash Lagoon is the only indoor waterpark found in Erie. It is a good sightseeing spot for those interested in some adventure. Within this waterpark you can ride, slide, splash and plunge your way into fun! The splash lagoon features activities for all age groups, there are 9 Swirling Water Slides, 1000 gallon tipping bucket, some family whirlpools, a lazy river, an adventure bay and some toddler play areas. There is also a tiki treehouse that one can explore and enjoy some gaming in the treasure island arcade. The staff is also very friendly.

7. Presque Isle Downs

Presque Isle Downs is a fun sightseeing game hub in Erie. It offers a wide variety of gaming options for tourists. Aside from its casino with high rollers area, slot machines and table games, there is also a brew brothers bar located on the top of the casino for those interested in a drink as they offer a wide selection of beers. During the summer season, one can catch live thoroughbred racing. Getting to the venue is made easier due to the complimentary shuttle to the hotel.

8. Presque Isle Lighthouse

Photo by haveseen/shutterstock

Presque Isle Lighthouse is located in a beautiful State Park and on Lake Erie. The lighthouse is beautiful for sightseeing because it has a unique architectural design featuring an all white tower top and bottom area is bricked. The history of the Presque Isle Lighthouse is rather interesting despite the fact that most enjoy going up the top to get scenic views of Erie. This lighthouse was once closed to the public but reopened and visits are upon reservation only especially during peak season. It is good to note that the lighthouse closes at around 3:45 pm.

9. Asbury Woods Nature Center

Asbury Woods Nature Center is a woody trail featuring beautiful boardwalk in Erie. It is the perfect sightseeing location for tourists looking for a nice escape into the woodlands. Some of its highlights is the grandfather tree which can be accessed through a guided trail from the meteorite trail. The park is more beautiful during autumn whee you get to see the trees in stunning shades. Another great thing about Asbury Woods Nature Center is that dogs are allowed into the park so it would be a nice way to bond with your furry friend too!

10. Shades Beach Park

Shades Beach Park is a unique park in Erie, it is popular for boating as swimming is not allowed. The beach area is rather steep and extra caution should be taken. Due to the extremely rocky surface with hard packed sand, basking on the ground is not advised and visitors advised to carry chairs. There is also a playground structure, a big pavilion and some fairly flat green space for picnicking. The historic signage helps fill in the visitor on some of the local history and sites associated with the beach and park.

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Erie is overall a great place for tourists to indulge in memorable sightseeing activities. Besides the sparkling waters with activities such as boating , swimming and kayaking, Erie offers cultural and historical attractions, sporting activities and interesting amusement parks that will wow your spirit of adventure. Due to its diverse nature, tourists can never get bored while touring Erie.