Grand Forks:A City of Wonder in the State of North Dakota

Grand Forks:A City of Wonder in the State of North Dakota

When sightseeing in the state of North Dakota, you should visit Grand Forks. Being a third largest city in the state after Fargo and Mismark, Grand Forks has several attractions which are worth sightseeing. From arenas to natural destinations, you will surely enjoy your time in Grand Forks. On this article, we will list down ten of the best attractions in Grand Forks which are worth sightseeing.

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Grand Forks:A City of Wonder in the State of North Dakota

1. Ralph Engelstad Arena

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One of the most interesting sightseeing destinations in Grand Forks is the Ralph Engelstad Arena. It is an indoor arena that is located inside the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. Also known as The Ralph or REA, this arena was built by Ralph Engelstad, a controversial alumnus of the said university. At present, the arena serves as the home of the UND men's ice hockey team. Established in 2001, the arena contains more than 11,600 seats. Sightseeing tourists can watch various events inside the arena including ice hockets and basketball.

2. Flood Memorial Monument

Another sightseeing destination which you could consider when you are in Grand Forks is the Flood Memorial Monument. It puts things into perspective when tourists are able to witness how far the water has already reached. The monument provides sightseeing tourists with an appreciation of the power of nature. Although it could be seen in its full splendor at day, this particular monument comes to life at night with its lighting. Hence, you should see this monument both day and night. Especially during winter, the Flood Memorial Monument puts a festive atmosphere.

3. River Cities Speedway

River Cities Speedway is another sightseeing destination that is situated in Grand Forks, North Dakota. It consists of a half kilometer high-banked clay oval racetrack where various events and competitions are held. On this speedway, races are held every Friday night from the middle of April through the middle of September. These racing events feature late models, sprint cars, street stocks and modifides. It is worth noting that the River Cities Speedway is the only track in the Midwest that features sprint cars and late models in a weekly manner.

4. Splasher's of the South Seas

For those who are seeking a water adventure in Grand Forks, you could go to the Splasher's of the South Seas. It is regarded as the largest indoor water park in North Dakota. It is situated at the Canad Inns Destination Center Grand Forks. Splasher's of the South Seas provides different amenities which sightseeing tourists could enjoy. These include waterslides, activity pools, tube rides, kiddie play area, and lazy river. This destination also has nine cabanas which are available for rent. Enjoy the cold waters while you bond with your friends and families.

5. North Dakota Museum of Art

The North Dakota Museum of Art is an art museum located on the campus of the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Regarded as the official art museum of the state, the North Dakota Museum of Art consists of three exhibition galleries, a video information room, a gift shop, and a cafe. Since it is a private not-for-profit institution, admissions for entry to this museum is free of charge. Permanent collections of the museum include the works of Aganetha Dyck and Maria Magdalena Campos Pons, among others.

6. Sertoma/Japanese garden park

If you are a lover of nature, you have to stop by the Sertoma/Japanese garden park when you are sightseeing in Grand Forks, North Dakota. These park & gardens are excellent places where you can relax and unwind while you are immersing yourself in nature. In addition to this, the gardens also consist of paved walk paths where you could use while exploring the nature around you. The garden likewise consists of a playground where your kids could enjoy while you dive into the serene wonders of the environment around of you.

7. Myra Museum at Grand Forks County Historical Society

Another great museum worth sightseeing in Grand Forks is the Myra Museum. The Myra Museum was built for the Grand Forks County Historical Society in 1976. Its distinct architecture reflects the Gothic Revival style of the Campbell House. When sightseeing around the museum, tourists could find a lot of exhibits which represent the rich history of Grand Forks from the Ice Age to the settlement period. Local trends in popular culture are also displayed in the said museum. When sightseeing in Grand Forks, be sure to stop by this museum.

8. University of North Dakota

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Aside from parks and museums, the university found in Grand Forks is also considered a sightseeing attraction. The University of North Dakota is a public research university located in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Established in 1883 by the Dakota Territorial Assembly, the university is regarded as the oldest in the whole state of North Dakota. The university is home to a lot of destinations which are worth sightseeing including the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences and the Memorial Stadium. The school has a lot of establishments which you could visit.

9. Alerus Center

The Alerus Center is an indoor arena and convention center that is located in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Such arena is home to the University of North Dakota football team. It is also where a lot of events such as large concerts and trade shows are held. This is due to the fact that it could seat more than 21,000 people at one time. The convention center portion of the Alerus Center could be used for seminars, conferences, and smaller concerts. Be sure to check out the Alerus Center on your next visit to Grand Forks.

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Truly, Grand Forks is a wonder in the state of North Dakota. It houses a lot of destinations where one could experience nature, gain information about history and culture of the place, and immerse in the sports activities of the city and the state. Grand Forks is a great city to include in your itinerary.