Dayton is within Ohio's Miami Valley region and is termed the county seat of Montgomery County. Despite being small, the ravishing city has established itself both economically and educationally and has since then been nicknamed "The gem city". A couple of interactive sightseeing destinations activities in Dayton have been listed below.

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1. Benjamin & Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center

Benjamin and Marian Schuster Performing Art Center is a top-rated sightseeing site situated along second street Dayton. Established with unique acoustics, the Center is able to hold over 2000 people inside its premises. The outstanding production and cast crew are what keeps many coming back for more. Primarily the concert hall is used by Dayton Philharmonic, Dayton Opera and Dayton Ballet. Tickets are issued at convenient prices to watch breathtaking performances in Dayton Philharmonic. When sightseeing in Dayton, be sure to stop by and watch the most amazing shows and performances.

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2. National Museum of the U.S. Air Force

National Museum of the U.S. Air Force is a massive tourist site in Dayton. The key historic site is well partitioned and houses lots of aircrafts in its midst. Tours are self-guided and there is no limit to the number of historical artifacts one can observe inside the remarkable sightseeing site. The world war II 8th AF tower is a center of attraction because this is the point where most people capture captivating photos. This museum is easily accessible and no charges required upon entry except the IMAX and parking admission. The Museum is ideal for the history lovers and those passionate about aircrafts.

3. National Aviation Hall of Fame

National Aviation Hall of Fame is situated inside the magnificent air force Museum in Dayton. This area features a number of hands-on exhibits as well as photo opportunities for those who may fancy. Remarkable portraits of legendary aeronautical engineers and pilots have been displayed neatly on the side walls. A manual guide on how planes work has also been availed in the facility together with a number of individual awards. One should consider visiting during the annual Milton Caniff Spirit Fight Award for the best experience. Don't forget to carry along a camera to capture the ravishing Milton Caniff's enshrined portraits.

4. RiverScape MetroPark

RiverScape MetroPark is a captivating scenery in the heart of Downtown Dayton. The park is laid out on numerous bike trails, a river and a permanent pavilion with well-cut grass. This sightseeing site is known to harbor a variety of fun activities such as community events, concerts, and cycling. This is the community's favorite destination for it is considered a gem filled with ravishing beauty and is always open to all with no charges required. The best time to swing by the park is over winter, so as to enjoy the ice skating.

5. Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum

Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum is among the oldest garden cemetery in the Country. Lots of renown people like the Wright brothers have been laid to rest at this modest cemetery blooming with beauty. Volunteers offer guided tours through the sightseeing site explaining more on the historical significance of the cemetery and famous burials done here. Aside from the burial site, one is able to enjoy the cool atmosphere as they observe a hand full of tree specimens from the Arboretum. When sightseeing in Dayton, one should consider touring this beautiful site ideal for all ages.

6. America's Packard Museum

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America's Packard Museum is home to a magnitude collection of Packard cars. The interior design is superb as the outer rim host documents, pictures, accessories, engines while the inner portion contains a remarkable collection of luxurious automobiles. Welcoming knowledgeable hosts run the place and there are scores of well-documented exhibits displayed inside. When sightseeing in Dayton this is a must visit sightseeing site to enjoy the garage like atmosphere with an array of mindblowing history. Reasonable charges are levied to access the place though parking is in the streets.

7. Dayton Mall

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Dayton Mall is located along Miamisburg road in Dayton. The sizeable sightseeing site setup on a two-story building is equipped with a number of department stores, tech stores, jewelry stores which have been fully stocked. Despite being among the oldest malls set up in the city, it still has been maintained adequately. Designer stores have adopted more of classy fashion that is appealing to the older generation. There is an abundance of nice restaurants in close proximity that offer mouth-watering delicacies. The mall is a perfect family destination while sightseeing in Dayton.

8. Victoria Theater

The Victoria Theater is a 150-year-old historic theater in downtown Dayton. It's a perfect destination to catch live performance and concerts. The sightseeing site offers a remarkable seating area with a beautiful interior decor together with a wine and bar area. Most of the films showcased here are affordable such as Cinderella that is liked by many. Aside from film shows, the theatre also offers good music and features a number of fun mind-blowing shows and events. The sightseeing site is ideal for the movie lovers and those into film play.

9. Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra

Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra is situated at the Schuster Center in Dayton. The sightseeing site features a variety of interesting talent shows. The interactive site ushers in ideas and people from all walks of life making the Orchestra worthwhile. The Orchestra offers sweet classical melodies and great dances. Many enjoy the live band performances and are able to get photos of the well put site. Those looking forward to getting entertained with some Midwest music be sure to swing by the place especially during the New Years Eve. Don't forget to pay for the tickets in advance to avoid any inconveniences.

10. Dayton Convention Center

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Dayton Convention Center is located along the fifth street in Dayton. The remarkable convention Center is spread out on a number of rooms that can accommodate a large group of people. There is a great venue for the catering college and a restaurant that prepares world-class delicacies at convenient prices. The architectural layout of the sightseeing site is perfect with a number of artifacts within. The Jurassic quest featured at the center gives a fun experience. The destination is ideal for all ages since there are an array of interactive activities designated for all.

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Dayton is a small city that has the welcoming feel of a home. A number of hands-on fun sightseeing destinations have been availed within. When planning a trip be sure to highlight Dayton on the top of the list. People from all walks of life are welcome to enjoy and be part of the mid-Texas culture.