Green Bay:An Interesting Sightseeing Destination in Wisconsin

Green Bay:An Interesting Sightseeing Destination in Wisconsin

Green Bay is a city that is located in the state of Wisconsin, United States. Home to the NFL team Green Bay Packers, Green Bay is one of the most vibrant and supportive cities of football in the United States. It is worth noting that beyond football, Green Bay is also home to other attractive sightseeing destinations. On this article, we are going to identify ten of the best attractions in Green Bay worth sightseeing.

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Green Bay:An Interesting Sightseeing Destination in Wisconsin

1. Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame

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The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame is a hall of fame that is built to pay tribute to achievements of the Green Bay Packers, the professional football team in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It consists of interactive displays and interesting artifacts that would introduce sightseeing tourists about the history and the achievements of the Green Bay Packers. With a small fee, tourists can go sightseeing around the hall of fame every day.

2. Green Bay Botanical Garden

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Established in 1996, the Green Bay Botanical Garden is a botanical garden in Green Bay, Wisconsin that consists of around thirteen garden collections spread across 47 acres of land. One of the gardens is the Agnes Schneider Terrace where ornamental grasses and perennial flowers are found. Another garden is the Four Seasons Garden which features magnolias and lilacs, among others. The botanical garden is open for sightseeing every day in warmer months. In colder months, it is open for sightseeing only on weekdays.

3. Bay Beach Amusement Park

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The Bay Beach Amusement Park is situated near the mouth of the Fox River in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The municipal amusement park comprises various spots that are worthy of sightseeing. These include rides, a roller coaster, and a food pavilion, among others. There are around 22 operating rides in the park which locals and sightseeing tourists could try. In the pavilion, movies, dances, and other local events are held.

4. Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

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Adjacent to the Bay Beach Amusement Park is the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a 600-acre sanctuary that houses various wildlife organisms. The said wildlife sanctuary is the largest park in Green Bay. It is also the second largest wildlife rehabilitation program in the state of Wisconsin. Sightseeing tourists could enjoy various facilities including an observation building, hiking trails, and a nature education center, among others. It also includes numerous habitats for animals.

5. NEW Zoo & Adventure Park

The NEW Zoo & Adventure Park is one of the most visited sightseeing destinations in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It consists of an adventure park where tourists could engage in various challenges and activities. The adventure park is surrounded by a zoo the could be reached using a set of zip lines which are 1,000 feet long when side-by-side. Other activities in the said park include a wobble bridge, spider web, swinging logs, and moon loops. Sightseeing tourists will not only get to enjoy hanging out with animals, but they will also have an exhilarating experience.

6. National Railroad Museum

Photo by Andrew Phelps

Established in 1956, the National Railroad Museum is a museum located in a suburb in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The railroad museum is one of the oldest institutions in the country that is committed to preserving the railroad history of the United States. The museum is home to an extensive collection of rolling stock and historic locomotives that span more than hundred years. Indeed, sightseeing tourists will not only get to enjoy viewing vintage locomotives, but they will also get to know more about the railway history of the country.

7. Neville Public Museum

The Neville Public Museum is a museum that is located in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin. It is home to fascinating exhibits where tourists could learn and experience exciting topics from the Permian monsters to the Latino identity in Northeast Wisconsin. It also has other displays including virtual exhibits, outdoor art, and photography. Tourists will get to enjoy sightseeing around the museum. It is a must-visit attraction when sightseeing in Green Bay.

8. Heritage Hill State Historical Park

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The Heritage Hill State Historical Park is an open-air museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The attraction contains more than 30 historic structures, most of which are endangered buildings which were moved from other locations. These structures include the buildings from Fort Howards, the Belgian Farmstead outhouse, and the log cabins from the fur trade era. Sightseeing tourists can immerse themselves with history by engaging with live historical interpreters who are wearing period clothing.

9. The Automobile Gallery

The Automobile Gallery is another sightseeing destination in Green Bay that you do not want to miss. It is home to various automobiles that have been used since the 1910s. It is also committed to inspire and educate the community about the history of each of the automobiles. Not only car enthusiasts will enjoy sightseeing on this attraction, but every tourist who wishes to visit back in time through these cars. Aside from the gallery, the place also has an events place.

10. The Children's Museum of Green Bay

Completed in 2012, The Children's Museum of Green Bay is one of the newer destinations in Green Bay that is devoted to kids. It provides children with programs and exhibits that aim at stimulating their curiosity and interest in learning. Examples of the facilities in the said museum include a recycled art studio, building literacy with Legos, and many more. For sightseeing tourists with children, you should stop by this place and let them discover things through the museum.

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Green Bay has a lot of historic destinations that would allow sightseeing tourists to know and understand the rich history of the city. It also has natural and outdoor destinations where tourists could experience exciting activities while engaging with nature. Truly, Green Bay is one of the best sightseeing attractions in Wisconsin.