Savannah (Georgia):The Southern King City

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Savannah (Georgia):The Southern King City

Savannah is the most significant national historic district in the United States, an ideal location to spend your weekend leisure time and a fantastic place to spend a vacation, located near the coast of Georgia. It is the oldest city in Georgia and got a very southern vibe to it. Savannah’s exquisite architecture, flat country landscapes, cobblestone streets and relaxed atmosphere makes it one of the top tourist destinations in the USA. In this city, rich history and stunning buildings coexist with fabulous restaurants and exotic nightlife. One can visit the green parks and the ancient cathedrals, visit the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low or grab the traditional cup of Savannah made coffee, spend their evening on Tybee beach or have tasty ice cream at Leopold's.

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Savannah (Georgia):The Southern King City

1. Forsyth Park

Forsyth is a 30 acres park located in the heart of the city and was named after the governor of Georgia at the time of the park’s expansion (1851), John Forsyth. This park is the most active and largest park in the city. The main attraction of the park is the large fountain which is around 150 years old situated near the north end. The Forsyth Park is a great gathering spot for the tourists as well as the locals. The park contains a fragrant garden or the blind, tennis and basketball courts, a café, children playing area, an area where one can play Frisbee and soccer.

2. Cathedral of St John the Baptist

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The Cathedral of St John the Baptist is one of the most amazing buildings in the whole of Savannah. The cathedral was built in the year 1873 and was dedicated three years later, in 1876. The interior of the Cathedral is gorgeous with its stained glass windows and the painting of the frescoes and the exquisitely designed alter. It is also one among the top 10 historic sites that one should definitely visit while in the USA. People come here not only to enjoy the architectural feasts but also to satiate their spiritual quench. The cathedral is the mother church for Roman Catholic Diocese in Savannah.

3. Fort McAllister State Historic Park

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Fort McAllister State Historic Park is known for the preservation of earthwork fortification of the Confederacy. The earthworks didn’t fall even though attacked several times by the Union soldiers until in 1864 when General W. Sherman made the famous march to the sea. The park is now renowned for its scenic beauty, salt marsh, and live oak trees. The park also got a museum which contains mostly the artifacts of Civil war. In 1970, fort McAllister Park added to the National Register of Historic Places. The park is, in fact, an ideal location for fishing, camping, picnic, and boating.

4. Mickve Israel Temple

Mickve Israel temple is one of the most ancient synagogues in the USA and was founded by a group of immigrants Sephardic Jews from London in 1790. The synagogue contains a small museum where you can find a detailed history of the building and its founders. The famous architect Henry G. Harrison designed the temple. This synagogue is one of the rare ones where you find the Gothic Revival architecture style, in its full glam. It made its place in the National Register of Historic Places in the 20th century. The temple is also regarded by many as the oldest one in Georgia.

5. Old Fort Jackson

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Old Fort Jackson is a restored fort which was started in the year 1808 and completed in 1812. It is the oldest brick fort in the whole of Georgia. The fort was originally built to protect the city of Savannah from the naval forces of Britain. One can get a peek at the history by visiting the fort and participating in daily interactive programs. If you can visit the fort on weekends, you can also experience the cannon firings that happen all year round, as an ordinary routine function. A film is also displayed to the visitors showing the history of the fort, weapons used in the fort and its relationship with the residents of Savannah.

6. Fort Pulaski National Monument

Fort Pulaski national monument construction started in the year 1829 and is now a perfect tourist destination for a history lover or someone who enjoys nature. Just like Old Fort Jackson, Pulaski was also built to protect the city of Savannah which was at that time, a well-known port city. There is a park surrounding the fort now spreading over 5,365 hectares of mud flats and various trails which are suitable for hiking. The fort has a visitor center where you can know the history of the fort and the battle that took place there between the Union forces and the Confederate.

7. Tybee Island Beach

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Tybee Island Beach is a perfect getaway suitable for biking, visiting historical sites, camping, fishing, and kayaking. There are two river beaches and three oceanfront beaches on Tybee Island. The beaches have three segments, the northern, mid and southern. The north beach, in particular, is famous for water sports and contain a bird reserve, parking lot and a tide pool. If you are lucky, you can also see dolphins here. The locals use the mid-beach for the daily activities and are less crowded and an ideal place to see a turtle nest. The southern beach got a broad range of amenities, restaurants and ice-cream stores.

8. River Street Savannah

River Street is a high-end area of Savannah with plenty of upscale restaurants, art galleries, and quaint shops. What shall make you wonder is the 200 years old cobblestone pave street run along the River Savannah. After the devastating yellow fever epidemic and related disinfectant health works, the busy city had to undergo seclusion and almost abandoned of any public activities since 1818. After 100 years, Savannah was lucky to have the urban-renewal project and restored the historic city. Today the Savannah harbor is one of busiest port in the USA, and you can find all types of vessels here. During the evening the city is busy with the street performers displaying their art and horse-drawn carriage.

The river street, however, is more famous for its Olympic torch sculpture and Waving girl statue. Waving girl statue is dedicated to Florence Martus who used to wave at all the ships which were leaving or coming to Savannah. You can find here, the Olympic torch statue surrounded by five columns signifying the 5 Olympic rings. It is a remembrance of past when savannah hosted the 1996 summer Olympic Games.

9. Owens Thomas House

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Owens -Thomas house is owned and managed by the Telfair Museums. Built in 1826, it made its way in the national historic landmark register in 1976. The collection includes various exhibits from the English Regency period and other effects owned by George W. Owens including the house, and his granddaughter donated the house to the Telfair Museums. The home contains a cast iron balcony, winding stairways, arched windows and a porch. Its inside has beautiful mahogany stairs and graceful furnishings. The house also contain a carriage house which was also used as the servant’s quarter.

10. Savannah Historic District

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Savannah historic district was declared as a national historic landmark district in the year 1966. The district is famous for its historic architecture and impressive grid plans. It is divided into wards which are further divided into trust lots. There are plenty of tourist attraction sites in Savannah historic district such as Telfair Academy of arts and science, birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low who was the founder of girl scouts in USA, Mickve Israel temple, cathedral of St John the Baptist, Owens-Thomas house, old harbor light and William Scarborough House and much more. Millions of tourists visit historic district every year.

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Savannah is no doubt the oldest and one of the most interesting cities in Georgia, the USA. One needs to take a long vacation if they hope to explore the best part of the cities. There is so much to see and experience that one is left in awe and mesmerized. Many people who visit the city fall so much in love with it that they permanently move here. The past and the perfect coexist in Savannah beautifully, and one can experience both without having to miss the other. With hundreds of interesting sites to see, you need to include Savannah on your travel bucket list for sure.