Grand Junction:A City in Colorado with Interesting and Breathtaking Attractions

Grand Junction:A City in Colorado with Interesting and Breathtaking Attractions

The city of Grand Junction is located in the northwestern portion of Colorado, United States. Due to its scenic attractions, Grand Junction has become an ideal sightseeing destination in the state as manifested by its natural beauty. To guide you on the places you could go sightseeing to, we have listed ten of the best sightseeing destinations in Grand Junction.

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Grand Junction:A City in Colorado with Interesting and Breathtaking Attractions

1. Grand Mesa

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Grand Mesa is one of the top sightseeing destinations in Grand Junction, Colorado. It is called as such because it is large mesa. As a matter of fact, Grand Mesa is recognized as the largest flat-topped mountain in the world. Much of the mesa could be found within the Grand Mesa National Forest. Aside from an overwhelming number of trees, more than 300 lakes including reservoirs could be witnessed when sightseeing around the said destination.

2. Two Rivers Winery

Two Rivers Winery is a winery in Grand Junction that specializes in making quality wine. They offer various wines which could be tasted in the intimate setting of their tasting room. Sightseeing tourists could also avail of a tour of their facility or pause to witness beautiful views. Truly, Two Rivers Winery has some of the best wines in the state. The winery is open every day at different hours of operation.

3. Children's Nature Center

The Children's Nature Center is a great sightseeing destination for tourists who brought along with them their kids to Grand Junction. Such destination is dubbed as the only living museum in Grand Junction which exhibits exotic animals in their natural habitats. It is home to more than 120 creatures which range from pythons to stingrays. They also have various ecosystems including freshwater, saltwater, and coral ecosystems. Such sightseeing attraction is an ideal place to expose your child to the wonders of nature.

4. Canyon View Park

Another exciting destination in Grand Junction that is worth sightseeing is the Canyon View Park. It is a park which provides an ideal avenue to hold different outdoor activities such as bicycling, fly fishing, and birding. The park consists of areas where sightseeing tourists could explore. These include a fully accessible playground, many picnic shelters, bicycle trails, and ponds. Moreover, it is also comprised of recreational areas such as softball fields, handball court, basketball field, and horseshoe court. Everyone will surely enjoy their time at this park.

5. James M. Robb ‐ Colorado River State Park

The James M. Robb - Colorado River State Park is another outdoor destination in Grand Junction that is worth visiting. It consists of various areas where tourists and locals could enjoy experiencing a variety of activities. These activities include fishing, camping, and boating. Other activities which could be done within the said destination include hunting, outdoor recreation, and trails. Outdoor enthusiasts will surely come to love this place. When sightseeing in Grand Junction, do not forget to visit the place.

6. Eureka! McConnell Science Museum

The John McConnell Math & Science Center of Western Colorado is a popular sightseeing destination in Grand Junction. It is a non-profit organization formed by staffs and volunteers who bring the concepts of math and science to life. When sightseeing around this museum kids and adults alike will learn a lot about different concepts and skills of math and science. There are also interactive activities for kids where they could enjoy science and math without stressing too much. When in Grand Junction, do not forget to bring the kids to this sightseeing destination.

7. Museum of the West

The Museum of the West is a historical museum in Grand Junction that exhibits a lot of artifacts that exhibit various events throughout history. Sightseeing tourists could try flying a 1958 Cessna from Walker Field or ride in a stagecoach. You could also look at an ancient cup and ladle from the Anasazi. Other activities that you could do in the museum include visiting the Sterling T. Smith Education Tower, researching at Loyd Files Research Library, and experiencing western Americana through its Pastime saloon.

8. Dominguez Canyon

Photo by Bureau of Land Management

The Dominguez Canyon, or the Dominguez Canyon Wilderness, is a vast area in Grand Junction. It consists of two major canyon systems. Established in 2009, the wilderness is the largest BLM roadless area in the whole state of Colorado. For those who are into exploring the wonders of nature, you could go sightseeing on this destination. With its breathtaking views and enticing wilderness area, you will surely love this destination.

9. Western Colorado Botanical Gardens

Another sightseeing destination in Grand Junction where you could experience nature is the Western Colorado Botanical Garden. Such botanical garden is public and could be visited through an admission fee. It consists of a butterfly house and a greenhouse, with more than 600 orchids and other tropical plants which could be found from around the world. There have also been various outdoor gardens that have already been developed including a Children's Secret Garden, an International Garden, a Seasonal Xeric Garden, and a Cactus and Succulent Garden.

10. Cross Orchards Historic Site

The Cross Orchards Historic Site is a living history museum that is located in Grand Junction, Colorado. The orchards show how life was like living in an orchard at the turn of the twentieth century. It is considered as living history museum because it is still worked and cultivated regularly up until now. The sightseeing destination includes a blacksmith shop, a workers' bunkhouse, and a collection of vintage farming equipment. This attraction has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

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Grand Junction has proven itself to be one of the best places for sightseeing in Colorado because of its interesting and breathtaking destinations which are worth sightseeing. While there are more places in Grand Junction which are recommended for sightseeing, the ten which are mentioned above should be added to your itinerary.