Santa Maria:Home of the Sweetest of Wines

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Santa Maria:Home of the Sweetest of Wines

Santa Maria is found in the southern parts of California, and it hosts one of the largest population in the area. The country it is situated in is popularly known for making one of the best and sweetest wines. It is also strategically positioned and contains a wide variety of tourist attractions in the country.

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Santa Maria:Home of the Sweetest of Wines

1. The Santa Maria Inn

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The Santa Maria Inn is a tranquil place located in Santa Maria. It brags about the high levels of hospitality that it offers to the potential visitors who come flocking to the well popular hotel. It has fountains and palm tree that have helped in improving the appearance of the hotel. The long-distance travelers are given a nice place to rest in for the night, and it is a place worth crushing in the middle of the night to take a nap. The guestrooms and all the sites to have luxury have been appropriately decorated.

2. Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes

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The dunes center in Guadalupe was started for the sole purpose of promoting conservation and the restoration process of the Guadalupe Dunes. This has been done through enhanced research and education of the local communities. It is an excellent place to sit and relax as you enjoy what nature has to provide. While you are in the area, you can acquire a membership program and assist the community in promoting the conservation process. The site is suitable for making films for movies. You can even make your films while in the dunes.

3. Waller Park

Lately, the Waller Park has been undergoing several renovations. Thousands of the trees have been planted in the park to conserve nature. A non-profit organization has also funded three playgrounds for the children to play, and a golf course. It falls into the category of the loveliest parks that boasts of two beautiful lakes with fountains. There are shady areas that form good picnic sites. Gamers can now play basketball and volleyball in the courts that are in the park.

4. Nature History Museum

Founded in September 1996, this museum contains some of the most enriching knowledge to serve schools in Santa Maria. This museum has a fantastic collection of artifacts and some specimens also. The local schools previously enjoyed the services of using some of the kits to enrich themselves, and this was a program meant to raise the education standards. The project turned out to be a great success. Some of the locals have also assisted the museum to build itself. They have donated some of the collections they have.

5. Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum

The Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum is a fun place to explore as you have a lovely time with both your friends and family. Keep your kids occupied with the fun as they engage in activities such as gardening and tree planting. The exhibits are interactive and will offer a lot to the people seeking to learn. Your family will enjoy their time near this amazing asset. Annual and community events are organized in this museum often. The place has high levels of and security maintained.

6. Rotary Centennial Park and Robin Ventura Tee Ball Field

The people visiting the Rotary Centennial Park and Robin Ventura Tee Ball Field have a lot to smile about. This site has a trail system, a baseball court, nice clocks and picnic tables that will do you goo during your vacation. It has a lot of beaches that modify the climate of the surrounding area. Make your reservations if you want to host parties or even wedding receptions. The receptionists are warm-hearted. Make the reservations earlier and receive your ATVs on time.

7. Orcutt Hill Trails

Orcutt Hill is found near Los Alamos in California. The trail in Orcutt is perfect for all the skill levels such as mountain hiking, horse riding, and trail running. You can use the dos for the trail but make sure that you keep them on the leash. The trail is not that smooth. In case you are accompanied by someone who does not like rough rides, make sure that they stick on the lanes. Carry a lot of water that will sustain you while you are on the hike.

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Santa Maria is not that old-fashioned. It still has some of the best destinations that will often serve you right. Take photos while you visit the prominent areas listed. You can’t manage to forget the memories that you will make while you are in this town.