Juneau:Land of Glaciers

Juneau:Land of Glaciers

Juneau is the capital city of the state of Alaska which forms a state in the United States of America. By it's area the city of Juneau became the second largest city in the United States. Juneau is a peculiar capital among US state capitals because there are no roads connecting the city to the rest of the USA or the rest of Alaska. However, with the beauty and many interesting spots that Juneau has in it's possession became a very popular cruse ship stop. Below you can find some of the most interesting places that Juneau has in store for you!

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Juneau:Land of Glaciers

1. Mendenhall Glacier

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Located twelve miles northwest of Juneau, the Mendenhall Glacier is a top attraction for anyone who is visiting the capital of Alaska. The best part of the Mendenhall Glacier is the hike to the Nugget Falls, and of course the view of the Nugget Falls. The Glacier is fed by Juneau's Icefield. The park also has a visitor's center where tourists can go and take a one hundred and eighty degree view of the glacier. The view from the visitor center is the best lookout over the Mendenhall Glacier. The lake might be really cold but people also get the chance to enjoy kayaking or to take a rafting tour.

2. Tracy Arm Fjord

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The Tracy Arm Fjord is a spectacular attraction located just southeast of Juneau. The rock walls arise from the water almost vertically and the stumbling water creates beautiful waterfalls. The fjord is long, it goes all the way back to the mainland. Ice chunks separate from their original states creating beautiful bergs to admire. At the beginning of the fjord tourists can see the twin Sawyer Glaciers with blue ice on them. People can take a guided cruise in the Tracy Arm Fjord, especially if they would like to learn about the history and wildlife of this wonderful fjord.

3. Glacier Garden Rainforest Adventure

The national Tongass Rainforest is no usual rainforest. It is not tropical which makes it more attractive and interesting. Located in the Thunder Mountain, this national rainforest takes up about a fifty acre land area. The forest may look like a garden but it was left in it's natural state. There is an open shuttle that takes out visitors on a tour through the Tongass Rainforest. People can learn about the many species of plants and some more very interesting information about the land. Pictures turn out really pretty in this natural rainforest.

4. Glacier Bay National Park

This particular glacier started out as a very large glacier. As the climate changed the ice layer has evolved and left it's evolution mark on the surrounding nature. Today covering more than three million acres, the Glacier Bay National Park is an absolutely breathtaking tourist attraction. Visitors wanting to experience the beauty of this glacier can take short or long cruises as well as flight seeing trips to admire the view. Visitors will have a chance to look into the wild life because the Glacier National Park is home to interesting underwater mammals, such as humpback whales, minke whales and orca whales. Animals such as wolves, bears, mountain goats and sea birds can be in the horizon too.

5. Mount Roberts Tramway

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The base camp located in Juneau near the cruise ship docks, the Mount Roberts Tramway takes the interested tourists up to an elevation of two thousand feet. When arrived to the mountain top tourists and visitors can enjoy their time passing in a mountaintop observatory or walk the natural trails to look over the astonishing views of the Gastineau Channel. Gift shops and restaurants are also available for everyone who got hungry during the amazing trip that they have taken up in the mountain while enjoying the fresh air.

6. Last Chance Mining Museum

Today operated by the Gastineau Channel Historical Society, the Last Chance Mining museum opens up a whole new world in Juneau. Used to be Juneau's local mine, today, visitors can check out the place as a museum and get to know better how the mining industry worked. This place really still looks like a mine rather than a museum. Visitors will experience the uneven ground of the mines, old houses and mining equipment left out among the trees. Tourists can take a look at the displayed mining equipments and rail cars as well.

7. Alaska State Capitol Building

Photo by State Capitol

Visiting a capitol building makes the trip always complete. Especially the Juneau capitol building is an interesting one to visit since it is not the usual dome type of capitol building. Alaska state's capitol building is distinct from the others and that makes it special. Visitors can walk around outside and take a guided tour inside to know more about the State Capitol Building. Old historic pictures and artworks can be seen exhibited in the building and rooms to be discovered. After the Capitol Building the near located Governor's Mansion can be seen as well.

8. Juneau- Douglas City Museum

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Neighboring the Alaska State Capitol Building this museum gives a very good insight of Juneau's history. Visitors of the Juneau-Douglas City Museum are lucky to go and see some culture after the many natural places that they have visited. This Museum is full of city and state history as well as Juneau's political history. Tourists can soak up the culture that surround them and can get additional information on the mining history of Juneau and the whole state. The museum sometimes features local photography exhibitions or other related exhibitions.

9. Hangar on the Warf

The original Juneau hangar was lost due to a fire and the hangar that today stands can be found near to the original hangar's place. The Hangar on the Wharf is located inside Historic Merchant's Wharf and served as a hangar for planes which would fly in and out of Alaska. The hangar features a restaurant which honors the Southeast Aviation History of Alaska. Travelers can enjoy the fresh and wild seafood served at the restaurant or try delicious pasta dishes. Hamburgers, salads and soups can be chosen from the menu as well.

10. Downtown Juneau

A walk on Juneau's diverse downtown can cheer up anyone and give a little extra energy. This place has a lot of fun in store for everyone who decides to take a stroll along the streets. Maps of the downtown can be piked up at airports, hotels, tourist informational offices or cruse ship terminals. While visiting downtown Juneau you will see many of the most historic sights of Juneau, such as Windfall Fisherman, a life size brow bear statue and a replica of the Liberty Bell. You can visit Juneau's old bars, take a shopping spree among the many boutiques or visit the Evergreen Cemetery. Travelers can stop by local merchants and buy native goodies.

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Juneau might sound a little bit cold because of the mass of ice and many Glacier parks but the weather can be surprising. Juneau has a unique beauty which merging with the Alaskan culture and food creates an excellent destination point for anyone who is into natural beauty and breathtaking adventures. Juneau is a calm place with many opportunities to see another side of the United States. Filled with history and fun Juneau should be on anyone's bucket list in the future even if it is just for a cruise stop!