Shreveport : Casino Crazed City Existing in One of the Most Socially Conservative Parts of America

Shreveport : Casino Crazed City Existing in One of the Most Socially Conservative Parts of America

Shreveport is located in Louisiana and is the states third largest city. This city was once an oil booming city but this ended after WWII. The city then got revived by the Vegas-like casinos that are thriving as well as the electric riverfront entertainment scene. The city has plenty of social crazed activities which is a contrast from usual conservative Louisiana. Below are some of the amazing sightseeing activities one can indulge in Shreveport.

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Shreveport : Casino Crazed City Existing in One of the Most Socially Conservative Parts of America

1. Margaritaville Resort Casino

Margaritaville Resort Casino is the highlight of any Shreveport trip. The casino is situated inside the grand Margaritaville Resort. Being a five star set up, patrons visiting the place are also classy gamblers wagering great bets. The ambiance is great for everyone who wishes to pass time and see how the casino life is in Shreveport. There are plenty of table games to sample too. The service is also swift with waiters quick to answer your requests. The ventilation is also well made even for those non-smokers. If lucky, you can find some shows taking place which is an added form of entertainment.

2. Louisiana Boardwalk

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Louisiana Boardwalk is a great boardwalk that stretches across the Red River all the way to the downtown. The boardwalk was initiated in 2003 when it was first opened to the public. The rest of the full boardwalk was completed in 2005. The main attraction is the Bass Pro shops which are the first of its kind in Shreveport. The area is also a great escape to explore Louisiana dining. There are plenty of entertainment activities taking place. Aside from being very clean, the place is safe offering great strolls as you get views of the Red River.

3. R. W. Norton Art Gallery

Photo by Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau

R. W. Norton Art Gallery is a very historically rich museum in Shreveport holding over four centuries of art mostly of American and European origin. Most of the collections belong to Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell among other great artists. The items on display vary in nature, some are statues, modern weapons and art, American western exploration paraphilia, and so much more. The gardens at the museum are also beautiful especially during spring when the azaleas get to bloom. The gallery is not to be missed as a sightseeing excursion as it is also free.

4. Sci-Port Discovery Center

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Sci-Port Discovery Center is a gigantic science and entertainment center that covers over 92,000 square-foot. This is home to Louisiana’s space center, the only IMAX dome found in Shreveport as well as the power of play children’s museum. It is a great sightseeing marvel for the young and old alike. Offering over 200 hands-on exhibits. The power play museum excited children of 8 years and under while the IMAX center is a great place to watch some award-winning movies. Children are charged $15 for access to the museum as adults are charged $25.

5. Barksdale Global Power Museum

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Barksdale Global Power Museum is a great military museum in Shreveport. The museum features exhibits that date back to the first world war. The main attractions are the aircraft which have been kept in great shape. The battle exhibits are also great where sightseers get to see bombers. The museum may not capture your eye as much as the aircraft that do the touch and goes. There is a great movie that visitors watch upon entry that tells about the planes profiles as well as how they operated during the different wars.

6. Shreveport Aquarium

Photo by Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau

Shreveport Aquarium is nothing short of bright coral reef beauty and underwater wonder. There are a diversity of underwater species such as sharks, jellyfish, rays together with other cool creatures. Expect to find yourself surrounded by over 3,000 species of fish. One gets to learn about the species of the aquatic animals found at this Shreveport museum also getting the opportunity to get into the touch tanks. There is also a section where you can feed the stingrays. There is an outdoor play area which is a great consideration for the kids.

7. Shreveport Water Works Museum

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Shreveport Water Works Museum is a great piece ph history that explains how water is pumped and distributed in the city of Shreveport. It was the first ever waterworks to be built in Shreveport dating back to 1887. This national historic landmark is an excuse to enjoy free admission to a piece of historical gem. Inside the museum are remains of old pumps and taps as well as bells and whistles. The treatment plan is also very interesting to see as you understand what marvelous job Shreveport has done.

8. Shreveport Convention Center

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Shreveport Convention Center is a place where one can find all the events in Shreveport taking place. The center is famous for conferences, parties, graduations as well as other forms of events. Most tourists not only go to the hotel but for the events that take place at the conference center. The facility has been well-designed offering a comfortable sitting, great acoustic for audio and video, clean and ventilated atmosphere. It is easy to find different forms of activities taking place on various floors as it is very popular. Aside from events, the place is used as a worship center on Sundays by the simple church.

9. Jubilee Zoo

Jubilee Zoo is where you will find various sorts of exotic animals such as monkeys in Shreveport. Despite not having large carnivores in the oo, there are still a variety of animals available to pet and feed. The kids enjoy the most as there are hayrides to keep them occupied as well as other forms of water sports at the splash pad. The family park is the life of many at Shreveport who bring their kids to pet some animals for fun as they enjoy family picnics. Charges are $12 per adult as children get a slight discount on the ticket.

10. Great Raft Brewing

Photo by Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau

Great Raft Brewing is a local craft brewery joint that thrives in Shreveport. The tasting room at the brewery is open to the public from Wednesday to Saturday. Free tours are provided on Saturdays which happen hourly from 1 to 3 pm. The place is a great symbol of authentic beer helping to strengthen the beer culture of Shreveport. The beers on offer are of 8 different varieties from light to dark. It is a great idea to stop by for a drink even though you are not interested in a tour.

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Shreveport is filled with fun social activities that will definitely excite the thrill seekers. It is also a great den for gamblers who frequent the place due to the high population of casinos. Despite this being the major tourist attraction, you will find that Shreveport does have more to offer.