Cincinnati : A Remarkable City Filled with Parks and Museums

Cincinnati : A Remarkable City Filled with Parks and Museums

Cincinnati is the third largest city in the state of Ohio. Known as the Queen City, Cincinnati boasts of beautiful attractions which you could visit once you are in the city. To guide you in finalizing your itinerary, we have listed ten of the best places in Cincinnati for sightseeing.

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Cincinnati : A Remarkable City Filled with Parks and Museums

1. Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

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The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is one of the best places in Cincinnati where you could start sightseeing. Established in 1875, it is recognized as the second oldest zoo in the country. Apart from being a place where you can go sightseeing for animals, the zoo also serves as a breeding place for animals such as California sea lions, South African cheetahs, western lowland gorillas, and others. It is also one of the few zoos in North America to house and breed bonobos. At present, there are more than 1,800 animals that could be found in the zoo.

2. Great American Ball Park

Cincinnati is home to a lot of parks which could be worthy of sightseeing. The Great American Ball Park is definitely one of them. This park is a baseball stadium located in Cincinnati. This is the home field of the Cincinnati Reds, the city's Major League Baseball team. The name of the park came from the Great American Insurance Group. At present, the Great American Ball Park highlights various features including the Gap, a break that stands between home plate and third base, and the Mosaics which depict some key moments in Reds history.

3. Smale Riverfront Park

The Smale Riverfront Park is another park that could be found in Cincinnati. It is situated between the Paul Brown Stadium and the Great American Ball Park. The Smale Riverfront Park is home to various activities where you could experience. These features include water play areas, splash grounds, Carol Ann's Carousel, Moerlein Lager House, and much more. The park also hosts various events such as homecoming festivals. There are a lot of things to do here. Hence, it is ideal that you go sightseeing in this area when you are in Cincinnati.

4. Cincinnati Art Museum

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When sightseeing around Cincinnati, you could also spot a number of museums. One of these is the Cincinnati Art Museum. Established in 1881, this art museum is considered one of the oldest in the United States. At present, it has a collection of over 67,000 art pieces which span 6,000 years of human history. This is one of the most comprehensive collections that could be seen in the Midwest. Among these collections include paintings by European masters such as Sandro Botticelli, Matteo di Giovanni, and Pierre Auguste Renoir.

5. American Sign Museum

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The American Sign Museum is another specialty museum in Cincinnati that is worth sightseeing. It preserves, archives, and displays a vast collection of signs. The museum also exhibits the different pieces of equipment which were utilized in the design and the manufacture of the said signs. Although it was established in 1999, it was only opened to the public in 2005. At present, there are over 200 signs and objects that could be seen at the museum. There are over 3,800 items which are cataloged. Such collection would range from the late nineteenth century to the 1970s.

6. Cincinnati Museum Center

The Cincinnati Museum Center is a passenger railroad station that could be found in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is one of the greatest architectural treasures of Cincinnati. When sightseeing on this museum, you could see three museums that are found under one roof. These include the Cincinnati History Museum, the Museum of Natural History & Science, and the Duke Energy Children's Museum. It also consists of the Robert D. Lindner Family OMNIMAX Theater. Indeed, the Cincinnati Museum Center is an excellent place for sightseeing with the family when you are visiting in Cincinnati.

7. Krohn Conservatory

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The Irwin M. Krohn Conservatory, or simply the Krohn Conservatory, is another sightseeing destination in Cincinnati. It is a conservatory located within the Eden Park. It consists of more than 3,500 plant species that could be found from all over the world. The collections include the Bonsai collection, a collection bonsai trees; the Desert garden, which consists of cacti and succulents including aloes and yuccas; Flora Display which is home to six seasonal floral shows; and the Orchid Display which features around 75 blooming orchids at any time. Aside from sightseeing, the conservatory is also a place for events and weddings.

8. National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

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The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is another museum that could be found in downtown Cincinnati. Such museum is based on the history of the Underground Railroad. It also pays tribute to the efforts made to abolish human enslavement and secure freedom for all the people. One of the most significant artifacts that could be seen inside the museum is the Slave pen, a 21 by 30 foot building which was previously used to house slaves before being shipped to auction. This museum is an excellent sightseeing destination for those who want to learn more about history and culture.

9. Fountain Square

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Aside from museums and parks, there are also other attractions that are worth sightseeing when you are in Cincinnati. One of them is the Fountain Square. This is a city square where many shops, hotels, offices, and restaurants could be found. Its centerpiece, the Tyler Davidson Fountain, stands majestically at the center of the square. Fountain Square also hosts various events throughout the week. These include games, movies, concerts, and speeches. At present, it is becoming an entertainment hub because of the number of entertainment stalls that could be seen.

10. Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum

The Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum is a museum that is dedicated to the Cincinnati Red, the Major League Baseball team of Cincinnati. This establishment pays tribute to the long history of the team through photographs, displays, and multimedia. When sightseeing around the museum, you could also see various displays of the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame members. You will surely love sightseeing around this museum especially if you are a lover of the sport. Surely, you will not only learn more about the Cincinnati Reds, but you will also get to know more about the game itself.

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Cincinnati is truly an interesting sightseeing destination in Ohio. Its abundance of parks and museums would give you the opportunity to get to know more about the city. Indeed, Cincinnati is a remarkable city filled with parks and museums. Next time you visit the city, you try sightseeing on the said attractions.