Sioux City : The City in Iowa that Buzzes with a Burgeoning Foodie Scene

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Sioux City : The City in Iowa that Buzzes with a Burgeoning Foodie Scene

Sioux City is the largest city on the southern side of Dakota. The Sioux River is the highlight of the trip. The downtown area of Sioux is always buzzing with a burgeoning foodie scene which will have you sampling the best eats in the region. Aside from that, below are other sightseeing attractions one can find in Sioux.

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Sioux City : The City in Iowa that Buzzes with a Burgeoning Foodie Scene

1. Sioux City Public Museum

Sioux city public museum is the spirit of the city of Sioux. This beautiful museum is situated in downtown Sioux and hosts some amazing exhibits both temporary and permanent. Tourists are taken through a 12-minute orientation video at the corn palace theatre. Three permanent exhibits at the museum focus mainly on the Native American artefacts found in the area, the first horseless buggy in the city, an Oldsmobile, karikeen aeroplane among other great things. The temporary exhibits focus on local as and regional artefacts. The hands-on exhibits will keep everyone occupied especially the children.

2. Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center

The centre is a great stop to learn more about the expeditions did by Lewis and Clark especially on the Blackfoot tribe. There is also great artwork on display. Guests get to enjoy a 35-minute video in addition to the tour around the place. The tour also includes some animatronic's and recorded stories which make it more interactive. On entry, you will notice the enthusiasm of the staff and the great knowledge they have of the place. The education one gets from the exhibits is ideal for families with children as the expeditions are very intriguing.

3. Sioux City Art Center

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Sioux city art centre is a nice hidden little gem that hosts some amazing collections of local artists mostly from the midwest. One of the captivating pieces that attract sightseeing guests is the Michael Dunbar Maquette. He is an artist that uses bronze to create amazing abstract sculptures. There are also other collection of historic pieces that are worth having a look. The children have also been given a learning area where they can learn some bits of art. The corn room is a great visit since most people.

4. Trinity Heights

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Trinity Heights is a beautiful large park featuring some amazing statues. The most inspiring is the 33 ft steel statues of Jesus and Mary. There is also a carving of the last supper which is very nice to see. Aside from the statues, one is able to enjoy walking through the grounds and enjoy the fountains as well as the indoor exhibits. An introductory video is also available. Aside from the statue of Jesus and Mary, there are other religious statues that are also beautiful on the same grounds. Get in touch with your spiritual side and visit the chapel too! There is a gift shop where you can get some items for souvenirs.

5. Sergeant Floyd River Museum and Welcome Center

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Sergeant Floyd was a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition. He died during the upstream voyage that took place in 1804. The museum situated on the ship is very interesting as you get to explore all the three decks. There is a lot of information to learn about making it a great visitors centre. Especially about riverboats on the Missouri river. There are many gadgets for the kids to interact and play with too. Those who wish to ring the bell can also do so.

6. Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center

Dorothy Pecaut nature center is a great educational facility and great park that also acts as a nature preserve area. There are plenty of rescued birds to see as well as animals. All aspects have been well maintained with trails being stunningly beautiful. The display area of the raptor exhibit is small but still offers amazing and superb experience for the children. The trails provided are great for hiking as you get to see some amazing tree species. Bird feeding is however a great way to pass time at this center. Donations are welcomed.

7. The Mid America Museum of Aviation & Transportation

The Mid America Museum of Aviation & Transportation takes you down a trip through history with some amazing displays and exhibits of some unique artefacts surrounding the aviation industry. Some amazing collections include the Boeing 727-200. There is so much to learn at this museum including the UA Flight 232 crash happened in Sioux in 1989. There is a great collection of photos and films to aid this. Aside from aircraft found in the world wars, other interesting collections were the race cars and ambulances. There is an entrance fee at the museum is privately owned.

8. Palmer's Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe

Palmer's Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe is a candy manufacturer and distributor in Sioux city that has been in business since 1892. The place is a great stop to sample some amazing candy and also purchase some treats to take back home. There is an obsession on the Twin Bing that was introduced in 1923. Another favourite is the La Fama chocolate. There are no tours of the place to show visitors how candy is made which is sad but they do offer great customer service for all those visiting to purchase some candy.

9. Orpheum Theater

Orpheum theatre is an incredible place to catch amazing shows while in Sioux. The theatre is well equipped with acoustic sounds and has been restored from the 1990’s with magnificent details. Everything around seems ornate and clean. Some of these features are beautiful chandeliers that are complimented with brass lighting. The theatre is not only restricted to orchestras, but some live performances on rock have also taken place at this theatre! The history of the place is remarkable giving a Broadway feel. The seats are comfortable with plenty of leg space.

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Sioux city is diverse having an array of activities for tourists to enjoy during their visits. There is nothing that will have one feeling monotonous. Since it is rich in history, you will find many attractions covering this aspect of Sioux. The great thing about this is that everyone from the old and young has something to do in Sioux.