San Jose (Costa Rica) : A Heaven-like City and An Amazing Choice for Making a Tour

San Jose is a heaven-like city and the capital city of Costa Rica. San Jose is an amazing choice for making a tour there, since it is full of stunning sightseeing and places of interest. As a travel city, San Jose is one of the best spots attracting the attention and enjoying the content feedback of all its visitors.

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San Jose (Costa Rica) : A Heaven-like City and An Amazing Choice for Making a Tour:table of contents

1. Teatro Nacional Costa Rica

Photo by Aishwarya Narra

Teatro Nacional Costa Rica is a beautiful theatre located in San Jose. This spot is one of the top rated sightseeing in Costa Rica. This is a great place with a pleasant atmosphere and it provides its visitors with entertainments and good time. It also includes 3 museums and for each of them you are recommended to have a guide. The latter will make your tour more informative. This stunning sightseeing is a real pride for the inhabitants of San Jose. It is used for cultural purposes and for social and political events, as well.

2. Galeria Namu

Galeria Namu is not only a famous sightseeing in San Jose. It is also an important cultural value for San Jose and includes native arts and crafts. It includes an exceptionally large collection of art and will take you a considerable time to see all the items inside. The collection includes paintings, masks, basketry, jewelry, batik and so on. This is an ideal spot for art lovers. It is suitable for visiting not only for adults, but also for kids. Adults will enjoy the informative tour there and the kid will enjoy the beauty of the sightseeing.

3. Museo de Arte Costarricense

Museo de Arte Costarricense is another important sightseeing in San Jose for art lovers. This spot is very suitable for a family visit, since the kids will also like the place and will have much fun there. This will be both an interesting and a beautiful experience for you. Besides, you will get impressed by the amazing outlook of the structure. Inside, you will enjoy the beautiful statues and displays. Outside, you will like taking some impressive photos in the sculpture garden of this sightseeing.

4. Precolumbian Gold Museum

Precolumbian Gold Museum is a top rated sight in San Jose, very popular with visitors from different countries. This is a real cultural value for San Jose and has a lot to introduce to its visitors. The building is modern and the presentation inside is modern as well. The presentation is made of gold; the area is very calm and clean. This makes the spot more pleasant for walk and for your tour generally. This sightseeing will give you a nice snapshot of San Jose and will become a nice memory from your tour to San Jose.

5. Jade Museum

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Jade Museum is the next top rated sightseeing in San Jose according to our list. Never miss the chance of visiting this sightseeing on your tour to San Jose. This spot is an important cultural value for San Jose and it includes lots of things and objects. Everything is clean easy to follow and includes so much information about San Jose. There are so many beautiful places and the more you see, the more you want to learn further. The pre-Colombian art crafts are the main feature of this sightseeing.

6. Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo

Now we are in a very picturesque part of San Jose, which is Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo. This is a stunning and beautiful park and a favorite spot for the locals. Here it is suitable to have hikes and walks and enjoy the whole beauty of the surrounding area. This park is a hidden treasure for San Jose and this is why people try to have their stop there to enjoy the uniqueness of this sightseeing. There you will enjoy the nice flora and fauna with several species of birds.

7. Universidad de Costa Rica

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Universidad de Costa Rica is a very impressive, modern and bustling campus located in San Jose. It includes some newer buildings, as well. It is located in a very secure part of San Jose. Here you will not only see the students of San Jose, but will also enjoy the nice art and the green area in its surrounding parts. It’s a fun to walk around this sightseeing. There are also some benches for you to sit and have some rest. In short, this is an important sightseeing in San Jose with numbers of students and nice green areas.

8. Ruinas de Ujarras

Ruinas de Ujarras is a historical sightseeing located in San Jose. However you try to imagine the beauty and the interest of this spot, your expectations will far beyond after you arrive there. It is a small but a lovely village with maintained ruins. To get some detailed explanations for its history we recommend you to arrive there with a guide. Although the ruins date back to ancient times, the area is very clear and nice and beautifully maintained. There are alos ome tables for those who want to have picnic.

9. National Museum (Museo Nacional)

Photo by Andy Rusch

National Museum (Museo Nacional) is a very stunning structure located in San Jose and it includes so much history about San Jose. Lets’ say that the outlook of the building will be the first thing that you will get amazed by. Entering you will get even more impressed by seeing the great collection of the history of San Jose. This sightseeing is ideal for exploring the past of San Jose and this will really be an informative tour in San Jose. Not far you will find a butterfly garden very pleasant for having some walk.

10. Parque Diversiones

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Finally we are in sightseeing in San Jose that can be an ideal choice for taking your kids there. This sightseeing is Parque Diversiones and it is a bucket of fun and adventures for kids of any age. Your kids will enjoy the modest attractions and will have fun times feeling like in a fairy tale. The staff is very helpful and very welcoming. It is always ready to accompany your children whenever they want to have their next ride. This sightseeing is a place for creating the best memories in San Jose for kids. Do not hesitate to fill them with the joy that can be got in this sightseeing.

◎ Closing

San Jose is a city of varieties of sightseeing and attractions. Taking a tour to San Jose, you will never stop thinking of returning there again. Your trip to San Jose will definitely be filled with pleasant moments and unforgettable memories. San Jose is a dream city for any traveler.