Tallahassee:The State Capital with an Outstanding Culture

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Tallahassee:The State Capital with an Outstanding Culture

Tallahassee serves as the capital city of the state of Florida in the United States of America. With a population of 190,894 Tallahassee became the seventh largest city in the state of Florida. Tallahassee is considered as a significant college city due to the Universities and the student population there. Since many young adults live in the city, Tallahassee always is on buzz, making the city as an excellent and fun excursion destination. If you ever needed help to decide what could be seen in the city of Tallahassee then here are some of the most interesting sights to see.

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Tallahassee:The State Capital with an Outstanding Culture

1. Tallahassee Museum

Located near Lake Bradford and Cascade lake this tourist attraction place has a lot of fun in store for it's visitors. The name might suggest that the Tallahassee Museum is only a Museum but it is so much more! The place measures fifty two acres which gives home to attractions such as living exhibits, nature trails, zip line, outdoor adventure course and historical buildings. Visitors can enjoy watching rare wildlife animals as well as enjoy different outside activities in the sun.

2. Florida Historic Capitol Museum

Hidden in Tallahassee's Old Capitol the Florida Historic Museum is welcoming everyone to teach travelers and locals as well about Florida's political history. The museum features informative displays from which visitors can learn many interesting things. Visitors to the Florida Historic Museum can also admire the beautiful stained glass dome. However one of the many reasons why this place is attractive it is it's outside look. The architectural style attracts many tourists as well as locals to admire the wonderful structure.

3. St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

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Tallahassee might not be right next to the ocean as other big cities in Florida but that doesn't mean that Tallahassee lacks any natural beauty. The St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge is a great example of the capitol's natural beauty. Travelers can observe the very diverse wildlife with many species of different animals and experience scenic views while their stay at the park. For those who like a little more action, the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge is a great place to catch some fish, hike on trails, bike around the park or horse back riding.

4. Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park

Another great natural place to experience the natural beauty of Tallahassee is the Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park. This park takes up about six thousand acres of land and offers endless opportunities. Animals like deers, wild turkeys, American alligators inhabit the park and travelers have the chance to see them in their natural habitat. The area has walking trails and a waterway which resembles to a jungle. The water at the park is very clear which allows visitors to peak into the underwater life. Tourists can participate in a boat tour where they can observe the water better through the bottom glass windows.

5. Mission San Luis de Apalachee

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Have you ever wondered how people lived in the past? The Mission San Luis de Apalachee is a great place to visit to get an insight how life used to be in the seventeenth century. The park is about sixty acre large and visitors are allowed to go on a self guided tour. During the walk in the park visitors get the chance to view the tribal council house, the church and residential areas of the Spanish settlers. The Mission San Luis de Apalachee is a Spanish Franciscan settlement which was declared as a national landmark. The area features picnic tables for a friendly lunch and monthly they hold traditional craft workshops as well.

6. Museum of Florida History

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The vacation is only complete if you return with the historical knowledge of the place you just spent a few days at. The Museum of Florida History in Tallahassee is an interactive museum with the opportunity to learn about the state's past. Some of the exhibition can be dated back all the way back to twelve thousand years but there are some which are in the near past or recent events. The Florida History Museum is huge and requires time to get the chance to view everything, however it is totally worth it. The museum features a restaurant where they serve food for an after learning famine.

7. Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park

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For a peaceful time visitors and locals like to visit the Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park. This park is basically an ornamented garden where travelers can go and see pretty flowers and enjoy the sweet scent around them. The garden is home to mostly azaleas and camellias, however magnolias and jasmines can be found as well as gardenias and gingers. The park has two trails that can be taken by bike or just for a stroll. A reflection pool is included too with some picnic tables where visitors can have a relaxing lunch.

8. Knott House Museum

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A really cozy house on East Park Avenue is the home to the Knott House Museum. A very spectacular looking house with a long history between it's walls. Visitors to the museum will learn about all the history that were made in the house or on the stairs outside the house. They can learn about the many owners the house passed through as well as some of Florida's most important history dates and events. The house today can be seen as the Knott family left it. On special dates the museum hosts events which add a plus to the experience.

9. Goodwood Museum & Gardens

Yet another beautiful and attractive structure is the Goodwood Museum and Gardens. This museum features an old plantation house in the back of the museum. The house is located on a sixteen acre big land. The museum house is surrounded by old oak trees and old outbuildings to set the historical mood. One of the reasons why the plantation house attracts tourists is that the plantation house contains the original glass, furniture, art, porcelain and many more that can be seen. Inside the house the rooms are decorated to showcase the respective era of the house.

10. Tallahassee Automobile Museum

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Tallahassee is fortunate to have a museum like the Automobile Museum. It is very popular among tourists and everyone leaves with great memories of the museum. The museum features more than one hundred and fifty cars, including classic, antique, muscle and famous TV or movie cars. The Tallahassee Automobile museum has three original Batmobiles in it's possession which attracts many people frequently. The museum also displays knives and old cash registers. The hearse of the former president of the United Staes, President Lincoln is also displayed at the museum and brass fans can be seen as well.

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Tallahassee is a great cultural experience for anyone longing for something different. This city offers endless possibilities to learn and experience something new. Tallahassee's tourist destinations are cultural combined with some natural beauty which makes Tallahassee the perfect place. People are very nice and helpful and if hunger gets in the way, the city has some great restaurants in store for it's travelers. The city features some live music clubs and many more places to have fun!