Twin Fall : The City with the Most Fertile Lands in Idaho

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Twin Fall : The City with the Most Fertile Lands in Idaho

Twin Falls serves as the county seat of Twin Falls County in Idaho, United States. It is located within the Magic Valley region of South-Central Idaho, an area that was transformed into a productive agricultural zone through irrigation. As the largest city in the region, Twin Falls is widely regarded as the commercial centre not only of the south-central Idaho area but also of northeastern Nevada. It is also a highly popular tourist destination due to an abundance of natural attractions. Listed below are some of the best places to visit in Twin Falls.

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Twin Fall : The City with the Most Fertile Lands in Idaho

1. Shoshone Falls

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Shoshone Falls in the City of Twin Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the country earning the moniker ‘Niagara of the West’. The falls have a width of about 900 feet and a drop of about 210 feet. The demand for water for power-generation and irrigation restricts the size of the falls during the dry season. Peak flows over the falls, therefore occur from April through to late July when the water volume is at its highest. The Shoshone Falls Park just above the falls is a beautiful picnic area with an overlook projecting over the canyon providing visitors with an attractive vantage point to view the falls.

2. Centennial Waterfront Park

The Centennial Waterfront Park is an excellent place to hang out with friends and family while enjoying beautiful views of the canyon below and the surrounding scenery. With a variety of activities that one can engage in, this park is an absolute godsend to outdoor enthusiasts. There are canoes and kayaks for hire on site and fishing is also a favorite activity along the Snake River. The park also has excellent rock climbing spots and breathtaking hiking trails.

3. Herett Center for Arts and Science and Faulkner Planetarium

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Within the premises of the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls, Idaho lies the Herett Center for Arts and Science. It is a museum of natural history, astronomy, anthropology, and art. The museum concentrates mainly on the history of the Americas and also showcases works by local artists. Other attractions within the centre are the Faulkner Planetarium and the Centennial Observatory both outstanding in their own right. The Faulkner Planetarium opened in 1995, and it offers programs for school groups and the public all year round which has always been a huge hit. The Centennial Observatory was opened in mid-2004, and it also provides viewing opportunities for all age-groups. It also features one of the largest wheelchair-accessible telescopes in the world ensuring everyone is in on the fun.

4. Zip the Snake with AWOL Adventure Sports

Zip the Snake is a four-line zip course running through the Snake River Canyon. It is the best way to enjoy the serene beauty of the canyon while experiencing the ride of your life. The zip lines are operated by certified guides from AWOL Adventure Sports, the company that produces the zip lines. Participants check in at either the Centennial Waterfront Park from June to August or the Canyon Springs Golf Course from September to May where they are issued with equipment as they sign waivers. Transportation is provided to and from the course if it is required. The Perrine line is mainly famous as it is a side-by-side 1750 ft long zip line offering couples or friends the opportunity to race each other to the bottom.

5. Evel Knievel Jump Monument

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When Evel Knievel announced that he was going to attempt a jump across the Snake River Canyon on a motorcycle in September 1974, a considerable number of spectators was hoping to witness what would have been a record-breaking jump gathered in Twin Falls. However, this was not to be as his parachute deployed earlier than planned sending him down into the canyon ‘midflight’. Despite fears among spectators that Knievel would fall into the raging river below, he landed on the rocks and suffered a broken nose and other minor injuries. His attempt, however, has remained etched onto the memory of Twin Falls and in 1985 a memorial monument was erected near the Perrine Bridge. The takeoff ramp he used also stands on private land about 2.5 km away to the east, and it is visible from the bridge.

6. Jerry Lee Young’s Idaho Heritage Museum

Jerry Lee Young’s Idaho Heritage Museum is an incredible collection of mounted animals and Native American artefacts that one ought to see while in Twin Falls. There are over 20,000 Native American artefacts including weapons, artwork, and clothing offering an insight into a forgotten way of life. The museum also has over 300 mounted animals displayed in their natural habitat. Jerry Lee Young, the curator, is always on hand to answer any question or share his immense knowledge. There is also a collection of gold and silver coins, guns, and other items from the 1800s. The vast array paints a vivid picture of the past enlightening and entertaining all in one go.

7. Orton Botanical Garden

The Orton Botanical Garden located on the northern fringes of the Great Basin Desert in Twin Falls is the brainchild of Lamar and Rosalie Orton. The garden’s mission is to demonstrate and educate people on the hardy plant species native to the region with the hope of encouraging conservation efforts. The garden covers around five acres and is worth a visit especially when the garden is in flower usually from May to June. During winter, decorations and Christmas lights are put up turning the garden into a spectacle that must be seen to be believed. It is an ideal place for a relaxing stroll in the afternoon while learning about nature.

8. Snake River Canyon Rim Trail

The Snake River Canyon Trail is over 10 miles long running along the Snake River Canyon and through parts of Twin Falls. One can either access it at the Twin Falls Visitor’s Center located at the north end of Washington Street, or at Shoshone Falls Park. Hiking, biking, and walking are allowed on the trail on condition that one is mindful of other trail users. The path offers a panoramic view of the river and the canyon that is just breathtaking. Trail maps can be collected at the City of Twin Falls offices or the Twin Falls Visitor’s Center.

9. Perrine Bridge

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The Perrine Bridge is a truss arch bridge famous for being the only bridge in the United States where BASE jumping is legal all year round. It is also one of the highest bridges in the country at the height of 148m above the Snake River. It was named after Ira Burton Perrine a pioneer rancher widely credited as being the founder of Twin Falls. His lifelike statue stands on the south end of the bridge at the Visitor’s Center. The bridge built in 1976, carries four lanes of Highway 93, a sidewalk on each side, and a walkway under the approaching part.

10. Dierkes Lake Park

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Dierkes Lake Park is favorite among locals and tourists due to its large space ideal for many outdoor activities. There is ample parking space at the nearby Shoshone Falls Park. The swimming hole is a lovely place to cool off in the hot weather. The open green area is ideal for any outdoor activity with two shelters at the northern and southern sides of the park that can accommodate 90 people altogether. Picnic tables and grills make it the ideal place for a cookout. The park also provides playground equipment for children and a dog training area ensures the little friends are in on the fun too.

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Twin Falls is one of those places where memories that last a lifetime are made. From views of beautiful scenery to engaging outdoor activity like zip lining, a visit to Twin Falls is worth every penny.